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  1. But the chance that someone could look the fool just for daring to respond to me would be great for my ego
  2. I don't proofread my posts because that's for nerds so I usually have to edit them afterwards to fix typos. The notices that my posts have been edited dog me like a mark of shame. Other forums I've posted on don't actually mark posts as edited until they've been up for a little while (like 15 minutes, I think?) or someone has posted after you. Any chance that could happen here, too?
  3. This is already on the Beta server, yo
  4. This is my problem with the suggestion of removing the pool limit. It's not going to result in more diverse builds, just more builds that take Fighting, Leaping, Leadership, Speed.
  5. You'd trigger a whole bunch of bombs in the final hallway.
  6. I was promised illustrations, but all I got was a bunch of numbers and math. My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.
  7. You outta your mind? 8m 20s recharge is insane for a 60-second buff!
  8. 20 million if not less, yeah. I don’t think the seed price changed.
  9. With no slotting, you still come out ahead on speed. On HC Live, Fly+Afterburner with no slots is ~72 MPH. On Brainstorm, Fly+EvM is ~78 MPH.
  10. No, you needed to slot up Afterburner and Fly, previously. I believe my numbers were a 50+5 Flight IO in Fly and 2 50+5 Flight IOs in Afterburner put you like 1-2 MPH below the absolute cap; now you can cap with just two 50+5s in Fly alone. Edit: Scratch that, you don't need to fully boost them. More testing/math needed to find exact numbers... (My characters are just gonna move a slot from Afterburner to Fly and take the 50+5 IOs I already slotted with them)
  11. I took this patch note at face value, but it doesn't seem to be true? I did a quick test on a copy character, Fly with a 50+3 Flight IO, toggled on new Afterburner, but it put me a good 10 MPH below the new flight cap (90.37 MPH, versus the actual cap of 102.27 MPH). This is the only truly bad thing I've found in this patch; Afterburner's defense is good for bugging out of a bad fight, or for Tanker Stealth, but if the defense suppresses in combat it's no good for that. Or much of anything, really, since I'm guessing it helps against, at best, one tohit roll against your charact
  12. So it's been 2 1/2 months since the sale ended, but I can still buy Winter packs for 20 million. Why are you guys still listing them so low? Leaving money on the table...
  13. See, they should've made the PvP Snipe IO force the power into *slow* mode. It's useless to force the fast mode, because the only time it would actually *do* anything - when you're not in combat and are initiating it - is the only time slow mode is good!
  14. SwitchFade did. Tigraine posted this: SwitchFade quoted that post, and responded: This is most likely placebo effect. Focused Accuracy: +5% ToHit. Build Up: +20% ToHit. 95 -25 = 70% defense left over, still enough to floor player ToHit even at even-con. If you have Gaussian's Proc in Build Up, though, Boost Up gives another 40% ToHit, so that can make an actual difference. Only for 5 seconds though.
  15. You should be immortal with 1 HP for a maximum, because the one-shot code prevents a single attack from reducing your HP below 1 if you're at 100% HP.
  16. Dull Pain will rock your socks
  17. Their MoG gives them +95% defense. Radiation Infection is only -31.25%, unless you slot it, but who does that? Even if you did slot it, and threw in Power Build Up, the PP still comes out ahead. It's an absolutely massive buff that almost no single character can negate. The only example I can think of is an */Energy Blaster that can Power Boost Aim and Build Up. (Also, Dark has no defense debuffs at all, just to clarify.) Debuffing the resistance is an even grimmer picture. It gives them 95% damage resistance, there's no "overcoming" that with the debuffs available to players. That
  18. Cool, lots of builds literally can't do it so that means they're not being punished over other builds.
  19. Man if you can go and aggro a brand new group while you’ve still got a boss from the previous group aggroed on you you’re clearly way too strong for that boss to pose any real challenge and the MoG is just wasting your time
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