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  1. I have mentioned this a few times already but it has been glossed over. I personally make some difficult decisions over a single IO and don't see myself dropping slots into travel powers. To be completely honest, and I am not saying this in a snarky way, this change favors a lot the casual players who randomly slap slots semi randomly all over their build. The only way would be for travel power IO sets to be reworked to give significant bonuses that would allow them to be alternatives. I have several builds that have Brawl and Boxing slotted with Kinetic Combat f
  2. On the other hand if I agro two packs the world should not end as many in this thread seem to be indicating. And what happens if I agro two packs is part of them wandering off to pick at the team.
  3. +5 endurance reduction (Ok, ok, radiation armor sweats endurance). Toggles are terrible places to place procs. -res procs are something that very limited use outside of pylon tests and then on a toggle where they only have a chance to go off every 10 seconds means that if people that slotted it so were to sit down and test it they might notice no numerical difference between it existing in the build or not.
  4. Hasn't this been going on for ten years or so? When it finally comes out we will be using VR sets and threadmills.
  5. Tbh If I did take SS I would not use it inside most maps. Athletic Run would be good enough for mobility between enemies. That said I would do the same with SJ. Or teleport. And in all three cases I'd keep a flight pack to navigate cake rooms. CoT caves are the worse to navigate at any given time but trying to speed or, heaven forbid, -bounce- inside them is headache inducing.
  6. Give it up, my dude. We have said our piece repeatedly. The devs aren't budging or when they do they make it worse as this newest iteration compared to the previous. It's not like SS doesn't have jetpacks, or even back on live I had a simple macro that with one click made me autorun, auto jump, and move forward so I could AFK moving to a distant location on super-jump. Anymore is just stop being about presenting feedback and facts and just trying to shout the other side into compliance. Their server, their rules. If they wanted to make Fly do pink bubbles when used they
  7. Edit: Nvm, I'll just delete my reply. I've said all I wanted to say and I'm neither going to repeat myself nor steal Snarky's snarkator's place. At this point just roll the patch out.
  8. Burn takes to procs like a fish takes to water. A proccd out approach of slotting two +3 Hamis, one Eradication proc, one Scirocco proc, one Armaggedon proc, one Obliteration proc, has an average of 83% chance for the regular procs to go off and 90% for a purple proc. Plus the damage of Burn itself which at 80% fury is at nearly 350 damage (according to mids, clean build with only Burn taken and slotted). With all the procs it goes up to 692. This is without BU + Gaussian or Fiery Embrace muddling things, but, again, burst damage is king so with BU and Gaussian this goes up to 756 or with FE i
  9. But that the moon landing was fake and made with CGI. 🙂
  10. One account has something like 600 mill plus a lot of stuff in the tables, plus two or three fully decked out characters. The other account has something like 100 mill atm, plus three or four decked characters I don't even play, plus what's in the bins. I basically strip characters when I stop playing them until I realize I'm close to a billion inf, then I stop bothering with doing so and leave them decked out while making new alts until my money runs out, then I start stripping and re-utilizing the IOs again. Since I don't make use of inf sinks it just accumulates but
  11. Oh wow.. Tossing out Burn... Why bother go Fire Armor then?
  12. For someone who advocated Tankers having Taunt reworked into what basically Fold Space is you might think I would have been all over it. But no. I need to pick two useless powers to get Fold Space. No build of mine has three spare powers. Maybe if I took Teleport as my trav-.. eeh eh... hehehehe... HAHAHA! ...no. So I can only watch enviously as others get to use it.
  13. Fire/MA spoiled me for other combos and ATs.
  14. Considering you can run SF/TFs at -1x1 most of them are very easily soloable up to the last boss which will be an AV. If a meleer it will not really a problem IMO (just take some purples with you) and at most you just need envenomed daggers from the P2W. Now, I'll be honest with you: -waiting- for someone to form a team for some thing you are after can be a dicey proposition. It is much easier to go '/lfg Mortimer Kall SF LFM. Minimum level X' and invite people as they whisper you.
  15. That's exactly why I did the same 😄 I can't live without Focused Accuracy, though I suppose picking up a lot of yellows would help. I made some changes. I tried to respect your choices but regardless it's not gospel, just see what ideas you can lift from it: - Slotted Gaussian into Build-up so you can enjoy the proc when you activate it. Double damage for 5 seconds does a body good. - Changed your slotting to be less spread out (not much gain in having slots that give defense to the least common fire/cold) and tightened it to increase your smash/defense (the most c
  16. Sovera

    Most AoE

    Combustion barely merits the name of an AoE. 3.1 seconds to animate and so low damage it cannot kill the little gears that pop out from clockwork bosses.
  17. It does/did if everyone in the team is of the same alignment. Which means sometimes it worked and sometimes we get an error message. I use it on Market Crash's since the tram is sooooooooooo far away but it only works half the time.
  18. ...which would be okay as long as the power is adjusted. But no, it's slower -and- weaker. I see this legacy all over the sets where something is slower -and- weaker than a counterpart. It makes more sense that fast animations mean the power is weaker and slower animations compensate with a larger result, but this logic was apparently not sound.
  19. In a purely numbers wise Fire Melee is not in a great place. It works like most things do, but it's not a very interesting set. Ice Armor is just fine though. But Fire Armor and Ice pairs very well with Ice's lower damage compensated by Fire Armor's Burn and Fiery Embrace. I have a build for it somewhere in my signature And Strider is a big fan of it 😄
  20. Changing the soft humming to a beep worked wonders for me.
  21. With experience I can now see when things are going pear shaped. So I run away when I see I am no longer hitting the enemies and my defense is in the red. This has to be a quick decision since the CoT bosses spam immobilizes and Holds. Sometimes I'm not fast enough. This is -definitely- not a TF to do multiple pulls because whomever has the agro will be unable to do damage and will die the moment the -def debuffing happens. In particular a Dark Armor trying to hit with Dark Regen and missing even when surrounded by enemies is a sad thing 😄
  22. I've done most of them while leveling . 0x6 on Posi 1 and 2 depending on the build. Some tackle it at 0x8 just fine. From Synapse onwards it's +1x8. I don't bring temp powers or summons into it and usually just use the insps that drop once I'm past Posi 1 and 2 which require medium purples to counter the incredible amount of debuffing involved. Posi 1 and 2 is one of the worst to tackle due to exemplaring stealing so many bonuses. But the vhaz doing exotic toxic damage, radiation bosses who do -defense, the CoT bosses who do -def, a +def bubble AND -ToHit, plus the ghosts do
  23. It does. Pretty much the second I got Devastating Blow I had a seamless attack chains of Devastating, Radioactive Smash, Siphon, Smash. Before that I had gaps and nothing to use other than P2W attacks. Later on Devastating, Smash, Siphon, repeat.
  24. I am leveling this combo. The build is nothing new or original but if someone is interested in this combo they can come across it if they search the boards. I have leveled Radiation Melee a few times based on two things: Irradiated Ground and Radiation Siphon. This time I was looking at the different AoEs available and 'remembered' how Rad Melee is one of the two sets which has two PbAoEs instead of a cone. The animations are pretty terrible looking and very slow, but I find this more acceptable on a Scrapper since the set is pretty crunchy and it feels good to use and take
  25. I am currently leveling a Rad/Ea and have placed it in Devastating. Devastating being the heavy hitter it would make sense to increase its power, but I looked at it and decided to instead increase the damage of Radioactive Smash and Radiation Siphon since Devasting already does pretty good damage by itself. I find I'm fine with running into a pack. BU, Devasting empowered by BU + Gaussian. The super long animations involved give time for mobs to wake up, alpha, then run to me. Then I segue straight away into Atom Smasher for BU + Gaussian + crit buff AoE goodness. Or fo
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