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  1. Here's the thing....I am not one to tell ANYONE how they should play a set, but what initially drew me to making a dominator was how underutilized it was by players imo. When I see builds very few people think outside the box. They pick doms/trollers they think holds and crowd control which is what they are designed for. The beauty of this game has always been making something DO something its not supposed to. I slot for defense not holds which is a sin to some, I slot for resistance, I use holds and confuse to avoid streak breaker not to stop enemies. Its not for everyone but if I listened to the forum majority I would never have discovered its greatness. I see doms (depending on the set and skill level of the player) as potentially a cross between brutes and blasters if you get out of the hold em and blast mindset. Many here will tell you "just make a brute if you want to do x" or "make a blaster if you want to do y" why do that when you can do both with a dom? I farm faster than all but 1% of elite farmers so why do I need to make a brute to farm? If you get out of the mindset that x set does x thing you can find some gold and truly unique gameplay that can't be matched. I farm with a plant/fire dom.....I farm FASTER with a plant/rad, I have made a dark/energy dom and even farmed with that (albeit slower). Yes you need some skill to do this moreso than just making a brute, but the idea that something "shouldn't or can't" be done cause its not designed that way is crazy pants to me. If you can do it then why not do it? You have to change how you build and look at AT's to do unique things.
  2. That is a great time! Mitigation is the key with squishy farming and as you said plant has loads of it.
  3. I finally tweaked build and farm technique to get me to 3:30 to 4:00 clear speed in the big dogs farm AE #6126 +4x8. As of today I am on Excelsior (but usually on Everlasting) running free farms in lfg. Look me up I would love to see some of your builds in action.
  4. No problem....I give out free farms all across the servers a few times a day. I appreciate the feedback you guys have given. For those that commented I would love to see your dom in action. Let me know what server your on and I will come pay you a visit.
  5. If your on Everlasting that was probably me....if not I would love to meet them 🙂
  6. I probably have only met a handful of Dom farmers.....was curious who else is out there. I travel around all the servers and teamed with a few. If your farming what sets are you using?
  7. He is new to all the IO's and Mids Hjarki so thank you for giving him some good info. Work on your def more and try to improve your recharge. You don't have to go crazy just get a reasonable amount.
  8. If you want to see a corruptor doing AE farms my toon name is Ebony Rune....I bounce from server to server but play mostly on Excelsior.....Look me up. Fire/Time and I run fire/smash lethal or whatever really. For speed I do +3 x 8, but I can handle +4 x 8. It certainly a skill more than a type of build thing, but I learned how to farm on squishes so I enjoy doing that.
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