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  1. Not at all. Reading back I can see my answer wasn't in the best phrasing. But, yeah, I speak only for myself anyway, but after a ton of Sents way early in HC and a big emphasis on Bio as -the- damage boosting secondary and never being satisfied I find Burn bridged that gap (for myself anyway). I haven't thrown it at a pylon or anything and Burn can be hit and miss while also lacking the total damage it will do on a Tanker due to agro keeping mobs in place. But I think that as long as we accept our role as a magnet to a tank's back I have satisfying HP dips all around me by pushing
  2. Yeah, you missed what I wrote... We need to go into melee to drop Inferno and/or Burn, then we can hit the space bar for two seconds to be flying out of the way. Why not? Indeed, why not. Choices. Because a Scrapper/Brute is melee and a Sentinel is ranged. Because we get a nuke to open every fight with. Because we don't need to twiddle our thumbs with a frown as Maiden stays in her blue circles. Take your pick, and stick to Scrapper/Brute if it is what you like to play.
  3. I have run Sentinels exhaustively at the start of HC, then got completely bored by the mediocre damage and dumped the AT. I recently spent many months playing Tankers, specifically the Fire Armor variant. Having reached a point where I needed a change I started looking at Sentinels again (nothing like time to gloss over old faults) and started theorycrafting something together with that Tanker experience... and I think it worked out well. So with all of that said I think this is the first time I felt a Sentinel was doing good damage. Dropping into mel
  4. I wanted to play something else than a Tanker and decided on a Fire/Fire Sentinel myself. I always battled against the mediocre damage of Sentinels but after months and months of Fire Tankers I have a healthy respect for the damage Burn brings and decided to give it a try with a Sentinel. I mean, harm it surely won't do. Only done both Posis but it's been fun actually. Been so very long I've just hovered our of the way and do pew pews. The end build will have 45% to S/L (with Barrier) and around 60% to S/L and 58% to E/N (with Barrier). 128 seconds Hasten is decent. I d
  5. You go to Options, Configuration, Exemping&Base Values, then change Base ToHit to 48. This is for +3 mobs.
  6. Done the praetorean arcs only once on a Fire/Ice. It was an incredible slog since we are stuck at level 10 for so incredibly long and I only had Frost for AoE. It was nice to get it done just to get an idea of what it was all about (though I only did flashbacks which I assume are not the full Praet experience) but I would not do it a second time. So based on that I might say yes, ditch the character and start over. Stalker isn't bad. Perhaps Savage so that you get an early cone you can use, or Claws Scrapper so you get Follow-up and Spin. Remember to turn it -1x1 if you want it don
  7. I'm not trying to push you to change your mind, but if you have enough accuracy to hit +3 without FA or a Kismet then you just need to decide if you are to fight +4 under level 45. Just because I don't does not mean that you don't don't either. I'm glad you're happy to go though 🙂
  8. It may be a Brute thing 😄 Nothing wrong to be excited though, it's good to have that happy passion about something. Never apologize for being passionate about something. Furthermore about Tanker things in the Tanker forums 😄 You didn't ask for it but since I recently made a Bio/MA build I'll drop it here and maybe you'll get some slotting inspiration from it.
  9. You know, I never did test that LotG thing myself, I just asked on the forums and was told it was so. I should actually check it and see for myself but the gains are so minimal I never bother boosting LotG's 7.5%. Still, it will be worth it to check. I went and tested it myself. I exemplared myself down to Yin which is the earliest TF the LotGs are active (I thought it was Synapse, but apparently not). A level 50 LotG: 7.5% did not give the recharge bonus. An attuned LotG did. So if you're using a level 50 crafted you won't get the recharge bonus. You can use a level 22 LotG and th
  10. It's been like this since forever. I think since live. I worked it into Fire Armor to give it 45% to melee, ranged and AoE which also works for Rad Armor and Bio and etc.
  11. I've changed a few things. It doesn't mean it's necessarily better than what you have though. A few things to remember is that you had more than enough accuracy going so no need for the Kismet. Boosting the LotG means you'll lose the 7.5% recharge if you exemplar down. Also, even with accolades the build will guzzle endurance since you've skimped in recovery slots in Health and Stamina. Not slotting Energy Absorption for endurance will hurt even more since your consumption/recovery ratio is catastrophic with Stone Melee being end heavy. I would personally remove the slots from Taun
  12. I would personally not worry too much about psi. I play Fire Armor with no (native) psi resistances or defense and it does well. It does well on a few accounts: - If only some mobs are psi then target them first (Fortunatas in the Arachnos faction for example). - How often do you fight psi mobs? I find not much outside of Seers. When it happens I can pack a few purples if I get into trouble which segues into... - ...most of the time nothing survives long enough to hurt if we are playing in a team. Ice does lack the quick recharging heal Fire has though. -
  13. It's the left side, I think. The one that says the buff lasts for 120 seconds. That means it can be kept up 24/7 even though the last minute is only 5% defense and 5% resists, but that lets us aim for 40% instead and then let Barrier handle the rest. For most of the game 40% is enough but if you're in trouble or it's hard-er content, or even to save your squishies (it's a great team wide buff) you get those 5% left. Radiation Siphon does need the Contaminated mechanic which is RNG, but Fusion forces it, so when you run to a new pack you can do Fusion, Atom Smasher (forced Contamina
  14. And you'd be correct. The radioactive bosses I meant are not the AV though, but yes, popping a purple or two is enough for them. Pity I can't tell them apart from the Darkness bosses who are a lot less dangerous.
  15. Awesome is, perhaps, stretching it a bit 😄 And a proc only procs on the enemy it triggered it. What he means is that the Fear/ToHit procs only work on the main target since the Fear/ToHit only affects the main target. Damage procs will work on everyone in the radius since damage does hit everyone.
  16. ...it wasn't an attack on you or your self worth, Lumi -_-
  17. And then gently sanding their HP down.
  18. Speaking of fun, it really is subjective. Yesterday night I was just vegetating when I saw a call for Terra Volta 2. It was a bit late but I figured I could do with the XP (and merits) so I joined. First mission we were fighting +2 mobs, okay, sounds good. Team is chatty and there is hardly a moment with the chat going quiet. Second or third mission I stay behind to kill some of the Freaks who had ressurected and notice it is taking a looooong time to kill it. I chalk it to my poor slotting and being on a Tanker but god dammit, it really is taking a lo-... The mob was +
  19. Most of the time I don't care what I am hitting and will just spam my attacks. Once something is dead the spam will choose a new target for me and I'll just keep on wailing. This is not optimal in the sense it is better to hit on a boss than on a minion that will die in my next AoE volley anyway, but I will click on the enemies I want to hit because trying to tab target one mob in a ball of mobs is not going to work well. Perhaps we will have the devs finding a way to add a 'boss' tag that we can use to tab with bosses taking precedence, then lieutenants. That would be a (small) dr
  20. As you have seen yourself CoH is not the kind of uber hard game that demands a ton of optimization to survive what end game it has. So your build is going to do fine and keep on doing so. Just take that in mind when I make a few suggestions and take them in that spirit instead of something you should aim for. I suggest you grab Barrier with the 120 second option. With it this build your defense against smash and lethal will go up to 45% and your resistances (with two stacks of the +res proc in Radioactive Smash) will be capped other than cold and psi. The slotting in ir
  21. My newest Fire/Axe baby melts faces as low as Positron part 1. Go to a spawn with BU + Burn + Whirling Axe and everything is doing an impression of a wax statue in an oven. If we kill most things within the initial 5 seconds there is no great danger. Of course then we face the radioactive Vhaz bosses who land a couple hits since they have more HP, suddenly the ultra low level defenses go into the red and it's a flurry of inspiration chewing that would make a Link or Skyrim player feel at home as they quaff wheel cheeses.
  22. You're not going to extract a lot from Fire Melee since it is not in a great place. Combustion is not worth the cast time. That said if you're enjoying it then there is no reason to swap off. I have a few examples of Fire Armor builds in my signature if you'd like ideas, but regarding your question I personally aim for Musculature T3 first, then Barrier T4 with the 120 seconds (it helps a lot with the squishyness).
  23. I did it once. It died in 2 minutes total and five merits, meh. Seen it advertised but what's the point? People don't do Hami every day because it's challenging but because we come out of it with 120 merits for half hour.
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