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  1. When I saw the Headless option in the creator, I knew I eventually was gonna have to make a Dullahan. Here he is! Some action shots of the last outfit because I feel it looks better in motion
  2. This very much feels like a "sign o' the times" kind of issue. Cheese aside, this mission was tough. Red Caps used to hurt. All of Croatoa suffers from that. Remember when finishing a Katie meant hoping your team could actually make it through all 10 Mary fights?
  3. I really really like this idea. It would probably just be easier to bake this sort of stuff into the difficulty adjuster though. Remember how the difficulties used to be named? Under "Invincible", they could add "Godlike". I like the dynamic difficulty scaling idea way better. @ClawsandEffect has a good point, though. If you remove the set IOs now, you'd have to scale back a lot of the newer content in return, and I don't think that's the answer. On a side note, I do like the ATOs for what it's worth. I like that they enhance your character in a way that is unique to the AT you are playing. I feel like if there was more stuff like that and less stuff that benefits every character across the board like Purple sets the ATs themselves wouldn't suffer as much of an identity loss. I hope I conveyed that the way I intended.
  4. I gotta say, Savage Melee should've just been named Slap Melee. I can't see it as anything else. In other news, the Sumo character is coming along great.
  5. They really had a lot of potential with the MA punches. So much material they could've pulled from, and in the end chose Mortal Kombat. Shame. Oddly enough, they totally could've given Devastating Blow that alternate Assassin's Strike they gave MA Stalkers so it wasn't just green Energy Transfer. I actually thought the Axe Kick animation looked sick for 2004, but that was 2004. Looks whacky compared to newer sets. I will say however that to this day Dragon's Tail looks incredible.
  6. I thought Punch looked weird, too. What fixed it in my head was my foray into fighting games. The "downward hammer strike" is a super popular animation for big, heavy characters. Nowadays, if anything, I feel like Haymaker should get that animation - maybe make it a little faster or intense to give it more authority - and give Punch the standard Brawl animation. The newer animations definitely look kinda floppy for sure.
  7. We can all agree that this game does a really bang-up job of making you feel powerful and cool whenever your powers are going off. Same goes for a lot of big-name villains as well. But we all know there's some animation cycles that made you go, "pff, what was that?" the first time you saw them. I remember way back in the day when patrolling NPCs in missions started doing that weird crouch-walk thing in missions. Threw me for a loop the first time I saw a Family member hunched over, leading the pack while everyone behind him walks like a normal person. Or how about War Wolves just hammering away at nothing? What's up with that? Whoever came up with the 'getting hit' animation for Innocuous Strikes must've had a lot of fun. Let's talk about those animations. Oh, and this is by no means a jab at anyone that may have worked on particular animations and may be reading this. 😁
  8. Oh, and one more Frigid Whisper (surprised I got this name btw), Katana/Ice Armor Stalker
  9. Cross Scar, Street Justice/Willpower brute Heavily inspired by Armor King from Tekken, if you couldn't tell Black Orchid Sky, Water Blaster/Nature Affinity Corrupter Beatwing, Staff Fighting/Super Reflexes Scrapper
  10. I would make passing cars deal damage and kb. Imagine fending off a Rikti Invasion and you get hit by a car. What a jerk. It goes both ways. Imagine your average lowbie has a street sweeping mission, turns a corner, and runs into a giant mob. You run out into the street and they get plowed through by a box truck. This started as a joke, but makes me wish for things that made street sweeping more interesting in all honesty. Revamp street sweeping!
  11. "Done"? What is "done"? You mean people can just be finished playing a character? Incomprehensible.
  12. I don't think that game balance is too important in an MMO from a player-to-player perspective, but more so a player-to-enemy perspective. There's a lot of powerset combos in this game that just mow down everything in front of them. Seriously, if you renamed the game City of Lawns, I don't think there would be much of a difference. And it's a hard thing to fix. Do you scale back sets like TW or PSI melee? Do you make the enemies stronger? What about the sets that don't do as well? My philosophy when it comes to game balance is if you have a big gap where some things are wildly more successful than others, you always buff the weak things first. This goes for villain groups too. Some of them are a result of the power creep (Hey guys, we know we turned you into gods and you want harder things to fight so here's a bunch of robots with high s/l resist and shoot you a million times with nrg bullets that also make patches of fire), and I feel like that's where the newer stuff ended up being balanced around. I remember when Vahz were considered difficult, but back then powersets were much more simple. Now sewers are a walk in the (smelly) park. I'd much rather see weaker sets brought up first, and some adjustment to enemy strength as well than I would like to see things get nerfed. Oh but if there's one thing I'd like to see tuned down a little bit is IOs. Holy trinity doesn't exist and all that but absolutely everyone being invincible kinda makes team gameplay a little uninteresting.
  13. This is the most recent DLC character added to Tekken 7. Look at him and tell me he's not an MA Brute.
  14. EM to me always sounded the most impactful. Whenever you hit something, everyone hears it for sure. That's just from a spectator viewpoint. I can't speak on its actual damage because all the hearsay about how gutted the set is strayed me away from trying it. As for looking at the set and touching it up, I can think of a few low impact changes that might help the set, but this is just my opinion - one of many. First of all, I would wanna change Stun. It's just too slow. I would give it the Cobra Strike treatment. Way more damage and possibly a faster animation so that it's worth taking. I would give Total Focus the double-handed Knockout Blow animation. And cut it down to about the same animation time (or possibly shorter) as KO Blow as well. And then for ET, I would honestly just increase the damage. I think the animation is fine, but the move should hit like a dump truck. If I'm channeling my life force into an all out attack, the opponent should be blown away, but right now the damage is comparable to other T9's at best. Also buff Whirling Hands. My far-reaching idea for the set is to give it a sort of "concussive strikes" gimmick. Maybe something like after hitting so many attacks on an enemy, the stuns start turning into low mag holds or something similar to that. I don't know how easy that would be to balance, but to me it compliments the impactful and overwhelming nature of the set.
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