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  1. The spectrum costume pieces are just randomly missing from a bunch of categories that make no sense whatsoever. While I'm assuming that they couldn't be applied to stuff like baggy clothes, armor and monster feet most of these exclusions are just strange. Missing pieces include: Male: Special Helmets: face Shirts: chest & gloves Robes: gloves Sleeveless Robes: chest & gloves Jackets: gloves Trench Coat: chest & gloves Robotic Arm 3: left glove Unique Tops: chest Tucked In, Tight Pants, & Pants: boots Monstrous: pants
  2. I remember leaving DCUO during beta. The customization was so barebones to the point you can't make a backstory to your character as the game just gives you one, and what was up with needing both powers and a weapon? You couldn't make a character like Superman or Batman despite having a button in the creator to just make a ripoff of established characters.
  3. I don't believe in physics. I've had milk cling to the side of the carton and move upwards before finally pouring down next to my bowl of cereal.
  4. This mission from Justin Greene is glitched, there are more bombs in the building then the mission counts and diffusing them all doesn't complete the mission.
  5. Don't think I didn't notice the implication that there are at most 99 villains ingame. 😛
  6. Fun fact: That first screenshot exists because I thought it was a glitch and reported it. 🙃
  7. On one of my costumes I have the PPD riot shield with the PPD 2 emblem on it and changing from that costume to another with a different shield causes the emblem to still show up without even fitting on the shield. It also seems to only happen when switching to my costumes with Blue Steel or Post Apocalyptic shields.
  8. So I've recently noticed that the spot for the Arachnos Agent day job in Mercy Island isn't marked on the map. Which is in the east entrance of the building south of Arbiter Richard. (You go in it for one of Fire Wire's missions.)
  9. That doesn't happen on the server I tried it on...
  10. If we could customize minions then we could make them ourselves! 😁
  11. I dunno that set seems a little too similar too thugs and mercs. What I meant by reusing assets was more about using already made powers/animations and making some guys with the costume creator instead of making something that would need all new animations like robotics and beast mastery.
  12. I've also wondered why it's apparently so hard to make mastermind powers. I mean some pets have unique models and stuff, but I think most people would still be happy with pets that are made with reused assets.
  13. How about fixing those costume pieces that can't be colored for some reason like the office belt and Hellenic sandals? Like, what where the og devs smoking when they made them? Speaking of high some high collars without capes like the ones the Council Galaxy guys wear. *EDIT* Some other things I just thought of. An option to have winged boots without the aura. I recently made a character with bronze colored winged boot and the aura does not look good. Back options with trench coats, cybertech long jacket, and gunslinger 3 belt. This feels like an oversi
  14. Are you guys forgetting about those damn outdoor missions that take forever because the map is huge and the objectives can be literally anywhere?
  15. How much longer will the anniversary last? I need to know how fast I should be shooting out characters to nab experienced.
  16. My computers security won't let me download this...
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