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  1. Man if you think Range isn't a defense, try fighting a typical group like Cimerorans, Freakshow, Family, or Devouring Earth and see how much more quickly they can kill you in melee than at range. It doesn't make someone a liar if they say range is a defense if staying at range doesn't make you literally untouchable.
  2. There's over 10 million packs for sale now, so it looks like they're back up to 25 million each.
  3. It sounds like you're describing a Dominator, except enemies don't aggro while you use the control powers? Doesn't sound very balanced to me.
  4. Are you asking for a Power Boost-style Effect to other Absorb powers, or just to have these pool powers directly give absorb?
  5. In the past your character would have been eaten by langoliers, but they patched that out in issue 11.
  6. There's not a lot of players running out of End at 50. Plus, Spores basically just covers the cost of running about 2 standard toggles fully slotted anyway, so it's not even that powerful as an Endurance helper to begin with; Overgrowth is far more potent for that. I think Spiritual is a much stronger choice; Recharge and Healing are both things that Nature can benefit greatly from.
  7. Rularuu sentries have +100% ToHit buffs at all times.
  8. I crunched the numbers in the link in my sig, to answer exactly this sort of question. For the question in the OP, if all you have to work with is Health, Stamina, and four slots (assuming you're not including the slots they come with), the best options are, in order: Panacea Proc in Health > Performance Shifter Proc in Stamina = Miracle Unique > 50+5 End Mod IO in Stamina > Second 50+5 End Mod IO in Stamina > Numina Unique
  9. I guess the same reason you'd use Gambler's Cut instead of Flashing Steel or Smite instead of Shadow Maul.
  10. Bump for some math. Now, Rib Cracker doesn't just do damage, it's also a debuff. It does -Damage and -Resistance (the former of which I didn't even know about, which, considering I've played two StJ Brutes to 50, should tell you how effective it is). The -Resistance is 7.5% and lasts for 5 seconds, so let's calculate how much damage it could add. Suppose on a Scrapper you land Rib Cracker on a target, and then follow it up with the three strongest attacks you can land in the 5-second debuff window, which would be Crushing Uppercut, Shin Breaker and Sweeping Cross (maybe
  11. That's because Street Justice is way better on Stalkers than on any other AT, to an almost comical degree.
  12. Well I'm sorry to get all serious about this, but it's Empathy. People who ignore advice about mask-wearing, social gatherings, and travel are all making the pandemic much worse, simply because they lack empathy for the suffering of of those affected by the virus they're helping to spread. By the same token, those in positions of power who use that power to enrich themselves and their cliques rather than society as a whole are also suffering from a lack of empathy. As one Tweet put it rather succinctly:
  13. Seems like the lack of taunt helps in that case. Fewer enemies attacking you means less damage you need to mitigate. How would giving those sets taunt auras improve them if they'd now have more enemies attacking them but unchanged ability to mitigate damage?
  14. They sure aren't, only Tankers, Brutes, and Kheldians show up on that list.
  15. The hammers don't shatter, they stick around until your character leaves the weapon stance.
  16. I'm pretty sure it's because the hammers use levers to increase the force of impact. If you're going to make an argument based on "realism" I don't think you can just ignore a basic physical law like that.
  17. But we have that power. Stone Fist. It’s weaker than either mallet attack.
  18. How much time and energy does it actually take to form a mallet made of stone from your bare hands?
  19. That's not exactly a solution. You can't just write a power that somehow knows what to change about other powers, you'd still have to code the new behavior you want those powers to have, which is no more or less work than creating an entirely new power.
  20. Shock Treatment doesn't have Power Surge below level 40-ish, iirc. The most likely answer is that you fought her below that level.
  21. Yeah, that does not look like it works to me. The arm is just floating there on both models, it wouldn't look right unless you found a prop that's exactly the right height off the ground for your character. And what "exactly the right height" is will vary wildly based on your character's size and gender. I'm not surprised this hasn't been made available; I don't think it meets the quality bar.
  22. Yeah, they only put it into LRTP for the Winter Event. Otherwise you need Null to send you there.
  23. I'm not talking about the Ski Chalet in Pocket D, I'm talking about the Winter Forest.
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