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  1. I'm going to be honest with you. You don't need it. I personally don't stop what I'm doing to go hug the person asking to come hug them for RA and this is a call that is repeated every two minutes. It would be smarter to just try your best and catch as many people in it as you can.
  2. I've had some truly exemplary demonstrations of this with Synapse TFs and one missing mob... Poor little dude was trying to escape the inevitable by hiding in the rafters in the big warehouse rooms. This has happened more than once.
  3. Sovera

    AOE scrapper?

    Claws is good for AoE, but SR lacks an agro aura which is why mobs run away from you. Consider a switch to Energy Aura. You'll get an agro aura, good defenses, a heal, and an endurance clicky.
  4. There is a thread about this over the Guide section. I say this because they have all the numbers and the math and actual timed runs. That's where you'll find your answer. Personally I'd go with something like Fire/Claws Tanker even if it's not the most min maxed. It's what I use to PL my alts to level 20. SS is great because of double rage but that advantage is diminished when soloing x8 mobs who will drop a ton of inspirations that can be macro combined into reds. And no 10 seconds of being unable to play.
  5. I'm going to go out on a limb and take a guess based on my own bias, but the reason stalkers are not more popular is that no one, no one, likes runners. Someone over the Stalker forums was mentioning their first baby stalker and how if it was normal for fights to take so long (ok, they had the difficulty at +3 thinking it would be better that way) since mobs would run all over the place making him chase them. That's my experience as well and why I don't play Stalkers. I could be wrong and speaking just out of my own perceived annoyances with the AT, buuuuut...
  6. You do have a bit too much resistances slotted. It's not a huge deal, but if you can lower them by 10% you could reassign those slots somewhere else. As Rad Armor you sweat endurance so Cardiac is not needed. I'd say Musculature. Though it does not add much none of the other alphas really help much in your particular case (resistance based tanker, so don't need help with resists; very endurance positive so don't need endurance reduction; aiming for proc bombs so recharge will hinder those). Slotting for AoE defense gives you little. I'd say keep on aiming towards S/L un
  7. I think everyone has said what needed to be said, but just to reiterate: - +3 is a bad setting for early leveling. You won't have the accuracy and they will resist a lot of the damage because of the level difference. I would never go more than +2 myself, and I can honestly say my difficulty settings stay firmly at +1 until level 50 where it jumps to +4. - Soloing with a Stalker does not encourage large spawns though, but (until the patch in the PTS hits) KM is actually singularly well suited for the job thanks to Burst doing 100% crit. In my experience BU + Gaussian + Burst wi
  8. Hyperbole. On to more pleasant topics. I've tried KM on all ATs and actually leveled them to max. Just like Savage Melee the set has beautiful animations and just like Savage Melee it is hurt by the higher level powers being so bad that the general advice is in not taking them. This is obviously just something that needs a tuning pass but the small team and the LARGE number of issues the current dev team is tackling makes progress necessarily glacial. Hemorrhage was only taken with Stalkers, and the fix to the bug now has the advice in the Stalker f
  9. Enflame has two uses. Drop it on a mob and it is hurt by Enflame while dropping fire patches like Irradiated Ground from Radiation Melee. Drop Enflame on a friendly and it does the same minus hurting the friendly, which basically acts like a damage aura. It's not biggo damage but it is still another damage aura. On a Tanker with an agro aura of their own Enflame shouldn't even make mobs run away. Unfortunately we cannot Enflame ourselves though enflaming an enemy is still an option, but less interesting since the mob dies quickly and we need to re-apply next spawn.
  10. I've only done part of the gold side and, yeah, it's hard, it's slow, and we are forced to stay low level for way too long without access to more powers to help things out. As for the rest you're like me, in a tamer version πŸ˜„ I have something like 60+ alts most leveled to 50, but abandoned for the next shiny thing. I rarely return to them though I've re-leveled some of my favorites. Not all factions are problematic. Funny enough Rikti are this huge lore problem but are one of the easiest factions with bland energy damage and practically no debuffs. Then you go and fight romans with
  11. From what I recall (but it's been so long...) Hibernate shed agro completely so it was a dick move for a Tanker to use it since suddenly boom, wild hungry mobs attacking the herd of squishies. That said if the tank died the result would have been the same, which was what prompted the use of Hibernate in the first place? I was looking at it since I've been messing with Ice Armor builds... and I'm actually impressed. Eve underslotted it's up in less than one minute? Did I read that correctly? How can Ice Armor even be killed if they get nor just a full heal, but the ability to sit in
  12. You're most welcome. I was helped at the start so I'm giving back now. Later you'll help others too πŸ˜„ Things I would do myself but I'm a workhorse following the same routine, would be working in Focused Accuracy to avoid being miserable against -ToHit debuffing mobs. It wouldn't need to be on all the time but when needed it would be there (yellows are not enough to protect against -toHit, I know, i've tried, even gobbling 2 mediums I was still floored). I don't have the actual numbers for Arcane Bolt since Mids would need to be updated, but with Ice Melee in particular
  13. There isn't much to be done about the holes. That's just how the set is made. But you're protected from S/L and E/N which are the important bits. I didn't want to mess too much with your power picks so I'm not sure I've really improved much on anything. Things to consider: - Splitting Gauntled Fist for double 6% to E/N. - Scrounging slots and using the recently buffed Arcane Bolt (Mids wasn't updated to reflect the buffs yet, which include faster animation times) as an actual attack. Mostly because it has a place for a Force Feedback which would help ac
  14. Well, something got chopped off alright.
  15. It got fixed. So now it's useless on all ATs πŸ™‚
  16. Not sure what you're complaining about. The build looks rock solid with the only caveat you're abusing resistances who are near all above 90%. Anything over 90% is wasted. Don't forget your Tanker ATO proc in Lightning Field stacks up to three times and each time is worth 6.7% to all. Now that said I did change some of your slotting though I was unable to really lower the resists so you could account for the Tanker ATO procs (this proc is too important to be put on a toggle which is a bad place for procs in general so it got moved to Smite. Early level you should be doing Siphon, S
  17. I did, but just mentioned it in passing. I leveled a second one to max but it did not pass muster. Just like Elec Melee the single target damage just didn't please me, and, just like with Elec Melee, having lots of AoEs did not make the AoE-ing good. That said it does have the sole defense stacking skill in the Tanker AT. Parry does not stack, Divine Avalanche does not stack, Defensive Sweep does not stack.... but Guarded Spin does. So that's another 45% melee/smash added. Skysplitter can be slotted with 5 Hectacombs + another damage proc, but the proc bomb adds nearly
  18. It's adorable how you post something confusing enough that several people show their confusion, but you're confused that they are confused about your confusion.
  19. You're late by a couple years, but this has been argued to death in the past. - Yes, most Sentinel players have moved to Blasters since IOs nullify the defense advantage Sentinels have. But Sentinels have immunity to CC since level 6-8 which no other ranged AT gets to enjoy until level 50 and taking Clarion. - No, Sentinel defenses are not bad, wtf? Are you talking about just slotting your secondary and you're softcapped to defense or hardcapped to resistance? No, of course not, but neither are Scrapeprs or Brutes? Da heck. Only Super Reflexes or Tankers get that. Sentinels ca
  20. Carrying from @MTeague quite detailed explanation: - Claws has very good AoE damage thanks to being able to run Follow-up, Spin, Shockwave, then repeat. Spin does double the damage of other PbAoEs. The 'downside' is that Shockwave is a cone but at 90ΒΊ degree and it has a 40y range and can slow a ForceFeedback proc which accelerates all cooldowns. Shockwave also recharges so fast that mobs have barely got up before being planted on their butts again. This is a LOT of mitigation. - Claws has two places to slot Force Feedback procs which helps a lot with cooldown heavy secondarie
  21. Why not? To me it's a mark of happy pride managing to shuffle the IO Tetris mini-game. Like when I'm checking some builds over the Tanker forums and people were happily bragging about their 90% resists while I'm just, myeah, but 90% is easy. What about 90% as well as 45% S/L? And then Hasten under 135? Because sometimes I'll see the opposite which is someone reaching for perma Hasten and we see the skeeviest of slotting chasing recharge bonuses up to and including slotting non damage sets into attacks. I speak only for myself but that's what it is. Same as going to WoW and managing
  22. I have reached level 50 and started down the incarnating road. With the experience from actually leveling and playing the build I've made tweaks to the original I had posted and changed things around though mostly minor changes. Burn's heavy proc approach has been kept. Unlike what I have done with the Brunker I don't want to drop more Burns (which evens out. More Burns is about the same as dropping heavier Burns as per my testing) since it would mean more Melee time. When I drop Burn I want it fat and heavy and explosive. Skimming a few slots I stopped with the idea o
  23. An ice patch animating in 1.57 instead of 3.7 will make a big difference. It may be worth revisiting my Fire/Ice tanker.
  24. Always once minimum. While leveling I put an extra slot in Hasten and Build up to reach 95%+ recharge, and there is no point in slotting the melee Winter sets since the normal version only gives 1.85%, so I instead use four slots instead of five and slot Kinetic Combats for 3.75%. Level 50 is also when I swap from Kinetic Combats or Obliteration sets to purple IOs. So, of course, a respec once at 50. And then there's my latest Sentinel where I put an extra slow in Aim while leveling and had to respec out, then took Punch instead of Inferno at 32... and had to respec out
  25. I'll post more on the thread I started, but the Fire/Fire is behaving very well. Burn was key to make me feel like I'm doing damage on a Sentinel. I have it at level 50 and all IOed out. Just lacks incarnates. Earlier today I was in a TF and had a phone call. We were three or four stalkers, a controller, a defender, and me as the sole sentinel. Up to then we had been killing without a prob at +1, but pushing it to +2 made mobs spawn as +3. When I had to take the phone call things went to hell. Wipes, people trickling back and getting killed. I finish my call and interrupt the 'we s
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