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  1. You might also want to take a look at the Guide on Fire Farming in my signature for a fully self-funded, lower-end build as well. Cheers, 4
  2. @Warshade14 -- I'm not sure if the current data chunks in the guide will actually import into Mid's Reborn. I don't have it, to find out. What I do have, and what the builds were created in was Pine's 2.23 as mentioned previously. They import properly into that. I can, as an interim help, post the long text versions here, but unless I get around to using Mid's Reborn, or you can pick up the old version of Pine's, we're a bit stuck here... πŸ˜‰ Regards, 4 L25 Build L40 Build L50 Final Build
  3. LOL - If only it *were* an April Fool's joke... but nope, it's all too real... I'm sure the 3 or 4 PvPer's out there are just gonna love this... πŸ™‚ A visible, tag-a-long to show everyone just where your stealthed character is lurking... Nice. Perfect, even. πŸ™‚ I've not seen what "the kid" does -- I just logged in and the little bastige is standing there beside me in the store (dammit - I gave custody of that little sh*t to my Ex-wife!), but if he does tag along on my mission, I'm hoping the little troll gets killed -- that will prevent all those phone calls from the school Principal complaining about little "Damian" πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Happy April Fool's Day! Cheers, 4
  4. Ya, in light of the discussion, I figured that it's the "thing" in question, although it's *really* counterintuitive when your portal is in a seemly empty room. πŸ˜‰ Cheers, 4
  5. Interesting. I've run into this a few times, and wondered wth was going on. My entrance portal is in the middle of an empty room, so it's not getting stuck on any objects, as such. I'll try raising it above the floor and see if that works... Definitely an annoying bug, though. Regards, 4
  6. Yep. Basically, all you need to run two accounts is two (different) email addresses. Register each separately, and Voila - you have two accounts. Regards, 4
  7. Both of my mains (Father and adopted daughter) live in a nice apartment (recently remodeled πŸ˜‰ ) in a swankier area of Atlas Park. However, since the adopted daughter was a native of the Shadow Shard, both of them also have guest quarters at Firebase Zulu and spend extensive time in the Shard helping the Expeditionary Forces there. My primary villain (a Stalker) has a place in Bloody Bay. It makes it easier for him to watch his "turf" -- He does, occasionally spend some vacation time in Sharkhead & St. Martial. πŸ˜‰ The only other character that whose home I thought about was my Peacebringer who melded with a retired actor who owns a couple warehouses in Kings Row. Cheers, 4
  8. With a couple Vet Levels, you should easily get enough Incarnate Threads to get your T3 Alpha covered. Regards, 4
  9. In addition to robopop's comments, that issue is another reason why you want to open up Incarnate Powers. Your T3 Alpha power also provides a level shift that works in normal content as well. That will effectively make the mobs +3 to you only, which is a big help. That is also why I mentioned earlier that the fully levelled & IO'd build doesn't need a Kismet once you get there, but it certainly can help. You can monitor your to-hit in-game with the Combat Attributes screen (Powers -> Combat Attributes). The number for "Last Hit Chance" will tell you what your number was against the guy you most recently attacked. Bear in mind that 95% is the Max allowed. The game always has a 5% chance of missing on any attack, unless streakbreaker is invoked. Cheers, 4 PS> Gratz on L50!
  10. I don't use TO/DOs at all. I usually just buy a set of L15 IO's when my toon hits L12 (Sometimes I even get L10's at L7). They're better than TO/DOs straight-up, you only need a few of them, and if you have any marketing savvy at all, you'll have plenty of inf to afford them (and, they're often *real* cheap in the AH - because a lot of folks think they're worthless). Also, I don't run DFB's (I'm much more of a solo player), so I don't blow thru the first 20 levels in an hour... πŸ˜‰ The one I use is: CTRL+X "beginchat /bind ALT+X target_custom_next enemy alive NAME-HERE" So, you press Ctrl + X and it pops up the /bind ALT+X part in your chat window... You change "NAME-HERE" to whichever Baddie you're looking for: Sapper, Quantum, Malaise, etc. Then, you just press ALT+X and if they're targetable, it locks on to them... If you need to look for a different Baddie, just press Ctrl + X again, and repeat the process with a new name... As for dumb things, the list is lengthy. I've done the overbid thing, I've sniped at a passing purple guy with a lowbie (and got 1-shot for it), got lost looking for stuff (particularly in CoT maps) etc. One of the funniest things I ever saw though was my friend (who LOVES superjump). We're in the lobby in a warehouse mish, and he's hopping around like a mexican jumping bean on crack, and he literally gets stuck between the wall and a light fixture. Even /stuck wouldn't get him out. Hilarious. Cheers, 4
  11. My Grav/FF's Singularity pet is called --> "Gee-a-Pet" (a little pun on Chia Pet), and the Lore Pets are a Rularuu Overseer and a Bull Natterling named: "Sauron" & "Da Chimp", respectively. Cheers, 4
  12. Awesome! Glad you've got it sorted out and working for you now! Cheers, 4
  13. Prices do vary, but then again, that should also be true for the rare salvage you should be selling. Those are still reliably selling for 500-600,000 each (higher than when I wrote this guide). So if you're not having the same trouble that Maagic mentioned (about getting AE tix) you should still be getting around 1000 tix per run (iirc) so we're talking 1.5M+ income every two runs, minimum. If you get to L50, you can also run on Standard Rewards (no AE tix, but more cash, and salvage drops) and pull down ~5 Million per run. In short, you shouldn't be having too much trouble with financing, except perhaps for a few of the specialty items (like the Karma KB for instance), and you can opt to get those IOs with reward merits as well, if need be. The common IOs are flat-rate priced (from the crafting table) so that hasn't changed any. There's some silliness going on with Yellow salvage lately, so those prices have jumped - the past few days I've been getting it for ~15K per yellow piece within a few minutes. One thing you might consider, if you've made yourself a SG base, is note the ingredients you need for the IO's you're planning to make. You can add storage bins to your base, and each will hold 100 pieces of salvage. In that case you can put some low-ball bids out on AH, and stockpile some of the stuff you'll need for later. That can help avoid paying the "buy it now" prices when the time comes. Also, if you make some Standard Reward runs, you'll also get salvage drops, and you can sell any yellow pieces you don't need on the AH, and take a little advantage from the pricing increases yourself. ;-) As mentioned, you shouldn't be buying any rare salvage at all as you can get the pieces you need for free from the AE, and once again, you can stockpile the pieces you need for crafting and sell the others as before. Additonally, there are also plenty of auctionhouse marketing strategies that you can use to increase your income if you're so-inclined. Those are beyond the scope of this guide, but there are guides out there for them, and they're really not very difficult. Usually the hardest part is for players to get past their discomfort about the auctionhouse in general. ;-) Finally, as coaches say "Keep your eyes on the prize" ;-) Once you get your LBFF to L50 and kitted out as the build describes, you'll be making about 50 Milllion every time you run the full #2915 AE arc (of 5 missions), so it won't be very long until "money trouble" will be a thing of the past for you and any other characters you make. Regards, 4
  14. Not to worry. I was always a bit "meh" about it myself, even back on live, although I was fairly active at it, but I know this guy was quite capable back in the day. Still, as I mentioned earlier, I don't particularly mind that toon doing mostly PvE stuff anyway these days, and he's the only PvP-centric build I have (or am likely to) on HC. Regards, 4
  15. Pine's was the HC replacement for the old Mid's. If I'm not mistaken, it's actually the same codebase that Mid's was based on, but reworked & updated for use with the HC servers (but don't quote me). They've since moved on to "Mid's Reborn", but Pine's 2.23 still works for these builds. As for the AE tickets, I've no idea what the issue might be there -- I've not had (or even heard of) that particular issue, and afaik, none of the other posters have had a problem. You might want to follow that up with HC support. I can't think of any reason it would be related to the build, assuming your settings are correct. Regards, 4
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