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  1. I'm also having problems with Sirens Call, in my game the map is positioned wrong.
  2. Just tried this. Pretty neat, too bad it's only like 1 foot of a difference though.
  3. So awhile back I made a female character who I just left with the default sliders and while playing I noticed that civilians where towering over her, and ever since I've made sure to always change female characters height to match the default male height when designing costumes. Then the other day I finally made one of those designs an actual in game character, and I noticed that she was weirdly taller than the roided out Destroyers... I just can't win. Anyway what are your opinions? How tall is to tall? How tall is not tall enough?
  4. My only problems with the warriors are their designs are super boring and all their leaders are just regular members with names.
  5. So I was making a character when I thought to myself "This would be a perfect character for one of those cool jetpacks." but when I went to the back tab the only option was the crab backpack, so I messed around a bit and discovered it was because I had the "Cybertech Long" jacket, so I checked the trench coat and that also made them disappear. Although I don't know if this is truly a bug or something that made sense only in the minds of the old developers. Also I noticed another bug with the cybertech long jacket where you can't change the color of the inside of the coat tail without changing it to the trench coat tab and changing them there. Not sure if I should start another thread for that.
  6. So I was making a base for my Praetorian supergroup and when I talk to the Icon Employee I put in she says "I don't talk to people from an alternate reality.", that's something I didn't expect from this game. I also tried the base facemaker and she's just as rude. Like wtf such unprofessionalism. (Also on a separate note I think there should be Praetorian variations of the base NPCs.)
  7. Has Homecoming even added any new costume pieces?
  8. It's not hard just inconvenient and annoying, and in Praetoria to change these you have to go to Rita Mayfair in Imperial City which means potentially getting killed by mobs above your level range if you want to get the free costume changes before level 10.
  9. All the trainers can change your costume. I'm referring to the face and body sliders that all tailors can already change.
  10. Because the only reason the cosmetic surgeons were separate when the game was live is because you had to pay actual money to access them. It's a pain to trek all the way to a tailor whenever you want to get a little crazy (I'm looking at you Praetoria) because the trainers are lacking only two options, and the tailors you can put in your base not having these options is especially frustrating. And since I have the sneaking suspicion people are gonna whip out the ole "immersion breaking" excuse I just want to point out Blue Steel can already give you a facelift and a boob job, thanks for reading.
  11. Is your characters secondary Ninja Training by any chance? I was messing around with the character creator last night and it seemed to glitch out the animations on Beam Rifle just as you described. So I just looked through all the Blaster primary powers while paired with Ninja Training in the preview, and animations for Assault Rifle and Beam Rifle are the only ones to have that glitch with all the animations emanating from by the characters feet (and from their butt one time) except for Flamethrower and Ignite in AR which still work fine.
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