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  1. My bad. I didn't see what suggestions you had made and jumped the gun assuming you wanted direct nerfs. I agree with your idea.
  2. Well that's just misrepresenting things. An ITF with a level 50 on the team is no longer level 35 content. You want the entire system overhauled to solve a personal problem. Ask the people on your team to not use incarnates and see how it goes? If they don't comply then the last thing you should do is force them. Start your own team
  3. Incarnate powers are disabled if you exemp below 45. How can they be affecting level 35-44 content?
  4. If it ain't broke don't fix it. There's no need to radically overhaul basic mechanics.
  5. Will this improve the performance of the opportunity proc in power with a recharge over 20 seconds or reduce it? I haven't paid too much attention to the proc rate previously
  6. I tried what you said and couldn't find anyone that wanted to make the game grindier.
  7. You have way more slots when you exemp. It would make you way more powerful than a lowbie with a few slots and full value SOs. Not saying it couldn't be done but I can see why they would leave in scaling.
  8. I think psi/sonic would be a great combo. When psi blast was ported to blasters some of the numbers were tweaked and it's a really high performing set. TK blast hits way harder than the defender/corruptor version even after accounting for AT modifiers.
  9. Please keep feedback on topic as it's been repeatedly requested. This is a thread for players to leave their opinions for developers, not for you to make flippant and disrespectful remarks.
  10. I didn't realize that was you. Glad I could help out again. It's not necessary to slot the KB to KD since they only do knockdown to even cons and higher already. FF procs are a good option in those powers if you have an odd slot to spare and want a recharge boost.
  11. To me the bread and butter attack chain for single target damage with war mace is Jawbreaker>Clobber>Shatter. Simple and effective. I'd highly recommend moving the critical strikes set over to one of those attacks (I prefer jawbreaker so that clobber and shatter end up critting more) so that it fires off when you are focusing on single target damage. I'd also try to make room for Fury of the gladiator: Chance for -res in shatter. It makes a nice difference against stuff with a big HP pool like AVs. Running moonbeam is a perfectly viable choice, and if you go to the tailor you can disable the redraw animation for mace in the power customization options. Shadow meld is bios best friend. Out of the box its normally enough defense to soft cap you to s/l defense (alongside pool powers and glad/steadfast uniques) so that you don't get ruined by defense debuffs during the alpha strike. The animation is long but you should be firing it off when moving between groups rather than in the middle of combat. Bio has no defense debuff resistance and it's a mix of defense and resistance, so it's particularly weak against defense debuffs. I wouldn't worry about the psi gap. Get into the habit of using ablative carapace and shadow meld when moving between groups. Neither of them root you so you can use them while moving. You should be able to tank any kind of alpha strike long enough to start a murder spree. You definitely want to slot out ablative more. It's one of the best survival tools you've got. I like to slot 6 preventative medicine, but just make sure to get more heal and recharge in it.
  12. on my proc focused builds I often slot 5 procs and 1 50+5 purple damage IO (for +66% damage). If you run musculature as well then that puts you at 110% +damage enhancement. That requires getting enough tohit and accuracy bonuses elsewhere to ignore accuracy slotting though.
  13. You're using a power with a base recharge of 20 seconds. Now that's being disingenuous. So you think procs should be adjusted because you don't want to use them? It didn't affect your build to learn of another option.
  14. Even in your example you are making sacrifices in order to slot procs. 3 eradications with 1 being a proc isn't going to give good enhancement values for acc/dam/end. And if you fill the rest of the power up with procs then you're only getting 2 set bonuses as opposed to 5. And before you start name calling I'm not being "disingenuous". There's plenty of instances where you can slot recharge in a power without lowering the proc chance. I often skip out on a proc in order to slot more recharge on a long cooldown attack.
  15. It depends on the power. You are vastly oversimplifying it. You also sacrifice accuracy, endurance, and recharge slotting alongside set bonuses.
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