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  1. I could count on one hand the number of times this happened to my on my StJ Stalker while soloing from 1-50, so it definitely doesn't happen 5% of the time, but it does happen. Seems extremely unlikely to be the streakbreaker causing this issue; in the last screenshot, you can see the OP gained a level of combo from their last attack, which only happens on a hit.
  2. Yeah, but it's gonna cost me another enhancement unslotter to get the proc out of Stamina so the FP one is the only one I have... gosh-darnit... As you can see, it hit me for 68.16 endurance off this one Hellion. My maximum endurance is 113.6, so that's six times the 11.36 endurance it should be giving me. Looking at this now, having slept, it's obvious to me that this is because the effect is scaling off the level of the enemy affected, which I verified by trying it on some level 54s and seeing it give me 7.38 endurance. I also found another bug getting thi
  3. The new vectored knockback mechanic shouldn't, at this point, be any different in gameplay than the old knockback mechanics. However, it's allowing knockdown from multiple sources to stack and become knockback, something the old method never did. For example, my Ice blaster has Frozen Aura slotted with the Avalanche knockdown proc. If I use Frozen Aura when I have an Ice Patch down, enemies are sometimes knocked out of melee range. The same thing can happen if I drop multiple Ice Patches at once. I'm pretty sure this isn't supposed to be happening.
  4. From my testing with Frigid Protection, the Performance Shifter proc will only fire when the aura is affecting enemies - and the weird part is, when it does fire, the effect is six times as powerful as normal, regardless of how many enemies are being affected.
  5. I think it got cut because it just wasn't getting a lot of testing.
  6. Hm, had you been fighting Praetorian Clockwork?
  7. Hinting at some sort of Earth Blast set, perhaps? Or maybe buffs for Hurl and Hurl Boulder? I know Super Strength and Stone Melee are likely up for some changes.
  8. Well there's no "rule" for how long a mez should last, like there is for damage in the standard damage formula. If you have a reason to want to halve a mez, you just say that reason. The scale stuff I was talking about was just for how you present that info. I.e., you want a mez that's half the duration of Barrage's, so instead of saying "x second immobilize", you say scale 3 immobilize. (Barrage is a scale 6 stun.)
  9. Unfortunately I don't know of such a chart. If I want to use hard mez numbers I always use the "info for a level 1 Dominator using the power" method I outlined. If I'm not in front of the game when I'm posting, then I'll just be vague. 😛
  10. Unless they make it so only you can see your proc messages, I have to say no to this idea. I don't think the entire team needs to know that your Mako's Bite proc went off.
  11. I don't generally find immobilizes worthwhile on melee sets, since it hampers the ability to herd. I wouldn't see the addition of immobilize to any powers on a melee set to be much of a buff. This is still much too long. Where are you getting these mez numbers? Mids? They don't match up to anything I'm seeing in-game. Freezing Touch, for example, only goes up to 11.92s at level 50. This is just a little bit of (hopefully) constructive criticism for talking about mez powers: I find it's usually better to talk about mez (and damage) in terms of the Sc
  12. Yeah, I agree, they should have accurate icons. Ooh, they could even match! A special scheme could be made that all the procs should share!
  13. Percy Winkley's supposed to be this Jimmy Olsen-esque character who's getting kidnapped all the time, but that doesn't really come across in-game. You rescue him all of one time, in the first mission in the Lost Cure arc. That's not enough to establish him as a chronic hapless kidnap victim! There need to be more missions to rescue him throughout the game. First, most of the mission maps are littered with spawn points for those old hostage rescue objectives, the really annoying ones tucked into hidden corners, where the hostage will be guarded by two or three weak enemies. Add a sm
  14. Guys, I think Rularuu is posting under a sock puppet again
  15. You can't use both stealth IOs at once, it won't let you slot more than one Stealth IO from any set.
  16. You forgot about Dr. Vahzilok, who never appeared in the original Positron TF. Instead he was at the end of a regular story arc, which I assume is still in the game.
  17. I believe I have an even better solution
  18. Buffing Whirlwind is the obvious route to improve the Speed pool. Of course, Speed of Sound isn't strictly better than Super Speed, since the former doesn't give you stealth.
  19. Respec trials weren't added until issue 2, though. Still 2004, I guess.
  20. Well, I guess you could claim the powers on new characters and then delete the characters themselves...
  21. There's 2 incarnate arcs that take place after Dark Astoria; Belladonna Vetrano's arc, which takes place immediately before the Magisterium trial, and Number Six's arc, which takes place after the Magisterium trial. The primal arcs for Mr. G and Provost Marchand also take place after the Magisterium, though they're not incarnate arcs.
  22. It was a straight buff to the power, it wasn't made any weaker or slower. I can understand not liking the idea, but EC wasn't watered down in any way.
  23. You could just have each menu option send a Tell to $name with a description of how to earn the badge.
  24. You're not wrong, but much like Street Justice, the Stalker conversion of Kinetic Melee happens to be almost exactly what the set needs: another meaty ST attack and a better Build Up-style power.
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