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  1. Yeah. There seem to be huge inflation spikes during the weekend. I was buying "Brass" for about 500 each ... a few minutes later the search shows that the last few "Brass" went for 10.000 inf. So I tried and listed some of mine for 9,500 inf and they sold immediately. An hour later they were back at 770 inf each.
  2. What makes CoH stand out besides the amazing community is that queuing abilities, ragdoll physix and flashy effects make a rather slow paced combat system feel immersive, engaging and fast paced.
  3. As an Earth/Storm Controller I can confirm. Tons of fun!
  4. Hier ist noch einer. Aktuell nur auf der blauen Seite unterwegs. Global: @Guffnat Chars: Moonlit Knight, Dark Crystal, Sandsturm, Newton, Zappzarapp... ähm und noch ca. 20 andere Controller und Defender im Bereich von 22-35. Laufe momentan hauptsächlich DFB, DiB, Positron und Synapse TF und Radio Missionen um herauszufinden, was mal der Main wird. ^^
  5. Arcane Bolt comes in super handy for Controllers like Earth/* that don't have a solid single target attack chain or for builds that tend to skip their single target root.
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