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  1. I'm not talking about the Ski Chalet in Pocket D, I'm talking about the Winter Forest.
  2. Are you talking about a different one from the one you can just LRTP to?
  3. I'm really not sure what NPCs you're referring to. Other than Cyrus Thompson, with his unique chest piece, I can't think of a single fat NPC.
  4. Really, the only task regarding the natives there should be is "get them out of there." There's no future for the Shard; it's a tiny, insubstantial dimension that only continues to exist thanks to Rularuu using his power to maintain it, otherwise it would fade into the dimensional ether.
  5. In my defense, I started this thread long before Bombardment and Artillery were added.
  6. Everyone's always suggesting making Rage a toggle, you were probably just boring them
  7. I would say Bio is the only secondary that a /Bio Brute could possibly be allowed to have.
  8. I came up with a non-Build Up Rage replacement for Scrappers in this thread that went on for four pages and no one had anything at all to say about it. 😕
  9. Although, since the actual mythical Ragnarok is supposed to be preceded by Fimbulwinter (an especially cold and harsh winter), maybe make it the game's first Cold damage proc instead of Fire damage.
  10. Once you're talking about writing a new arc you've left the realm of "easy-to-add" content that this suggestion is supposed to occupy.
  11. Well the arc makes numerous references to how your character is an incarnate, and the plot doesn't really work unless your character is incarnate to boot (channeling incarnate power to some end, taking on foes that are beyond non-incarnates, etc.). There is no story way for a Praetorian who hasn't gone through the rift enclosure to become an incarnate. SCoRE removed some of the restrictions on incarnate leveling that were present on Live, making it so you don't have to be doing any specific content (all of which requires transitioning to Primal Earth), but that was purely for player convenienc
  12. With the melee set, not really. True, you lose the chance at 5% S/L defense, but you can just substitute it with 4 Kinetic Combats, for 3.75%, nearly as much and for fewer slots to boot. And you can slot up to 5 Kinetic Combats.
  13. How do you have your ST attacks slotted? Since Kinetic Combat is the go-to melee set for S/L defense, you'd have 2 slots to work with in those attacks. I usually put two Blistering Colds in those slots for the slow resist.
  14. Why does the menu have entries for badges that the wiki's apparently never heard of, like Avenger and Beta Tester?
  15. To be fair, since Blizzard does like 150 tohit checks, it gets hit by the 95% tohit cap harder than Inferno, which only usually doesn't do less damage than the info window says, and ends up doing less damage.
  16. I asked about this, the answer is that it's not super feasible. The rings hinge on there being a specific "mode" coded into the powers system for each power. For example, for fast snipes they had to code an "in-combat" mode, for Boost Range they had code a "Boost Range" mode. Every single power that you want to use the rings on has to have its own different mode coded, and that's a lot of work.
  17. I'm surprised you managed to turn them all on before you ran out of end.
  18. They might have something planned for the echoes, maybe.
  19. Yes, this mod should still work. I'm using it.
  20. That's probably what did it, I'm pretty sure their attacks grant invisible temporary powers to targets that make them take extra damage from subsequent attacks. Gives them kind of a slow-burn DPS burst. I guess one of the temp powers isn't entirely invisible.
  21. I'm wary of this idea. The time and endurance spent summoning and upgrading pets is really the only cost MMs have to their damage output, whereas every other AT has to spend the endurance and animation time every single time they attack.
  22. Bumping this thread because now I'm almost certain it's possible for this proc to always do both effects at the same time.
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