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  1. Super mundane stumbling block: I'm not sure those models have animations for cowering like monsters are threatening you.
  2. On a more serious note, the auction house has a number of entries for deprecated items, like the small and large versions of the Strength of Will inspirations, and some kind of Conceal inspiration, but no entry for the Recall Inspiration. If it had ever been available for players to use as drops, it would've had an entry on the market. But it doesn't, so that leads me to believe they never dropped.
  3. I'm afraid this is indeed an example of the Mandela Effect. At no point during the Live days was there ever a server called Guardian.
  4. Sometimes when I’m a Scrapper I fight too much and run out of endurance, so I have to wait a while to recover it, but then my teammates get in trouble and I want to help them but I don’t have enough endurance to attack so I think it would be great if Scrappers got an endurance discount when their teammates get low on health
  5. My takeaway from this thread is that the game needs a purple patch/issue 5-2: electric boogaloo, to make purple enemies the threat they're meant to be once again.
  6. Sometimes it's cheaper to convert or downgrade other incarnate materials into the materials you need, and I don't think it's realistic to expect the system to know whether it should convert, downgrade, or create materials from scratch. Also, creating a Rare thread component requires 25 million inf, and a Very Rare requires 100 million inf, and it would be a major player trap to highlight the Create button if you can technically create the material at such a high price. As inconvenient as the current setup can be I think there's too many potential pitfalls inherent in trying to automate it.
  7. It does kind of bother me that the safeguard/mayhem badges share an obvious design theme while being split into multiple tabs...
  8. Dr. Vahzilok is trying to kill heroes, not entertain easily-bored millenials with their snapchats and their pokeymans and their skateboards
  9. I'm guessing the Summer Blockbuster trial was supposed to host a rotating collection of movies every summer when it became available, but then the game was shut down after only one event and two movies were implemented.
  10. They should all be about 5 or so. Hunts are never hard, just tedious.
  11. Wouldn't it be much easier to just reduce the number of enemies required for those hunts to like 5?
  12. Only in the context of proceeding to then replace them with even better nerfs.
  13. Mitos are actually immoblized 100% of the time already. Really, trying to make a green mito killer is kind of pointless. Green mitos are not dangerous to the players, since they only have a minor-damage single-target DoT to wield against dozens of player characters. The yellows and blues are a much bigger threat, and once they're cleared out, the entire raid group can focus on the greens, and it's unlikely that 24+ player characters will not have enough holds between them to hold the greens.
  14. The VEATs' inherent is reflected in the numbers; the base Regeneration and Recovery is higher. Normal base regen is 0.42% (actually 0.41666... repeating), while VEAT base regen is 0.5% (20% higher). Normal base recovery is 1.67% (actually 1.666... repeating), while VEAT base recovery is 1.75% (5% higher). There is a bug with the display of the Recovery, base, however. After training to level 2 and gaining Stamina, the base Recovery buff will display in the combat attributes as 1.84%. The actual recovery base is still 1.75%, though. It's just a display bug.
  15. It's not that simple. The Shivans have squatters rights now
  16. (BAB is in the hospital after his encounter with Deadlock)
  17. There's already a nurse that sells inspirations in every Hospital
  18. On Controllers, they can be worth taking, since Controllers don't get a lot of powers that follow the standard damage formula and can function as attacks, but it would be nice if they dealt all their damage up front instead of being DoTs. On Dominators, these powers are pointless, because a single-target immobilize is a nothing of a control effect, and they get a secondary full of real attacks, so they offer virtually nothing of value to them.
  19. I don’t believe the client “knows” what the source of any given physics-enabled object is. And I don’t think there’s any despawn timer on such objects at all; they’re permanent until you zone or the client needs to delete some to make room for more.
  20. You want the scatter effect from Hot Feet. If an enemy is running away, it's not attacking you.
  21. If you want to play Street Justice, play a Stalker. The set is nothing special on any other archetype, but it rips on Stalkers.
  22. I said my piece in the Kinetic Melee thread in Suggestions & Feedback: The TL;DR is Focused Burst should have a recharge of 10-12s with a matching increase in damage (preferably 12s) and Concentrated Strike needs something. I think @Galaxy Brain up there has a pretty good handle on what the set is lacking.
  23. Probably gonna have to work through all the player listings first.
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