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  1. There are long standing issues getting emails out to any Microsoft hosted email address, Outlook, Hotmail, Live, and even Office 365 hosted emails all seem to be rejecting emails from Homecoming. Current best suggestion is to use another provider such as GMail. You can even try to have GMail forward the emails over to your primary account, though that may run into the same blocks but it would be worth a try if you don't want to deal with multiple email accounts.
  2. If you see a single "Unnamed" server then you're likely not launching the game correctly. Please make sure you've validated everything in Tequila/Island Rum and launch the game from there, not by running the cityofheroes.exe directly.
  3. Go into the folder with Tequla.exe, delete the files "tequila.xml", "TequilaActivityLog.txt", and "tequilalog.xml" Leave all other files including "Tequila.exe" alone. Once you've deleted those 3 files launch Tequila and it shouldn't crash anymore.
  4. I've put a copy up https://devtracker.cityofheroes.dev/ though I'm looking to do some performance work as it takes 10+ seconds to load at times.
  5. What kind of resources we talking here? I've currently got a quad core 4GB VM spooled up for this, but if it needs more I might have to make other arrangements.
  6. I'll spin up a server to host this, and anything else you need hosted PK
  7. Restoration should be completed, please let me know if you spot anything broken. Thank you!
  8. Hey all, the wiki is down for a bit while I restore a backup from last night. The hypervisor that runs my webserver hard locked today and in the process seems to have nuked the MariaDB instance that HCWiki uses. I'm working on restoring data as fast as I can though. Backup was taken @ midnight PST last night.
  9. Sadly I couldn't nail down the error in a template, but I discovered the *issue* In sets with a proc or that are unique *IF* the 'InvSetOverview' dec ended in {{IOProc}}}} or {{IOUnique}}}} then it broke the parser, the fix was to replace the '}}}}' with '}} }}' I started doing it by hand, but then installed a mass edit plugin to do it for me. I'm now clearing the page cache to hopefully clear this up wiki-wide
  10. Paragon Wiki has the same issue, so it's not a recent edit that has happened on our side https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Very_Rare_IO_Sets Which will make it harder to track down. I'll take a look in a few hours if someone else hasn't found it. EDIT: It looks to be in the DPL, which is a brace nightmare.. it'll take a while.
  11. Dump generator doesn't so much "Scrape" it, it uses the API to dump the contents to XML which you can then directly import into Mediawiki.
  12. https://github.com/WikiTeam/wikiteam/blob/master/dumpgenerator.py
  13. At the bottom of the Atlas Park Zone template, is the line "|VidiotMap=Atlas Park" looking at the wikitext for https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/index.php?title=Template:Zone&action=edit Shows that this takes the text from that line "Atlas Park" and transforms it into Media:Atlas_Park_VidiotMap.png Knowing this, you can simply upload a new version of the file "Atlas_Park_VidiotMap.png" here: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/File:Atlas_Park_VidiotMap.png Or simply upload a file with a new name and use "|VidiotMap2=New Atlas Park" or whatever to include a 2nd link below the original. Though really updating the existing file with the updated version would make the most sense, IMO.
  14. Yeah.. it looks like my webserver is being DDoSed at the moment. Fun times.
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