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  1. Volunteers can post in https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/50-developers-corner/ Note, however, there appears to be a recruitment lull presently as the Homecoming Team focus on some important "behind the scenes stuff."
  2. Ha, yeah. I remember the old Katana with Broad Sword animations. Good times!
  3. Sorry, I suppose my "I may be slightly confused" part was misleading. I understand how Alignments are supposed to work during gameplay. I meant that I don't know all the details of the Alignment code working in the background. I'm essentially asking for a reward for figuring out how to make a character without an Alignment, basically. Rather than an Unaligned character being a "Hero with Praetorian Badges," I'd like for the Unaligned character to be a character with access to all of the Hero Contacts and Zones AND all of the Villain Contacts and Zones. Or hell, even if they do have access to /any/ Contacts, but still have access to the Zones, I'd be happy.
  4. Your Phantasm is you, I see. Good work! Henchpet customization, here we come!
  5. People also don't like to upgrade the Lich and Oni for various reasons.
  6. The Candy Keeper, who has been available in the Ski Chalet since Sunrise, offers the following Badges for the cost of various quantities of Candy Canes (apparently available through AE missions and Booster Packs) and Inf: Cold Front Festive Frostbitten Gifted Longbow Reservist / Jet-Setter Joyful Miraculous Holiday Spirit / Scrooge
  7. Do you mean the Chris Jenkins billboard, Mari? https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/File:Chris_jenkins_ad.png
  8. I'm surprised this thread hasn't already devolved in to everyone saying: No; _I_ am Rathstar.
  9. Packrat is for Souvenirs, Rose. It sounds as though you're taking it as 100 Badges.
  10. Don't forget an Assault Set similar to the Wolf Spider stuff (Single Shot, Burst, Bayonet, Pummel) to pair with the Commando, and if possible a Blades Assault (combine Dual Blades with the Knife Throwing stuff from the likes of the Snakes) to pair with the Ganger.
  11. I apologize. I don't play Melee'ists to that point very often, or that recently. I recall all of them getting the Debt Protection mechanic added, but I did not realize they were all given the immortality clause too.
  12. Normal mission difficulty settings work. So if you set it to -1/x1, that's what you get. WITH the caveat that you still have an Archvillain as an Archvillain, and often capped at the highest level for the Task/Strike Force. So, say you did Positron 2 as a level 12, solo. You'd be facing appropriately sized mobs at the appropriate level, until you made it to Dr. Vahzilok. He'd be Level 15 regardless. But at least his guards would be your level. Mercifully, Positron 0 (the original flavour) is available in Ouroboros, and it doesn't have any Archvillains, just Cortex. I actually run it every few days/weeks. It's pretty good Merits for the amount of effort I have to invest. Travel time can be a pain in the butt, since the mission doors are quite random for the most part. Then again, Powers like the Mission Teleporter and Base Telepads help immensely.
  13. So, uh . . . I, um . . . I'm kind of embarrassed to say this, but since I didn't realize it for so long, maybe some other folks didn't either. There's a SEARCH function in the character select screen already, and you can toggle flags to search by Name, Archetype, and Powers. It's just above the little dots that allow you to instantly skip to the different pages in the character select screen.
  14. I'd be interested in participating as well, but discord is not an option. Was there some issue with doing this on the forums or even in-game? These both appear to be very solid and reliable means of communication.
  15. So, I've got a couple of characters on Everlasting who are here to provide services to those in need. On my @GraspingVileTerror account, I have Grim Isolator, a Level 10 Titan Weapon/Fiery Aura Brute parked in Outbreak. Yup. Level 10, in the Blueside Outbreak Tutorial Zone. And Grim Isolator is here to help you earn your Isolator Badge lickity-split! All them AoEs work wonders, especially against enemies con'ing 9 levels lower. On my @TemporalVileTerror account, I have Temporal Taxi, an Illusion Control/Time Manipulation Controller who has Recall Friend and Grant Invisibility. Do you have any Exploration Badges you want for a lowbie, or maybe a lazy high level character? Need to get to that damnable Mother of Mercy Hospital in First Ward for your Psychology education? Temporal Taxi is here to help! In either case, it's better to reach out to me on my main account: @VileTerror We can schedule a time and hopefully get you what you need with minimal wait time.
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