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Favorite late game & level 50+ support set


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Every set has its own flavor and play style, and shines at different levels, but what is your favorite support set late game and why? This includes your favorite to play and your favorite to team up with. I'm not asking for the objectively best set numbers wise or anything, I just want to know everyone's opinion.



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Cold Domination. Benumb, Sleet & Heat Loss just make AVs melt. For general clearing: sleet is quick debuff to apply, benumb on a hard target, heat loss keeps end topped off. The shields are a bonus to get everyone at def cap if they aren't already. Any time I do Apex or Tin Mage on my Cold corruptor the teams always seem to finish a good 5 minutes faster then when I end up on teams with minimal debuffs with my DPS heroes.

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/rad is pretty solid for melting AV'S...


I dont have a ton of experience with too many secondaries but the -regen , and the two toggle debuffs make AVs go bye bye.


I also like choking cloud ...if you are getting into pbaoe range a lot. If not, it is probably skippable which isnt necessarily a bad thing. The group heal can be spammed, the 3 debuffs are great for hard targets, and lingering rad's slow is also very useful for soft control of groups. 


If your primary is short on holds, emp pulse packs a  pretty big punch, but its skippable if you have enough control in your primary.


I've mained a fire rad since the very beginning and I personally love it a lot.  I would highly recommend it as  build that stays relevant into the late game...and I know there are other good combos using /rad as a secondary....


Best of luck to you

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By coincidence, my two fifties listed in my sig are respectively, a Rad Corr and and a Nature Mastermind.  Although mowing down crowds of lowbies can be fun ("lookit all them pretty orange numbers streaming up like flames ha ha ha ha ha!!"), I kind of like concentrating on one tough target and seeing them fall at my feet, so sets like these two with some strong debuffs are ones I like playing.  My current up-and-coming build is a Time Defender, too, so, well, more of the same.


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I'm personally a fan of Time's overall coverage and versitality.  The set can do so much in both directions: regen debuffs and party healing, reducing defense/resistance while boosting damage, accuracy and recharge, cutting accuracy and recharge while improving defense.  The only thing it doesn't seem to do is boost damage resistance.  Time is the only powerset I hit 50 with twice on Live (Time/Dark Defender, Plant/Time Controller), and i've done it a third time on Homecoming (rebuilding the Plant/Time).


As of late, i'm also having fun with Storm.  The set generates so much chaos with all the knockdown it offers.  Tornadoes, gales, and thunderclouds everywhere, plus my /storm Controller runs Leviathan Mastery so I can double down on Tornadoes with a Water Spout.  Throw in more chaos with Electric control, everything is left flat on their ass with no endurance left to fight back.  Fences with a Ragnarok KD proc, Gremlins with Overwhelming Force KD proc, Jolting Chain, it's stupid how everything just falls over when I attack.

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Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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