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  1. So upon further testing, I see a bit of an issue with how siggy can partition groups. It might just be my perception, but there is an variance in how strong the draw-in effect of Gravitation Pull brings in mobs. The closer to siggy the stronger the draw-in. because of the 60ft to 45ft radius change, this exacerbates the issue of siggy splitting groups, this is maybe because siggy likes to sit at least 60ft away. As you can see in the image, siggy has split a clump of mobs into different sections: from left to right, the mobs that are within siggy's range but not the pull, the mobs in th
  2. How in the world did you guys program a reverse repel?! a circle of invisible repeling pseudopets? flying pseudopets casting Telekinesis on mobs inside the radius? 😂 Absolutely loving this singularity change. It's clumping mezzed L54 bosses into one place like a proper tank. We might have to take a look at options for sound effects on the pet, it hurts my ears a bit with a large group of mobs. 😅 And of course like others have mentioned, positioning and recharge options so we don't accidentally pull mobs off the tank and onto the squishies near the pet.
  3. That sounds messy alright. No wonder some things have 1000000000% resist to XXXX, just to resist something like a mag 2 hold 😹
  4. Still wishing for higher magnitudes on TP powers... is this a game balance issue or just game engine issue?
  5. I was basing it off the patch notes. The icon does make it seem like it should be location based though shouldn't it? I wonder if EMP arrow, if it stays in its new form will have the faraday cage border.
  6. 1: glue arrow is still a target aoe 2: EMP arrow doesn't affect friendlies at all, only enemies. No resistance boost on either caster or ally.
  7. I think this suggestion got buried by a big pile of other suggestions. Hopefully with more people trying out TP powers we will get some updates on the mag values!
  8. Is there a way to access the accolade easily on the test server? I'd like to play around with the UI before I try earning it on live
  9. Just tested Fold Space and Wormhole and they both cannot TP bosses at +4 difficulty. Teleport Target cannot even teleport a lieutenant at +4. I think this could be an easy fix if all PvE enemy TPs mags was changed from 4.10 to 5.10. Though I doubt anything is an easy fix with this spaghetti code of a game. Fingers crossed. As others have mentioned, a defense portion to combat teleport would be really nice! Fold Space is a very powerful ability in a high recharge people and that extra defense component can help out with recharge with powersets that are lacking in defense mules. Also, not
  10. OMG this is WAY more than I was hoping for!! I love love love you guys. Positioning of mobs is my favorite playstyle and you guys have totally added more for that playstyle! I'm beyond stoked. Can't wait to test this.
  11. Once things settle down, why not recruit more developers? I was looking at the future developer volunteer thread and there are some pretty skilled developers looking to help!
  12. Using Legacy Ninja Blade, and Celestial Mace (for arachnos mace patron pool) on stalker -non-snipe redrawed weapon attack in stealth to AS, quick AS activated successfully -AS in stealth into non-snipe drawed weapon, long AS activated and second weapon drawn successfully -AS from stealth into redrawed snipe (quick snipe activated successfully) -long snipe from stealth into AS (quick assassin's strike activated successfully) Build up seems to have no adverse effect in any of these rotations, nor does using a no-redaw snipe like Moonbeam. So far, everything seems perfect on the Sta
  13. Now that corrosive vial is a pseudo-pet does this mean the dmg boost is capped at 300% and powers like build up won't affect its damage?
  14. so many bug fixes thank you❤️❤️
  15. have yall played against the talons of vengeance in dark astoria? they summon huge auto hit fields that will demolish your team without a dominator or heals. that's a perfect example of a mob glow-up that makes the game more challenging
  16. I'm working on a savage melee stalker myself... it has crazy aoe potential. Which is not expected of a stalker. Ran some tests last night to see how many build ups I could proc... turns out you can dish out four build ups consistently in between dark regeneration, rending flurry, fire ball and savage leap. self damage capping with savage's big radius attacks was so fun I forgot to test how to handle single target situations. I think in a full team 4 stacks might be better use for hemo since you are already at 30% crit rate... meaning AS will crit 96% at 2 stax of assassin's focus.
  17. Ice control on doms has a few issues: -Lower -recharge values than controller -domination does not boost confuse magnitude nor proc chance of Arctic Air -no low cooldown hard cc options like Flashfire, Wormhole or Heart of Darkness -Flash Freeze (aoe sleep) is virtually useless in teams, even at magnitude 6 Despite that, ice control is PRETTYYYYYY which is why I mained an ice/energy domination back on live 🙂 On the plus side electric has one of the strongest build ups of dominators-- 68% strength to all dmg types! and is 1 of 3 dom build ups that can slot a gaussi
  18. At least for psionic assault, subdue is the only power that takes them
  19. I'm a grav control main so I went back to the pin on discord to see how this was discussed. From what I read it's about increasing the wormhole magnitude not target cap. Target cap is at a whopping 16 targets. I would be over the moon if the TP magnitude was increased though... tanker -range taunting will have to do for now 🙂
  20. anyone heard anything from devs on here or discord? Would love it if they could just do a quick edit of wormhole mag value from 4.10 to 5.10 or something so we could TP bosses at +4 without having to pop an ultimate insp (and having an alpha +1 shift)
  21. Just tried a bots/time MM and it ran through arachnos, CoT and council at +4/x8. Loving this change, no more brawling bots!
  22. Really sad about the taunt revert. It was nice to see tanks shine in terms of aggro management and mob positioning. Tank doesn't need big damage numbers like brute if they can position mobs in a way that their teammate's AoEs will hit everything. Also helps keep aggro on the tank so your sidekicks don't die. In large teams the 5 target cap for taunt is really small... maybe a compromise for keeping the 5 target cap is increase the -range effect for tanks? that way smart tanks can use a fast recharging taunt to "pull in" ranged mobs in for spin-to-win?
  23. Would be nice if dominator's magnitude double affect the magnitude of teleport that way at least dominator's could TP bosses
  24. Loving these changes to Taunt. Big radius, large mob cap and the -range debuff makes me feel like a real tank, clumping up mobs to help my teammates with small radius aoes.
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