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  1. Speaking solely about Radiation Armor . . . back when Homecoming started up, my Radiation Armor/Super Strength tanker, at about level 30, tanked the massive Freakshow ambush at the end of the Penny Yin TF - and she did that purely on SOs/CIOs. You don't need an expensive IO build to be tough as a Tanker. It just helps when you want to go from Tough to Godly ^_^. You also don't need expensive sets in every power, when you're aiming for a tricked-out IO build. For my resist toggles, I often use three pieces of the Titanium Coating set. While leveling to 50, I often rely on Crushing Impacts for my melee powers, and the set is perfectly serviceable even for a level 50. The trick is deciding what set bonuses you want to chase, and then deciding what IO sets will give you those. Hope this helps, - Loranna
  2. Hehehehehe . . .yup; that's been my experience with both Electric Armor and Rad Armor on Tanks ^_^ As for Defense, well, the nice thing about resist based armors for Tanks is, you can still get a good 20% to all positions and types, base, without sacrificing resists or recharge. That's enough that a medium purple will softcap you for about a minute, a T4 Barrier will softcap you for the first thirty seconds, and most any support toon's defense buffs will rocket you into the stratosphere without any problem. Sure, there's no defense debuff resist, but you honestly don't need the DDR; your Defense is there as a tertiary form of mitigation. . . . Though, if you want to get silly about it (and of course, I always do 🙂 ) - grab Soul Mastery. Hardcapped resists to 5 or 6 damage types, rocking absorb shield, -to hit debuffs in your epic attacks, and oh yeah - DARKEST NIGHT, just to mess with AVs that much more. And, of course, you have a decent ranged attack for those times Battle Maiden refuses to step out of the blue patches, or to act as a more . . . forceful Taunt on that lone enemy that slipped past to go after the Squishies. - Loranna
  3. Have you looked at Radiation Armor? Solid resists, with two "holes" that are easily patchable with set bonuses, combined with a decent absorb shield, a self-heal that grows stronger with more enemies around you, helpful debuffs, and some innate end drain and slow/recharge resist. Also, the set's fairly "hands-off"; set your absorb shield on auto, use self heal when it's needed as either a self heal or as a regen debuff, and you're good 🙂 True, no innate defense, nor any defense debuff resist, but you have resists and healing/absorb as your main sources of mitigation, and some offensive debuffs to make killing targets easier - plus a mini melee nuke that, with the right slotting, can also knock an entire spawn on its collective duff, to help mitigate an alpha, over and above what your secondary offers. - Loranna
  4. I've been noticing odd behavior in my absorb on my Rad Armor tankers too; rather than refreshing for the full absorb amount, I'm getting anywhere from 60% to 100% of the expected absorb.
  5. Hello, Recently, I've noticed some odd behavior on my Rad Armor Tankers. When Particle Shielding refreshes, it's awarding a random amount of absorb, not the amount stated on the info screen. When the power fires off, the grey numbers that appear over my character's head indicate that the full, expected amount of absorb has been applied (1243 absorb at level 50 with Cardiac Radial equipped). However, when I right-click my health and endurance bars, the actual absorb numbers vary from 690ish to the expected full amount. I have watched this process happen multiple times with no enemies present, so there was no incoming damage to skew the numbers; the absorb showing on my life-bar has been random, again and again, sometimes with a large enough difference that I can see my absorb bar go down when the power refreshes. Thank you for your time, - Loranna
  6. You're not doing it wrong; that is an effective way of dealing with the yellows, so long as there are enough taunters to go around. I myself invariably home in on a single yellow, grabbing another one or two if there's only two or three of us, or if I see that nobody is covering the mitos next to me. So long as the yellows are aimed at us taunters, and not at the other teams, then it all works out ^_^ But, that's a tactic I use because I've done a number of Hami raids before, and trust my knowledge of the raid's mechanics to guide me. The instruction to taunt clockwise, now, is a general rule that will work whether there's one taunter or ten, and doesn't require a new player to worry about anything beyond "go round clockwise, taunt yellows". So it's a good rule for the raid leaders to offer us, and even experienced taunters who like to follow their "own" rules ought to keep it in mind. Lastly, thanks Veracor for making this topic. I know I've been getting a bit snippy; I'll watch myself from here on. Looking forward to many long years of jello fights ^_^ - Lorna
  7. * New Content, across all levels * New Powersets * New Costume and Powerset Customization Options * New Incarnate Abilities * New People To Meet And Game With! ^_^ Loranna
  8. Level 50 Rad/SS Tanker here, with prior experience tanking yellow mitos on Virtue Hami raids, before sunset. I remember the gist of the task enough that I'd be up for assisting - my best days are weekends in the afternoon/early evenings. Loranna
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