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  1. Just because it's been quiet a couple of days... the first character I rolled up on Homecoming, recreated from live: Hakeswell, Arachnos Soldier specialising in scheming, backstabbing, arms-dealing and maniacal laughter. If he had a moustache he would twirl it like you would not believe.
  2. I recently stumbled across the zone event in St Martial, the one with Longbow and the Family - I didn't even know it existed. Definitely agree some flavourful overworld events can be a fun change of pace, even smaller ones that don't necessarily need a team to complete.
  3. My build in Mids, does include Trip Mine and Gun Drone but no Taser, soft-capped ranged defence, deviated a little along the way in practice but gives the gist of it: | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1357;660;1320;HEX;| |78DA4D93CB4F135114C6EF74A63CFAE0217DF0AA500A822D54EA3F60820F12A5090| |1C16533D2B14E52DB869644573E897B37AE542431C68D31AEDCFB0768D4952E8C7F| |0002EA46798CA7F37D142699FE7ABF3BF79CEFDC7B6EF6E6B9C0EBE9BB6794163C5| |B34ABD5DC94FCD6AC656FD62CD84BAA
  4. My latest couple of 50s: Violett, Fortunata specialising in undercover work, until a stint with the Carnival set her on her own path. Debug, beam/devices blaster specialising in shooting all the things.
  5. With the availability of low level SOs, the freebie starter IOs with procs etc, the lower level basic IOs don't seem particularly useful for anything other than earning badges, can't be sold to vendors and can only be sold on the market for pennies (if at all) - would an option to deconstruct IOs with some chance of receiving some or all of the salvage used be a possibility, so badgers don't end up stuck with hundreds of IOs no one wants?
  6. Nova and Dwarf forms have an endurance cost as a toggle, but they also get a recovery bonus to basically offset that - so slotting end mod or end red would achieve similar results, or both of course. The recovery bonus is lower than in stamina though, so you'd get better results slotting stamina first.
  7. I do like what they've done making the first 2 human attacks available to dwarf/nova respectively. It would ease up the slot shortage if there was more power sharing like that, except of course PBs and WSs have quite a different human form loadout making that difficult to do in practice, e.g. human PBs have Solar Flare, which could carry into dwarf form and replace White Dwarf Flare, except you wouldn't be able to do the same on WS, and that aside you'd have to wait until lvl 26 to get it and be forced to spend a power pick on it even if you only ever intended to use it in dwarf form - so comp
  8. You won't be able to crit with widow melee powers like you can using mask presence. Endurance cost is also a bit higher. If you were going pure ranged fortunata I guess there's a decent case for it though.
  9. Apparently not what the OP had in mind, but the title reminded me of a story arc I wrote when AE was first introduced back on live - Hellion Initiation - which sees your character "joining" the Hellions while playing them off against the Skulls to gather some artifacts for yourself. I even managed to find a backup of it! I vaguely recall an intention to make it a series, but if I ever added to it, I don't have them saved. Thankfully a lot of stuff was later added villain-side to make us feel less like lackeys, but at the time I thought a story where you get to show a bit more initi
  10. I'd be interested to try the Sentinel version of the set on a Scrapper or Brute - clicky dull pain and revive get mixed up to become auto dismiss pain (+HP) and second wind (heal and +HP if used while alive, revive if not), clicky instant healing (+regen) becomes toggle instant regeneration (absorb). The set becomes generally less clicky, absorb offers a bit of extra layering while staying in theme, the revive becomes more than just a freebie awaken. I think they were nicely thought out tweaks while they had the opportunity to make changes without upsetting the cottage rule, because it was a n
  11. I don't think tanks get a better radius or anything like that - the only thing that tends to affect pool powers is scalars, and there are no AT scalars for radius. I use cross punch on my Bio/Savage tank in place of shred - similar damage but faster animation, some soft control from knockdown, and adds a bit of smashing damage in amidst all the lethal. It also gives me some recharge/accuracy from also having boxing and kick, and a place for the FF proc for even more recharge. It would work pretty well mixed in with super strength as well (probably by design) - boxing wo
  12. Does feral leap cause knockdown under some circumstance? Can't see any reference to it in the description or in-game power info, so surprised it can take the FF proc.
  13. WP if you want a completely hands-off secondary, which I can see the appeal of for brutes, keeping up fury etc. Bio is more active, as mentioned it has a lot of tools to offer. I found efficient adaptation great in the lower levels before your slotting is in good order - you get an endurance discount and bonus recovery/regen. Offensive gives bonus to-hit and damage, and attacks gain some extra toxic damage, so becomes the go-to for most content. Defensive is a useful fallback for harder enemies or if you're playing tank on a team, although with good backup you could easily still st
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