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  1. The problem with this idea/approach is it makes end sapping foes become significant in that they are the ultimate counter to the ultimate power. Not only that but again this one size fits all approach dismisses current players that enjoy the current approach. I for one on SR users focus on global recharge in the extreme. So much so that Eludes now time ends up less then the time of a phase shift, allowing me to safely back out of combat till elude recharges. This becomes true perma elude when I team with any of my many global friends who main kins( and yes I buddy up with kins because I am a speed junkie;)) To change all T9s as your faction wish dismiss people like me and our current play preferences, simply because you want easy no thinking toggles that do all that you need and have a easy on/off switch rather then require abit of attention be paid to more then the enemy health bar during a fight. The challenge/complexity/difficulty of coh really stems from having 3/6/9 power trays open, in the watching, activating, timing, and over all management of your character during the most stressful conditions. So when I see people start wanting mindless toggles to replace clicks that demand timing and attention I shift into thumbs down mode. And taht it seems is what this thread really is about, wanting uniform, easy to manage use toggle super defense modes. And what about khelds and specifically PB hm? They can get perma end light form already and yet are really arleady in dire need of buffing simply because between blaster sustains, sentinels, and hell even tankers getting their dps upped abit, poor PBs really are feeling left out and indirectly nerfed over and over. As your pro buff faction has even admitted. There is virtually no need to do this for scrappers/tanks/brutes/stalkers because their performance all already are among the top ATs of the game. They simply do not need broad sweeping buffs to the AT as a whole. Yes certain powers, and certain power sets could use tweaking, and consideration for buffs when compared to modern sets. But those buffs should be subtle, tactful, and not radical changes that alter the power at a conceptual level less there is truly good reason to. scrappers, stalkers, and brutes are among my most played ATs on live and now. And I am truly, utterly, vehemently opposed to just about every idea suggested here as described. I love these ATs, and how they work just damn fine as is and consider many already almost game breakingly OP inherently. I find the desire of others to take away what is, and works damn well for those who know the system, in the selfish quest of making a system that for them is easier to use,or something, loathsome. I like how while leveling we use the toggles, but at 38 can respec, dropping many, instead grabbing more fun flavorful, and utility powers to help allies, because now we can let the heavy lifting power carry the load. I doubt my current very fun PB for example could even remotely resemble his currently build if light form was turned into a toggle and I needed all the other toggles to for layers or whatever. I love my regen and how it currently functions though I seem to be one of the few old school regeners that loved the changes back in the day.Id hate to see any of its powers changed beyond number tweaks at most. I love ninjitsu, and will power, and bio, and fire armor, and energy armor, and elec armor, all off the top of my head just damn fine as is. On a number of ATs. I will admit Ive never beena big fan of aura sets that obscure my characters visuals too much so I tend to favor sets with less visual impact but thats an aesthetics thing. So let me ask you all who want change. How do you change them in a way that does not impact or ruin a current build for someone who loves how they currently work/play? Because right now all your suggestions/changes seem to assume no one likes the current stuff as is and you can just throw out the bathwater without looking for a baby.
  2. The fact I need to explain to you what I mean says a lot about you and not very good things. Any class in any game that is built around stealth, from D&D rogues,assassins, and shadow dancers, to scouts in tactical squad games like x com, are not defined as front line warrior types. Yes they can and will engage foes often in the most close of quarters. Now its true some changes to stalkers over the years gave them better survival and moved more towards the warrior aspect, but in no game is a class that is about hit and run, stealth tactical play ranked as a front line warrior as DPS dealers who dont have stealth and aggro shedding tools built in. Maybe you are unaware that it was using stalkers and their own survival aspects as the wedge to drive open the door on blaster survival powers? That its because stalker was the red side counter part to blasters( glass cannon DPS) that lead to the bloody sameness of ATs and power sets. Yeah a stalker can kinda scrap now days, and hell sent was basically pointless to put in the game between modern blaster sustains and their tried and trusted dps. As for your prediction my point was to point out true or not is not relevant nor a reason to change old power sets just because. HC and its team is basically a fan fic server atm. maybe should they ever succeed with their goals with NC soft this will be coh reborn, but for now its coh fanmode. Sure HC team can make and do whatever they want, we are not even customers they have to have some accountability to. And yeah so far it seems like HC team stuff tends to be on the OP side of the spectrum at least a tad. But and this is as far as I care the only point that will ever matter in buff discussions. Does the power set need the buff? Is Elec armor so gimp no one uses it? As long as it gets used, as long as it holds its own in content, then it simply is imo a non issue that does not warrant any action, attention, nor time by the volunteer dev team.
  3. Uhm Heal, Resist, Absorb are not stats. They are aspects. Some sets have all 3 some dont. In free form build games like Champions or DDO. In DDO during the BYOH or bring your own heal movement some years ago, it got labeled the new trinity of self sustain. Mitigation, negation,recovery. One could state yes the best tanker primary sets have all 3 so they dont need support, but just because there is a clear meta advantage does not mean all things must be built in the shadow of that meta. And you are no master Yoda so leave the Farsight to the star wars games k? Who knows what the HC team will make, but they are not the true devs, what they make is at best fan fiction, so yeah I wont be surprised if it tends to be abit more what a player wants rather than what a dev thinks is balanced. Doesnt mean we need to roid rage up every old beloved set because well the game dif isnt going up, no need to refit the old sets till they do choose to up the abseline dif. Scrappers, and sents are more front line fighter types then a stalker and frankly the sent didnt need it, as they should be hover blasting still. Not all ninja train in the same clan, maybe stalker style ninja just dont care about stable footing so much as about always dancing on their tip toes among caltrops and in smoke clouds? Flash clearly is not a practiced brawler. like superman and other meta their combat power is far more from their raw power than actual ability. This is why the X Men make every new recruit go on survival and boot cmap combat training with wolverine. Colossus beat many stronger meta because unlike them he is also a highly skilled wrestler in the classic Russian style. SR also reps heroes like Spider Man, who even when hit hard almost always catlike lands on his feet and where he wants to land typically not wherever the foe was trying to throw him to. You basically want a power buffed up just because you dont want to bother with an IO, hover, or something? Really this position is just baffling to me when most I know in game with an elec armor user consider it among their best defensive characters. When something is good, why does it need to be made better?
  4. While ive never watched the anime referenced i totally got the gist of what they were saying i think. dating back to 2nd edition D&D and the optional Skills and Powers rules, the idea of taking flaws to add further bonuses to a character or specific abilities/spells. Its how in most of the Hero based PNP systems you create something akin to superman. You take a power, flight, attach a flaw that disables it like a rare element, something not common but accessible to those in the know roughly a mid tier flaw. But when you take that flaw over and over, for every power, some very cheap so the flaw actually pays for the power and gives back points, a creative and skilled character builder will be able to have power with no rival but with the risk of a single magic bullet being able to take them down. CoH did try this with the Kheldians and Quantum energy,but Khelds really dont get enough extra power to feel special, and Qs tend to just get stealth insta killed now days. Almost every PB I know said they used invis while leveling to negate the threat of Qs such as it is.
  5. The blaster sustain wasnt the product of some random braod brush. It was the product of players like me using drain psyche and even the heal pool to make atypical blasters that could self sustain and then campaigned on the forums that blasters as a warrior AT deserved some self sustain in more sets in some form. And each 2ndarys self sustain we did get was pretty personalized.
  6. Id take it one step further and make regen unique in having no animations or cast times on its click powers. Instant cast.
  7. Was about to say this myself if no one else did. There was another thread recently basically pushing for all power sets in an AT to be carbon copy with different energy flavor so sets had Balance. Well Im a big stalker player, and have always championed Ninjitsu 2ndary as the best stalker 2ndary due to its 2nd and nice pbaoe placate. Nowadays that 2nd placate, or placate in general as others have pointed out is more for the old timers like me, most now really push the fast ATo fueled scrappy stalker approach, and its not hard to slip into, that ATO really works. However on my very flavor made very mortal humancentric batman homage the Black Flying Fox, that pbaoe placate is a vital tool in keeping enemies off balance. So OP if having this specific tool is really a need for your play style, play the set that fits your playstyle rather then trying to water down a sets most unique tool.
  8. Well to be fair you are also talking about wildly different eras in the games development when your talking Gold Side and its fairly decent selection of options in branching arcs and options for the role players like us was made in the games final days, showing off as many of the tricks, sharpest graphics etc that the devs had to use. Meanwhile the VEAT patron arcs were made way way way back in the earliest days of red side. Red side was still under the control of Jack E back then. And he was pretty heavy handed with the hero side stuff, the red side was just gonna be that much worse. When i play redside I tend to do very little content and do a lot of street sweeping and random paper mishes. SFs when they suit my characters. Or AE arcs. I do this because to actually embrace the real red side content, you either need to go full arachnos lackey, or full arachnos mind slave that will eventually shake free of the programming and go rogue. Thats really the only 2 flavors of origin in rogue isle we got that make sense with most of the content you will be able to do. I did a Sky Raider that was deep undercover spying on Arachnos once which kinda worked ok. But yeah over all red side writing is heavy handed in the extreme. Gold Side wasnt perfect but I myself am sad we never got to see that approach taken in revamped old zones blue side. I had hoped we would eventual of gotten a revamped galaxy city start that would branch to other revamped areas and use a more complex story branching system akin to gold side even if it could only be hero/vig. Though Id of voted to see more co op zones or give up on the needless division of red and blue access anyways since it wouldnt matter in non pvp zones.
  9. This position is why I find your position hyperbolic. As has been spelled out in this and other threads all beating on the old horse of global recharge, Plenty of sets simply do not benefit enough from global recharge to make it the optimal set bonus focus to invest in. A very simple example is Regen vs. Willpower on scrappers. Regen is going to be best off imo with a primary focus of global recharge in its set bonuses. Will power as a toggle heavy set has no reason to really want Hasten at the cost of other set options. Same can be said of any one with enough attack powers that make hasten needed for a good chain redundant. Yes there are plenty of by design very click heavy builds that leverage recharge bonuses. Its not any different then a squishy AT using sets and pools to be tanky enough to offset their inherent flaw enough to go outside the box. Finally I really do not think toggle hasten is ever gonna be a good idea. imo it simply rewards the worst kind of player the most, those wanting hasten plus other powers they prefer to leave on auto. Actions per minute and managing them alongside cooldowns etc are all part of active game play. ! power being made to be auto is the cap for a reason, and wanting to sneak in ways to remove a common lazy player complaint makes me find this whole thread whiffing of something unpleasant.
  10. This is an issue with all sorts of shades of grey folks, but I think in general we know well enough when it comes to homage/parody/outright copy what the line is for the most part. My homage to Bat Man, The Black Flying Fox is very batman esque in appearance and with the vast variations in outfits done in the comics my look more then likely hits close to a few. We know the intent is obvious on sight alone, but the name and look are also just off brand enough we can say yeah cool parody or homage etc and move on. As far as I know its usually a name+ costume that will bring down the generic., So if you really want to be Cobalt Champion and have a blue variant of the green lantern outfit you should be ok.
  11. I guess Ill have to spell out a few things that have not really seemed to sink in for some yet. So a CoH character that is a finely tuned lvl 50 with all the sets they want to do what they do best, with all their incarnate powers unlocked is a Completed character. The proverbial You have won the game character. All those sets, thats like having BiS rarest of the rare raid loot in an MMO like WoW. When you have all that the only time a game has challenge is whena new level cap and raid comes out, and your BiS gear is instantly inferior to the common new gear a few levels up. We here at CoH I am pretty sure hate that constant goal post shift in finishing our toons. The altaholic nature of this game and HCs making them much easier to complete seem to be very on the nose with what most of us playing here want. Now look at how Live approached incarnates. Each new slot had new trials that forced and funneled players together into content many did not really want to do. HC team has done away with that. Even if they add new incarnate powers for the missing slots, it seems unlikely even if they add new trials with them, that they will be a requirement, and thus only large team minded players are likely to bother with them, so that then leads to would it be worth the time to even make that content for our volunteer team for a population small enough very few would even engage with that content. Accept that when your characters are done they are the bloody best of the best, a team of such heroes should make doing the day saving a walk in the park. We are the bloody JLA at that point not year one X Men, not the bloody Doom Patrol. Content is for leveling, the content for above that truly optional ITrials that lets face it few of us bother with on HC and only did on Live because it was a must.
  12. Actually we have a great many more difficulty modes. Did you not notice the 1-8 and -1to +4 scale slider? Or that its a simple fact that some ATs by design will always have an easier time due to being front line dps dealers rather then support and CC? Or that we as players have great control over how challenged we want by choosing if we want to invest heavily in a build, or just by deciding to value you flavor more then META when choosing powers? Being OP in CoH isnt even really a thing, Its just being a cosmic class build vs a street soldier build which is ideal for a game in the comic genre. There is a reason some choose not to even slot incarnate abilities on certain characters even if they run post 50 content heavily like the shard TFs, ITF, or LGTF alongside incarnate friends. Because they value the ability to be able to create the character they want rather then feel forced into even the incarnate system and the very limited content out there only for them. When Batman and Superman team up, there is no equality in their power scale. In fact Kal El even on a intellectual level surpasses mere mortal Bruce Wayne because a kryptonian has a photographic memory with perfect recall, and can read the entire works of human history in less time then it takes Alfred to make Bruce a cuppa. Superman literally role plays an idiot to not make the entire JL feel pointless. Something I frankly can relate to in CoH on teams even with my mere mortal Batman homage just because well, people are gonna be people, and many people are not all that effective at attack rotations, managing different clicks and their cooldowns etc. As I said before you would have to ban players like me outright if the goal is to reduce the peak down to a hill everyone can reach. Because people like me will just build a tower out of the corpses of our foes and remain above the masses. "Take my love, take my land, take me where I can not stand. Burn the land and boil the sea, but you wont take the sky from me!"
  13. Hell at that point they may as well ban players like me because even on my gimp builds made for flavor concept reasons there tends to be a large gulf between me and most of those on my teams. If the issue is power gap sometimes its a behind the keyboard issue more then anything else ime.
  14. Synapse exemps one to lvl 20, taht means attuned LOTGs will still work due to the 5 level grace. Purple sets work no matter how low you exemp. One can grab the recharge bonus of 20% from base empowerment to help fill any loss. I do not lose my perma drain psyche because of such things at that level and love running synapse. Not every build is good for exemping but blasters and doms ime do damn fine exemped down pretty low as do stalkers( fyi synapse is very easy to solo on all sorts of stalkers. Bring the right tool for the right job I say. Sands of mu and a staff plus plasmatic taser are all handy tools when exemping low to help augment dps. Also grenades, lots of grenades.
  15. Let me ask a question of the anti hasten/anti global recharge faction members. What is the end result your hoping to see as the outcome should your wants come to pass? Do you want to see all powers that are able to be permafied no longer able to be? Do you want those powers recharges shortened so hasten/global recharge isnt needed to perma them? Do you want offensive powers like nukes able to be used less often, indirectly buffing judgement in end game play as rotating between them would become far more common place to compensate for the lack of nuking from the ATs like blaster which would suffer a huge loss in dps not being able to nuke in the 30ish second range? What about the support powers like healing and buffing? Describe the game play you are trying to see come to pass as clearly and detailed as you can please. For example is your desire to see players being able to with a heavy investment in their build no longer able to solo +4X8, and make teaming more a must, and for teams to be forced to stick tightly together at all times during group play rather then being able to spread out and finish objectives more timely by dividing up.
  16. Which again is way to like the brute fury mechanci, one I personally loathe and why I favor scrappers and stalkers over brutes by a large margin. How dom works is just bloody fine in my book. Like every AT a low end inf build functions but can struggle. A fine tuned bruce wayne inf build will as it rightly should utterly dominate. HC has made it so very easy to deck out a build, those who continue to act like getting the inf to get 5 purple sets and all the rare sets and specials because they are too much an altaholic and cant be bothered to just perfect a toon before moving on are not going to get a lot of sympathy. High end recharge builds give up high end soft def or dmg res set focuses in a fair give and take. The less valued global recharge becomes if demands to make it not as needed to achieve the effects its favored for or neutering those effects in general mean people will just gravtitate towards those other focuses. If for example perma dom either goes away, or becomes easy to get without set bonuses then it leads to soft def being the set focus priority.
  17. Im sorry but why on earth shoulda sent even come close to a blaster or offender in terms of DPS. They are more like ranged scrappers. That is the AT they should be most directly held up against outside of PBs who are the most obvious counterpart as the old tank mage AT. Offenders are a special kind of thing and are not a standard but a outlier. Outliers are not the measure by which balance should be discussed. And blasters should and stalkers are the DPS kings and should pretty much have no one else even remotely close to them in blasters for aoe, and ranged ST, adn stalkers for melee ST obviously. These re the king of the hill ATs for DPS and everyone else should be down the hill closer to the base then the peak. Sents have more then enough DPS to easily and rapidly clear base line dif at cap. A well developed one can easily handle high end dif scaling solo. Mine would regularly take alt paths solo in tf mishes to speed them up because X8 groups posed no threat to him and died plenty fast. If people are struggling to make a good sent well I shudder to think what a scrapper or blaster performs like in their hands. Go makea dark/regen or dark/bio and fine tune it and get back to me that its just too gimpy and in dire need of buffing.
  18. Uhm this sounds like you actually do not know D&D all taht well nor the history of ranger and the favored enemy aspect. In the earliest era ranger was a specialized class that demanded above average ability scores and a commitment to the ranger code( if one played in the original setting greyhawk this was the ranger knights of gnarly wood) which meant good alignment. Giant kind at that time included a very large variety of common to encounter monsters. Everything from little Kobolds( in that era the small cousins of the giant kin Gnolls) up to and inlcuding Titans, with all sorts like ogre, minotaur, half breeds, and in fact any one even normal humans of 7 feet or greater in height counted as giant kin for the bonus. And the bonus was not really part of their total power. A rangers two weapon fighting alone in that era meant they tended to out dps every other class. Then came 2nd ed, Rangers still got kits, could choose from standard generic fighter kits, or specialized ranger kits including justicar which gave them access to weapon specialization making them in ever aspect better then the common fighter. Then came skills and powers, now rangers could dip into other warrior classes. I had one that was the son of a paladin and had spent points to get a paladins special mount and holy sword access on top of being a lawful good ranger justicar who was specialized in his chosen weapon. Then came 3E, now rangers were just a common class with no special stat demands, and in fact if evil could pick their own race as a favored enemy. 3E+ was based around the idea of absolute player control of their character, and to be tailored to the campaign setting. With prestige classes etc all being outlined before players even making the character. So if it was an undead heavy campagn for example the ranger obviously would take favored enemy undead, and likely build for the feat that let them be able to crit undead because that is how 3E was designed. never touched 4 E or later so cant input on those later eds. But no a rangers favored enemy was not really ever a major factor in their class power balance. as in 1st and 2nd a ranger was out and out meant to be better then a commoner class like fighter. And in 3rd like all characters was meant to be fine tuned for the specific setting and campaign the DM planned to run before dice ever got rolled for stats if RNG stats even got sued as in 3E+ stat point allocation became the mainstream in RPGA run games. Nice try bub but I am a true old school D&D nerd hell Id even dare say a scholar of D&D and you trying to reference ranger just falls flat imo.
  19. My main dom is named bella kiss, he is my main red sider and based on a monsterous serial killer from history. He is a mind control/martial assault dom. I would argue that such a psychology as he is meant to represent as a true villain is very much in line with being able to patiently away unleashing oneself when the time is most opportune, but also being always at the read so as to never be caught unprepared( look up obsolete oddity's channel on youtube and his episode on bella kiss which should explain exactly what I mean here)). You are basically saying here that how you think the concept is, is the only right way to view it from an RP concept and frankly I strongly disagree.
  20. stalkers ATO sets and the ability to re-enter hide status is a far bigger perk then perma dom, as it can let a Stalker often 3 or 4 hit even a EB that often otherwise challenges entire teams. From Frostfire onward a stalker with the ATO sets basically has zero issue with anything short of larger then baseline groups or anything less then AVs. Even with perma dom a dom cant lock down an EB or AV with ease or rapidly solo murder the clockwork king at level on a synapse like a stalker can.
  21. But its not a uniquely huge binary. A mental 2ndary blaster with perma drain psyche vs a low recharge build is a huge gap in sustainability. a perma light form PB is hugely different then a pure SO PB. Your basically here trying to say that the baseline and the meta should not have much if any of a gap. You do not need perma domg to solo +0X1 dif. That is the baseline a AT needs to be able to solo while leveling to be viable. That is it. They dont need to be able to solo lockdown an AV, they dont need to eb able to be the single CC toon on an LGTF. That is the perk and the reason to pursue the high end IO set builds. It is easier then ever for people to achieve this, those that dont are frankly imo lazy, not merely casual, but out and out lazy and can simply not be bothered to learn the how of using IO sets. We all amass plenty of merits via normal content play to build up basic sets with plenty of recharge to get perma hasten and perma dom. LOTG specials are not even a must in such a pursuit, just one of the easier big chunks. Somone at 50 can easily build up to 5 purple sets for 50%, fit in other sets for between 5 and 8 % more per set while not hurting their powers in any way, if perma whatever is a goal they care about. IMO its usually those who want soft cap defenses and high dmg res in addition to perma whatever that chafe the most, as typically the big def set boosts are not the same as the recharge sets. If you got your way all that would lead to is making it a bigger no brainer to get soft cap def without giving up the perk of perma whatever.
  22. MY PB nukes, only bosses are standing, LTs are near death, and its clean up time for the scrappers and stalkers while I move on. Minions all die in the blast bosses barely get moved, maybe a few LTs need to be run downa few feet. Anti KBers are very quickly put on ignore and never get into my TF runs again. Its good to be the leader.
  23. Yeah, and wouldnt that just lesson us as a community? Just like taking away the joy of winning a CC and getting a nice reward of inf or a purple set that we as a community have long done?
  24. Hell sometimes when I get a purple I dont need, I just straight up do a looky loo around Atlas and if I see a lowbie with a bio that I like I reward them with a drive by gift they likely wont even have a clue where it came from. Its fun being a secret Santa.
  25. Bro the proper response is "Karate is for defense Daniel-San!"
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