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  1. I have a couple of tanks and for the most part I can do laundry while people beat on me. But yes, I do agree they have some small level of risk assuming the are decently built. However, I would say that controllers also have risk built in. While I might control 90% of a mob... The remaining 10% can be deadly. Tougher enemies, however that gets achieved is good. It means that there is more reliance on mitigation. Controls and buffs/debuffs become valued again. Some form of non binary control would be great.
  2. What annoys me to some degree is that there is little difference in whether a Tank collects aggro and takes all the damage, preventing it with insane defense and resists, or a controller turns them into a statue. The only mechanical difference is that if the Tank doesn't have enough aggro them someone can peel that off. Otherwise they are mechanically the same. Damage is prevented and people move on. Why one is considered good for the game and the other bad is beyond me. Probably because you can break aggro... Which leads us back to needing non binary holds. Anyway,
  3. Thank you. I'm sure you have said it before, I just couldn't recall where. This at least let's me discuss your idea with you. I don't expect to change your mind, but I do think this kind of discussion helps the people working on the game maybe consider things they hadnt. I think the only two disagreements that I have is that I would say, "it makes the game harder for people who may already find the game difficult SOLO" and that I am not sure about the amount of challenging pre-50 content. For level appropriate characters, yeah, perhaps so. For any exemplared characters, no. Which is
  4. I agree... but a couple of points. My large wall of text reference is not just people. That's from Arcana... IE of ArcanaTime fame who probably knows more about the mechanics than either of us put together. The other, only because I want to tease you... your second link is referring to COMPANY of Heroes, not City of Heroes. I've only opened this line of discussion again because of your assentation earlier that your opinions are facts. Look, you want something different with the game than I do. I'm cool with that. I do feel the need to keep replying when you say things as fact that a
  5. Okay, we're getting back to the admittance that we're ALL talking opinions on pretty much anything in this thread. That's a good start. While your recollection of the game is that way, there were plenty of people who thought otherwise... and who are not in this thread: https://cityoftitans.com/comment/129299#comment-129299 https://www.cohtitan.com/forum/index.php?topic=10039.40 (reply 47) http://www.virtueverse.net/wiki/Legion_of_Freedom (Halfway down) I could quote more, but that was with a singular search on Google. Perma Debt was a thing because Blasters certainly died a lot... th
  6. Pretty much from Launch until about 5-6 issues after IOs, but I could say maybe from ED to 5-6 issues after IOs. Team wipes and perma-debt were seriously discussed on the game forums as real issues. Most people didn't take blaster nukes because of the crash. For someone speaking your opinion as "fact" you are neglecting a lot of the history of CoX. I'm assuming there are enough people around from early in the game to remember carnage in the Hollows too. Frostfire was quite a right of passage.
  7. In your opinion of course. That's great! I have routinely said that any 8 characters can do anything, Add a couple maxed blasters/brutes and it might be a different story. Also... still anecdotal evidence. But I would agree if you find a team where you have fun, fantastic. When I am playing control or support characters, I find less and less of those teams, that's my return anecdotal evidence. That is about the only content that is not. EBs still go down stupid fast and the purple patch substantially reduces or removes the place that controls and to a lesser degree debuff
  8. That's anecdotal and your opinion, but I won't make claims you're lying or trying to deceive people. I just think you like a certain game style that I don't believe in. So yeah, please give the same courtesy to the people who don't agree with you. No one is trying to be deceptive that I know of. Now, I've actually laid out why I think support sets and control sets have diminished in power. I've given numbers and other actual examples why I think that. It would be really nice if you did the same. How do you think that the entire spectrum of ATs are valuable when things tend to die with
  9. No one is spreading misinformation although lots of people are giving their opinions without bothering to give anything more than "I say so". Please stick to arguing things that people actually ARE saying. I agree the game was not balanced between ATs even then, but I do believe that the roles for each AT were better defined and more useful than now. Each AT usually brought something needed and useful to a group and usually increased team killspeed, whether that was another Blaster, a Controller, or a Defender. Sure, it was in different proportions because there are a lot of variables bu
  10. I have played since around i3. If you have, then we will have to disagree in our assessment. I would agree that the game has never been "balanced" in that every AT brings the same amount of power. However, where the game was balanced was that you could play content with any 8 ATs and make it through. However, since the power creep was not where it is today, every AT brought something valuable to nearly every mission. I don't feel that is the case anymore. I have several posts where I talked about how the relative value of support goes down as kill speed increases. Controls are dev
  11. Agreed, but because of a number of factors the average power of a PUG was FAR less than it is now. Some are direct changes. Some are the availability of IOs. Some are new powers/IOs. Powerset Proliferation... etc. I still think of all of the MMOs I played, live CoX had the best balance between Damage/Support/Tank/Control. I think all had space and time to shine on any team and you could do anything without any one particular AT. That's only an opinion, but I do think that's partially why it was so endeared to a lot of people. They just kind of got a lot right.
  12. First of all I liked this post because I think there's some very interesting things that are probably true. The top part is the only part I'm not totally sure on. I think you could tweak some scales down pretty easily and perhaps change some of the survivability options down a little and globally tune the game. Would that be a good thing, I don't know... but I don't know if what you are saying is out of the realm of possibility. Some of the other servers have done some pretty extreme things in rebalancing and I'd expect this team could as well. This is probably very true. The
  13. I am also on board with new challenging content balanced around IOs and all. Frankly I doubt anyone would be upset with that. However, there's a TON of content in CoX that runs the gamut of fun to boring. For me at least any solution that doesn't allow us to pick whatever content we want and have a reasonable expectation that our characters will be useful is a huge fail for a game that used to be perhaps one of best if not the best balanced in terms of how it handled ATs.
  14. Perhaps I am being confusing, it would not be the first time. I should clarify. I can not think of any 8 level 50 toons that can not make a mockery out of the hardest content in the game, unless you specifically gimp those characters by say not slotting ACC, or just taking TOs or something equally silly. Thus making those same characters useless for anything other than your small dedicated team. I don't want to have to schedule "Raids" to get what I believe CoX had years ago. I don't think that's too extreme of a position either... I don't think it's unreasonable to log into the ga
  15. So to me this is two separate issues. I would be all over figuring out how to get content done by the community, vetted by Devs and into the game. I think that's a fantastic idea. I have zero issues with enhancing and improving AE and using the creative minds in the community. That said, I still see the need for some balance in the game.
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