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  1. These days I have way more scrappers and tankers than I do brutes. but my 2 main brutes are still super fun to play. I probably lock harder on my StJ/WP brute than I do on any scrapper. That beast just does not go down, ever, and doesn't really feel like he's sacrificing damage for toughness. Also, Brutes STILL have access to heavy hitting melee sets that scrappers don't. Although the day they proliferate Stone Melee to scrappers is the day I quit brutes.
  2. Global recharge is absolutely out of line. Does that make the game more fun? 100% yes. I can't stand waiting around for my main attack powers to recharge. I much more prefer the rotation-based gameplay high global recharge allows me to have. That being said, I don't mind -recharge being a debuff I can get hit with because that's a gameplay element that makes encounters more interesting. Speaking to the main topic at hand, there's a fine line between "QoL change" and "fundamentally breaking the game". I feel all the travelling changes up this point are more or les
  3. Haha, yeah. I didn't realize the connection to the soup brand when I was naming the character. Progresso is italian for progress (according to google). Progress, time, yeah you get it.
  4. Professor Progresso Energy/Time Blaster
  5. Adding a +1 to Terra Volta. Definitely one of the most interesting maps blueside. Would love to see it get some content. My other answer based purely on exploration badge text is the Abandoned Sewer Network.
  6. As long as I've been playing this game, I've never given Dark Armor a fair chance. With this build, I figured, why not play on the strengths of having a bunch of secondary control effects and take that to the moon? So, between Cloak of Fear, Oppressive Gloom, Ice Patch, and Frozen Aura, taking hits in melee should really be a non-factor. I also pumped up recharge as much as I could to keep Dark Regeneration up as many times as possible. With a Panacea: Chance for +HP and End in that along with Rebirth, I'm hoping endurance won't be as much of a drag as it looks on paper. So, I brin
  7. Expanded aura options. More separate limb options. Maybe I want a firey right leg. Why shouldn't I be able to have flies only around my head? Also, an afterimage aura would be really cool.
  8. Zen Solitude, Psychic Melee/Willpower Scrapper
  9. I have 8 50s excluding my main, and it's just a wall of meat and damage. Stone Melee/Regeneration Brute Kinetics/Electric Blast Defender Broad Sword/Shield Defense Scrapper Ice Armor/Savage Melee Tanker Dual Pistols/Martial Combat Blaster Dark Melee/Radiation Armor Scrapper Staff Fighting/Super Reflexes Scrapper Fire Blast/Atomic Manipulation Blaster Quite a tough comp on paper. The tanker can taunt, so you have to take them down first, which leaves the Kin to buff the group's damage. Then you have to worry about getting every debuff i
  10. I have a Dark/Rad scrapper with Fold Space and it's probably my most fun toon right now. I can aggro, do a (very) tiny bit of herding, and then Fold Space to create a nice and tight group to cap Soul Drain. With Soul Drain capped, Ground Zero ends up doing a respectable amount of damage. Lots of active mitigation between the two sets as well, and you get a lot of freedom for slotting.
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