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Auto Sort Inspirations

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hee hee... I get the need to keep things neat and tidy... But then HOW would you sort them?  Everyone sorts in a different way, so you would need something customizeable.  Maybe not as easy as ya might think.


I eventually succumbed to the way things are, and just use a series of binds that uses inspies in order of size.  There are also binds to combine inspies, and when you get high enough to be running content where the smaller ones are useless, you can go to the P2W vendor and buy the dohicky that keeps them from dropping in your tray.


Something for the future, though... maybe an interesting idea.

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I love the concept, but then I also came across some binds that would actually work better perhaps. They're basically hard coded binds that target specific Insp to activate nomatter the spot they're in.

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