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  1. I like Storm/WB for high end content, especially in teams. You're a force of nature with AoE's and as long as you have KB-->KD slotted you're golden.
  2. Yikes. I don't mean to propagate that sort of mentality. I know the comment wasnt specifically aimed at me, but I was speaking to how a lot of people (myself included) found the IO system complex and intimidating at first. It would be nice to see them as rare full enhancement drops at a slightly lower chance than recipes to increase familiarity with the system. I think its just fine to ignore IOs, myself. As a person who does now like using them, I dont like having to farm for hours on end to get the money to buy/make them at the exorbitant prices they go for on the AH. I just think that adding IOs of any tier as enemy drops or mission rewards would go a long way to keep people from congregating in the AE all the time.
  3. Recipes are more of a pain in the ass than they are worth and I would say that is why some players don't mess with IO's. If you just dropped the enhancement as loot instead of the recipe, you'd see a lot more adoption of the system. That's not to say recipes shouldn't drop, but I would add an even smaller chance for the whole enhancement to drop instead.
  4. Counter-argument: Don't do away with SO's and just add functionality to make IO's of appropriate level have a small chance to drop off of enemies/completed arcs. So what if some players don't want to use them? They'd then have a choice and I imagine that a slow drip of naturally-occurring IO drops would convert some SO-exclusive players. Just a thought.
  5. You got a pine's build for your fire/atom? What epics? Just curious. I have one and love it, but like to see what others are doing with the build.
  6. Yeah Im at work right now but I will shoot you over a mids file when I get home.
  7. If you build it right you can use a Kat/WP scrapper to do the S&L version of the fire farm. I do with no problem.
  8. Could just be frivolous, but I think Ice Control could use some work. It feels super weak compared to other control sets and the sleep effect on flash freeze feels out of place for the set. It makes more sense to put glacier's effects as a targeted AoE and turn flash freeze into the pbaoe effect. Just thoughts.
  9. I have an Ice/Storm up to 48 right now. The early levels were a nightmare of endurance management but has since leveled out with proper enhancement selection. Storm really shores up the anemic damage of ice and both have nice soft control options that you can deploy while you wait for your hard holds to recharge. That, and once you get the 1-2-3 punch of Jack Frost, Tornado, and Lightning Storm you create a beautiful, deadly mess on the battlefield. Just make sure you invest lavishly in KB>KD IO's if you take this route. Frostbite goes a long way to limit the KB, but there will be times when it is on recharge and you'll want your tornado/lightning storm/gale to not piss off your teammates. Just my two cents. That said, it's still a build in progress and I'm happy to take suggestions.
  10. I have a grav/rad controller and I second this. I don't exactly do a ton of damage, but I literally dictate the battle as long as an AV isn't around.
  11. I'm just looking for a decent build. I dont have experience storm or ice and thought it would be a fun departure from my usual types of toons. I will probably do a mix of solo/team play.
  12. This must have been recently fixed because I have KB>KD on my grav/rad's propel and it knocks everything affected down.
  13. Id argue that gravity has excellent control options and a modest ability to dole out damage. In my opinion it's not fire, but I've had no problem holding a room down with my grav/rad.
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