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  1. Slow ET is better than everything besides gloom and fast ET DPA wise even when you include procs (when I've built it). I was just roughly guessing the length of ET -> EP -> Gloom -> BS -> EP and assuming TFs cooldown time from that. Closer to 6-7 with arcana time like you said. But adding a 2nd ET to that chain would make the time between TF closer to 10s and also mean you use fast ET and gloom less. Gloom is especially high DPA with procs so it's normally a net loss to not hit it on cooldown. I'm just speculating on what he's thinking because I tried to heavily proc EM before deciding it wasn't worth it. It's so powerful already I just use the attack chain you mentioned at first: TF>ET>BS>Gloom>ET.
  2. I'm guessing that on his build TF is recharging somewhere around 5s so his chain is constructed to fill that time window. If he added in an additional (slow) energy transfer it would stretch out the length of the chain and delay the next TF and lessen the overall frequency of quick ETs and gloom.
  3. Invuln has great synergy with it like dark. It makes it fairly easy to reach soft cap.
  4. I'm obsessed with mids building and yet sentinels are one of my most played ATs. I love turning them into tankmages. They might not win out on a single metric against other ATs, but the well rounded nature of them is satisfying to number crunch for in it's own way. I like their implementation because they don't overshadow the existing ATs.
  5. It might just be the resolution you play at as well. The power icons lose some detail when they are upscaled.
  6. That's exactly the attack chain I've settled on with my EM tanker right down to hitting build up after TF. It's really fun when you get a team with enough recharge buffs that you can outright skip over the slow ET.
  7. Thank you for looking into it. That makes sense. Hopefully it can get fixed in the future.
  8. The critical rate of zapp is not affected by the boost from the critical strike proc. It increases the crit rate normally for other epic attacks that I've tested (ball lightning, moonbeam, fireball, etc) but zapp is unaffected by the crit boost.
  9. Played since a couple months after launch and it's never been in game since I've played.
  10. Your powers stop recharging during loading but the time counter for the task force keeps going.
  11. You can also toggle walk on and off to fix it. You'll have to retoggle but it seems to reset the level shift bug.
  12. Not having alpha slotted gives you a -4 level shift debuff. So all the enemies would be +8. Lore and destiny shifts have no affect on either TF.
  13. They are now half magnititude and my survivability is lower
  14. I've seen several builds with damage procs in DNA siphon posted. There's often a better place to run fury proc in my primary set. It's only useful as an opener since it will hit dead targets. I prefer rad's 2 proc bomb powers instead.
  15. I'd like to see this. We already have a precedent for it with the Winter's Gift unique that gives 20% recharge debuff/slow resist. The % might have to be balanced differently for each category of debuff but it could open a lot of options for building.
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