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Virtue Roll Call!


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Who's here from Virtue!  Sing out, loud and proud.  Unofficial RP server fans everywhere!





Suppose I should add my SGs, but not names.  I had 40 to 60 alts.  Too many to list.


OK, in the interests of claiming my own alt names, here are a few:  (anything not listed is, of course, fair game)


Shade Girl              Eternal Youth

Lion of England        Gravity Welles

Rymefrost              Big Miss



Proud member of the Gods of the Golden Age, Young Gods, All Star Teen Sentinels, Knights of Camelot, and (briefly) Young Sentinels.

One of three founders of The Galaxy Legion

(also sole member of Freedom Flight)



(I admit to spending most of my first year on Guardian with my roommate at the time)

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Paragon City is, and always will be, my home.

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Virtueverse Dweller here!!


Former handle was @Tetrion but now I go as Harlow.


I used to have the following toons:

- Tetrion

- Justin Ferno

- Arthur Kingston

- The Highwayman


I spent a lot of time with the Palladium Sentry back in the day as my main SG.


Glad to be back

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I started on Victory, then eventually migrated over to Virtue and was there for the last... five or so(?) years of the game's original lifespan. I rolled with the American Legion supergroup most of the time. My global was @Doctor Roswell.

Formerly of Virtue, now on Excelsior:

Ace of Spades Adamant Eve | Arch-Rival The BeBlackbelt Citizen Arcane Core | Ctrl Alt Defeat | Daddy Longlegs Diamant Freak Accident Galactrix Great White Shark

Heavy Machinery Highway Star The Howl Inter-GalacticaIon Maiden Knockout Artist Krakatoa Night's Templar The Pact Paroled McDonald Virtual Boy Volcaniac White Widow Yucatan

And my most recent 50, Cyber-Security (Shield Defense/Street Justice tanker, 16 March 2024)

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