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  1. It's a bit late, but, I agree if the dev team has their mind set they should come out and say it straight out rather than let things progress for pages and pages. I don't take RoP, never did. Saw I could alternate it etc etc, but didn't like the Sorcery pool. So I have no beef in this, no vested interested either way. But. Jimmy, I've said this in the other thread and I'll repeat it. All this constant effort achieves one thing and is add things to the pile that players never take other than on a lark. What is the point of saying we have 150 power pick
  2. This has just happened to me. Eventually it had to happen since Edit is so close to Delete and there is no confirmation dialogue.
  3. Well, it's back to jump packs to the rest of us who don't squander slots in travel powers. Just like with the new pools it's a lot of time, lots of code hours, lots of talking and testing, for, what? What net gain? Oh, if you're not carefully weighting whether to add another 0.20 EPS or a damage proc you can add that slot to Fly to reach a mission faster for the 5% of the time spent not fighting things. Lord, how can we go from one thumbs up patch to this? No, I get it, It's our turn to be a vocal minority. *water sprays Jimmy* No, bad patch, bad! Awa
  4. Yes, WotLK had all those commodities. But not back in TBC. Nowadays my WoW leveling experience is questing while LFG is running in the background, do dungeons, continue question where I left off.
  5. This is not what you've asked, but consider Sprint and Athletic Running. You can obtain the last one for free from the P2W. You can save SS for outdoors and Athletic Running for indoors.
  6. For what's worth I'd like the changes to be reverted as well. It's nice and good to say we can slot our travel powers to go faster, but in practice who has the slots to spare for this? This doesn't even work anymore since we can't alternate jump packs and we need AB to break the flight cap. But, if this change goes through it may bring back the jump packs.
  7. The special mechanic is none of that (though they are cool ideas). What it does is apply a -HP debuff. If you monitor your HP you'll see it going from 2.5k max to 2k, 1.8k, 1.5k... Eventually 500 hitpoints. At that point it's suicide to be around the boss. The trick is to run around and break line of sight until the debuff expires and our HP recovers to max.
  8. StJ has better animations but worse everything else. Worse AoE, clunkier ST rotation. You name it. Dem gorgeous animations though.... MA also has a nice fat 10% defense bonus to all on defensive ATs such as Tanker and Brutes. This allows for some silly things like softcapping defense while hardcapping resistances, while also doing some pretty good early damage such the combo in my signature. Scrapper is a different beast but you have three attacks that come to the front: Storm Kick is a good filler, animates blazingly fast and gets extra crit chances. I woul
  9. There is no better teaming than this game. My experience with online games started with Diablo, the original. I loved the new experience of chat rooms, but no teaming to be had. It was random solo. Then I moved to NWN, the original. Being heavily DnD based there were hefty XP penalties for teaming so I gravitated to paladin/clerics that could heal themselves and would run around killing things until max level. Then I tried Guild Wars, the original, and the PvP aspect of the game and the lack of PvE (no DLCs yet at the time) meant I only played it for a short while. We did team there as the NPC
  10. Not the 'worst' of anything, but annoying regardless. I set up a +4 Market Crash and pay no attention to who I recruit (that part was my bad, I usually check the vet levels of everyone and adjust difficulty). We go in. Everything is dying at a good clip. No team deaths. We reach the last boss and I warn to ignore the constantly spawning adds and focus the boss while dropping AoEs to whittle said adds. Start fighting. No progress on the boss. People start sighing that we didn't have enough incarnates for a +4. Keep fighting. No progress. People are hitting adds instead o
  11. Sovera

    Most AoE

    I'll say Savage Melee if you want number of AoEs. I'm leveling one atm and it has a nice bursty AoE with BU, the teleport attack (which is WIDE) and then the PbAoE (which with full stacks is WIDE as well). This alone tends to kill minions (It does rely on having BU). But if able to fit the cone in the build you might find yourself just chaining AoEs when you add Fire Armor to it as well. Paired with Fire Armor it's easy to spend time just dropping PbAoEs. The ST isn't all that great since it relies on T1 and T2 because Hemorrhage is never recommended. I haven't pylon tested it yet but don't ex
  12. Welp, my congratulations to everyone who kept on whining despite repeated repeated repeated tests and math demonstrations that we had it good. Now we can all be annoyed. Equality.
  13. If/when we finally move away from pylons I have a feeling there will be a shake up on how we perceive ATs and the damage they can dish out. Stalkers will go down with AVs running around, which we might say it is unfair since in a team there will be -someone- who is capable of grabbing agro and preventing this. But it's still a consideration. The -res procs will start be worth less as per my testing a few weeks back. This will narrow a lot the gap between the 'best' sets who are lauded as biggo damage... because they can fit all the -res procs and the pylon tests love th
  14. I noticed something odd as well. my accuracy went up from slotting BU. But none of the bonuses gave accuracy? And I clicked and unclicked the little yellow button. But if I switch to the alternate empty slotting the accuracy goes down in 3%. Weird.
  15. Reinstating the less problematic animations into the menu as official emotes would be lovely. And I say this as someone who doesn't even use any of them or has.
  16. They are talking relative speeds, Infinitum. Don't nitpick when it was re-explained a post later. I GET what Qi is trying to say. I'm saying I too have a long experience with the game and it's not -that- common we are more than 30 seconds away from an objective (which we now reach sooner than before since we fly faster than before). 20 seconds is acceptable to me when this happens.
  17. If you don't want to test and don't care about the numbers others have posted then I must bow out of this conversation. I don't know how often you are not within 30 seconds of a mission which, btw, is something testing would have told us.
  18. Did you test this? Actually test this? People have tested and posted above. You can continue giving your opinion on your feelings or you can test and come back and say they were finks who distorted the truth to suit their bias. -I- did not go and test. I'm basing myself on what people have posted here. 20 seconds slower on a distance long enough for Afterburner to not cover it. 'Unacceptably slow' is not how 20 seconds looks like. But this is subjective. To me it just is not. I am not, repeat, not being flippant. I honestly want you to come with numbe
  19. It's been a long time so don't quote me, but I vaguely recall rumblings about their buffs not being needed. On soft squishy targets like council run at +1 I can imagine this was so. I made a friend recently who only plays healers and had rolled their empath and was ready to engage the game in the traditional manner. I gently coaxed them towards Kinetics instead pointing out that they would get to heal as they wanted to do, but that later on when heals aren't as needed they would still buff the team and make everyone happy by their presence. As far as I can tell they are still perfe
  20. In my own experience (but please take this with a grain of salt since what I am about to say is subjective and not math) heals and shields don't help (much) against DDR. Strider above mentions how 'so many heals won't be overkill' and that's one thing I've experienced myself: when the DDR nation attacks heals don't do enough. Or much. Speaking strictly as as Tanker I can quote my usual ITF experience: I jump in, I start killing things fast as Fire Armor does. But, if for whatever reason, I take too long, or get some unlucky misses, or don't have BU up, or a second group
  21. It's peculiar that the winging way of making up things as we go (Marvel/DC comics, that at some point become so rife with contradictions (oh hey, lets make the Flash say he can react to things in a femtosecond -and- can break the light barrier. Now lets have him get surprise punched by someone who throws boomerangs) that they are forced into period reboots) is actually being sighed at with nostalgia. I much prefer things explained and related to each other even if the in-game explanation is not how the lore says things actually happened. Guild Wars 2 did one thin
  22. You know, I'm rather curious about this. It pretty much shows how we cannot, and should not, try to please everyone. I've had this interaction (once) in the past. We were on a Citadel, team split up, someone mentions the team split up, we pipe in that the team seems to be doing fine (no one was dying). Player was unhappy. We keep on playing. After two or so missions they mention they don't know why they are bothering since everyone is doing fine and can 'solo' the missions by themselves. I don't believe the person quit but they were unhappy. At this p
  23. I don't have connection problems. I have a 1gig connection and do not use Wi-Fi. It really is something that only happens when standing in place for a while. And chatting. At the top of my mind I don't remember crashes in my long idling bouts in PD. Someone like @Number Six can probably dissect the latest crash logs.
  24. This is amazing and saves -so- much time. What takes longest is not leveling and adding slots but navigating the menus and pick the things we need one by one. I have but one like to give.
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