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  1. No worries, just trying to remind people. The team goes down so many rabbit holes on a daily basis that there's no way we can keep track of everything going on 😅
  2. Thank you for telling us, we'll add it to the list. We can't fix what we don't know is broken! 😛
  3. Thankfully Crysis let us know about this. We had no idea. Please, if you find errors like this in Mids, let us know directly somehow! We can't fix what we aren't aware of! 😛
  4. We have had several issues with the updater in the past, yes. We went through a couple different iterations of it, trying to get new functions to operate correctly with the old code. This latest iteration seems to work just fine, however we have told people in the past to do a fresh install from the website if they're having problems. So I'm going to tell you the same thing. Please fully uninstall Mids from the Windows Settings > Apps & Features screen, and then install a completely fresh copy from the website. If you're still having issues with future updates with this fres
  5. Unfortunately we've been having to deal with this on most updates due to the application not being signed. We implemented features in the newer version that are typical in high-profile applications (internet connectivity, ability to self-update, modify the system registry, etc), but because we don't have a valid recognized signature submitted to anti-viral/-malware companies, we get flagged as a threat until they "pass" us. That's why on our Discord I supply links to VirusTotal scans that show we aren't doing anything shady, and the project's been open source since Metalios got his hands on it
  6. That's specifically for the Mac link, it looks like. Here's two more Mac OS X sources. I'll see if Metalios will update the first post. Homebrew (OSX): formulae.brew.sh/formula/winetricks MacPorts (OSX): macports.org/ports.php?by=name&substr=winetricks The first option, Brew, is probably going to be the best for most people.
  7. Given the bias at the moment, and how the strict level-up mode makes other feature implementations difficult, there's a fair chance it'll be stripped out in an upcoming update. I think Metalios has been looking for an excuse anyway. 😛
  8. It's in Page 6. Oh lord Jimmy, and here I was giving the MRB team grief about potentially letting cats out of bags. 😛
  9. I believe what happens now is the powers are automatically taken out of the selected powers list and put down in the inherents, so it leaves you with X number of empty powers and refunds the enhancement slots to fill in said build. So yeah, no need to have the powerset selectable.
  10. I haven't watched it myself. Does it have any video captured in-game? If it's just from Mids, that ban wouldn't apply. @Vayek, want to edit your thread title to include [INFO] at the beginning, like what I have for Derek's guide?
  11. What antivirus are you using, and do you have the actual report available? Also, are you downloading the installer or the zip package? We've had false flags come up before, but I believe they were only on the installer version itself. That's not uncommon for installers. The program's code itself is up on GitHub, so if you're super concerned you can always build the program yourself! For the links in main thread, scanned by the VirusTotal suite: 64-bit: Installer 64-bit: Zip Archive 32-bit: Installer 32-bit: Zip Archive Only the 32-bit Installer seems t
  12. Not without counting them yourself in the Sets & Bonuses window, no. We don't have that form of a summary or itemized list at all.
  13. Depends on how old the character is. That's an error that usually happens when you load a character that was built before Fitness was changed from a pool to inherent.
  14. While developing Mids, we're always looking for ways to implement new features, improve functionality, trim the fat, and other such buzz words. One of the things we're judging right now are the two build modes. Having two seems superfluous, and the functionality required for the Level-Up mode in particular causes limitations that are difficult to work around to implement other features (such as being able to create respec-friendly builds). So, the Reborn Team's curious. What build mode(s) does everyone use? Do you prefer the flexibility of Dynamic mode, the structure of
  15. The Pet View button (as well as the pet "inherents" that pop up at the bottom of the main window) will show you any base defense or resistance stats that come from the pets' passives, and that's only if the passive effects have display priority, which you probably noticed. Unfortunately we don't have a way to display pet entity totals at this time, just their effects. Accessing these effects, calculating them, and displaying them somewhere for an entity other than the player would likely take a fairly large amount of restructuring that's probably not going to happen in Mids. However, we hop
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