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  1. Really intriguing post, dynafireca. I'm glad you found the original guide helpful, and I'm even more pleased that you've added the benefit of your own experiences to help improve the knowledge pool. It's been quite awhile since I've been in CoH (life intrudes at times 🙂), so I've not yet had a chance to look at the detail of your adjustments and build, but improving the low level experience would likely be much appreciated by newer farming initiates, and having more options is rarely a bad idea. Thanks for your reply. Regards, 4
  2. You Cad! You've ruined everything! 😉 I always thought (until now) it was "Philosophers and Lawmen". Learned something new today... 🙂 Cheers, 4
  3. Not as far as I know. Keep in mind that you only get merits for running the Morality Mission. The Alignment missions just give you normal xp, and alignment "credit" -- ie. after 10 "credits", you'll get a morality mission. When you run that one, you'll get 40 merits, it will affirm your alignment, reset the alignment "credits" and the process starts over again. You can find more info --> here (PS> Bear in mind that info was for "Live" and is a bit outdated now, but the basics are correct) Hope that helps. Regards, 4
  4. Thanks - glad you found it helpful. If your "alterations" prove effective, it would be great to see the build posted here for other folks to see as well. As mentioned in the earlier conversation with Robopop, I find it interesting to see how other folks approach some of the various trade-offs involved (and there were plenty with the LBFF build). Of course, if those changes are primarily involved with adding Purple, ATO, and Procs enhancements, then, sure, we know that will help effectiveness, but it would also put the build more in line with Warlawk's uber farm thread
  5. Super. I'm glad you found the guide helpful. 🙂 Cheers, 4
  6. The most frustrating AT that I ever managed to get to 50 was a Rad/Elec Defender back on Live. How I hated that toon by the time he finally got there. The meh damage output of Elec as a Defender secondary coupled with the hit or miss rad anchoring mechanic (ie. cast on one guy in the middle of the pile and (hope to) keep the rest of the guys in it while I killed them with the equivalent of 1000 9V shocks on the tongue) was ... brutal, and usually pretty dicey. Oddly enough, when it *did* work, it seemed like I could kill red-con mobs with impunity, but when it didn't (much more o
  7. I hear that. I tried out several A/C during the recent free month-long trial and ended up picking up a couple more of them myself... 🙂 As for my setup, it's barebones simple -- a Logitech Extreme 3D flight stick (with twist handle for rudder), and a homemade headtracking ballcap using FreeTrack (similar functionality to the commercial TrackIR product). Across the various simulators that I enjoy, that setup works well enough for me to "fly" pretty much anything from WWI bi-planes in RoF all the way up to modern jets (AV8B, F-15, F-16 & F-18) and helicopters (UH-1,
  8. When I'm not here, I'm usually a flight sim kinda guy --> Rise of Flight, DCS, and even FSX now and then. Cheers, 4
  9. Well, one way to start would be ... check out the guide in my signature... (you are *exactly* the sort of player I wrote it for...) 😉 Cheers, 4
  10. Gratz! I'm glad you found the guide helpful for you. Thanks for the update on earning levels. I haven't revisited these since the Dbl Inf / Exemplar patch occurred a while back (got sidetracked with DCS lately, so my CoX characters are languishing a bit currently 😉). The Higher End builds are beyond the scope of this guide, as mentioned from the get-go, so the only advice I'd have on that topic is to delve into Warlawk's thread (linked in the OP post), and involve yourself in that discussion. Personally, the LBFF build is the only farmer I have (one on each of my accts)
  11. FourSpeed


    I'm with Hyperstrike on this one. It's a definite Maybe. To be sure, it's almost never worth it "financially". At 3 converters per RM, and assuming ~85K per converter on the AH, the 100 RM's you'd spend for many IO's is too expensive. Those RM's exchanged for converters and sold on the AH would net appx. 25.5 Million. Very little is worth that amount of inf, even in the AH. So, in that regard, I agree with you. However, and this is the rub, most folks don't do the math. Marketeers, like myself, and many others know we can do it better (ie. more effieciently
  12. Well, having written the Guide that the OP is following (Thanks! Hope you're enjoying it 🙂 ), I have somewhat mixed feelings on farming, oddly enough. First, I did that guide, mostly, because I'm a marketeer (in Live, and now, here), so, the *fun* part for me was actually, *** "how cheaply can I build a viable farmer?" ***. For me, it was never about drops, shinies, or inf gain - the AH already covers that for me. Rather, the simple build challenge, and then seeing how it stacked up with the "Mega-Builds" (much better than I ever imagined, actually) was the primary motivation. It
  13. Sorry, I missed this one earlier. No, origin is pretty meaningless. Way back in the early days of the game, it had a bit more impact (it affected which contacts / stories you'd get, and it affected prices of TO/DO/SO shinies), but even then it was never a big deal. About the only meaningful point these days is the P2W store. When you first start out, a couple of the free attacks (Nemesis Staff and Blackwand) offer a small bonus depending on your origin. So, in that case, when you pick those powers up after you leave the Outbreak Tutorial, you'll want to make sure y
  14. The combine macros simply remap your attack buttons (1-9, and 0). Normally, by default, without any "other" macros they look like this: 1 "powexec_slot 1" 2 "powexec_slot 2" 3 "powexec_slot 3" 4 "powexec_slot 4" 5 "powexec_slot 5" 6 "powexec_slot 6" 7 "powexec_slot 7" 8 "powexec_slot 8" 9 "powexec_slot 9" 0 "powexec_slot 0" So, that simply means, when you push the 1 key, it "does" whatever power is your first slot. The same happens for the other keys. If your LBFF (or Scrapper, in your case) is leaving the AE, this is what you want those keys to be.
  15. I've remade several of my favorite characters from the Legacy days as close to exact as I was able (from Mid's build plans and screenshots), so in those cases the answer to #1 is definitely Yes. However, after that handful of toons, any others I've made on HC were completely different (for instance, I'm currently leveling an Ice/Ice Sentinel, which obviously, wasn't possible in Ye Olde Dayes 😉 For #2, apart from the carryovers from Legacy, none of my characters look alike, and none of the carryovers look like each other at all either. I'm not by any means a costume creator, but ev
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