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Completely new player here. Having a blast so far!


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Hey there all!


I'm completely new to the game and to the server, and I'm looking for a medium-RP Supergroup that's willing to take on a completely new person. I'm currently level 12, and I feel like I've gotten a basic grasp on the game.


However, I feel like there's a bunch I'm missing out on, in regards to the mechanics. Furthermore, I've noticed some of the roleplay on the server and I'm absolutely loving it and hoping I can get in on it. I'm pretty new to RPing, but I feel like I've been picking it up quickly.


My current character, Tiwaz, has the current bio:


"After discovering an ancient medal in a chest located in the attic of his missing father's house, Adler O'Malley was suddenly transported to the hall of the Norse God Tyr. He explained to Adler that Adler's family had been his servants for generations- bringing to justice those who would avoid trial in court. Tyr bestowed upon Adler some basic powers and instructed him to grow stronger do his bidding - warning him of failure. Tyr then transported Adler back to his father's home. Adler asked his grandfather about his experience-who confirmed everything but warned Adler of the danger of such a task. Undeterred and excited- Adler put together a costume consisting of lacrosse shoulder pads, cargo pants, a beach towel, and some modified MMA gloves. Adler sets out to find his father and takes the name: Tiwaz."


I'm looking to grow my character organically through RP interactions, as right now he is a naive guy with a very inexperienced view of the world. 


If you're interested in me, let me know!



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Welcome Home, Germanlink!

If you haven't already, please feel free to join the OOC/RP Global Channels ( https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/1104-rp-and-ooc-global-channels-code-of-conduct/ ).


In-game, type these two commands:

/chanjoin OOC

/chanjoin RP


This will allow you to chat with a bunch of other roleplayers in Out-of-Character and In-Character contexts.  Chances are good that if none of the roleplay groups listed here in the forums ( https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/1346-sgvg-recruitment-board/ ) strike your fancy, then someone on the OOC channel can point you toward a roleplay group which would be a good fit for your character.


Just remember that Global Channels use your account-specific Global Handle rather than your current character's name.  Any time you start a new character, or switch to an existing character after joining a Global Channel, you'll just need to update your Chat Tabs, lest the channel not show up.


This can be done quickly by typing this first command when you've configured your Chat Tabs to your liking, and then the second command once per character thereafter.




Once again, welcome to the game, and I look forward to catching you in some roleplay!

All the best!

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Welcome to the best MMO ever! With the most detailed character creation system ever. RP your little heart out.


Regarding game play, don't worry about making wrong choices. There is room for a 1000 alts and an infinite amount of times you can re-pick powers (except for the base primary and secondary power selections) and redo your costume on a current character. A few free, more for some type of in game currency or otherwise earned. You can also rename a character, either because you want to free up the original name or because you came up with something different, at any time.

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Welcome to the game and to Everlasting! Don't worry too much about not having a firm grasp on things straight away, everyone is generally very helpful and there's tons of great info to be found on the forums as well. You've already been linked the thread for SGs, but if you use Discord at all, there's also a channel for Everlasting SGs on the Homecoming Discord that may have some listings not here on the board: https://discordapp.com/invite/cityofheroes


Hope to see you out there!

@Hissatsuman, you can mainly find me on Everlasting!

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On 2/20/2020 at 6:49 PM, Germanlink93 said:

I feel like there's a bunch I'm missing out on, in regards to the mechanics.

In terms of power mechanics, I learned most by playing different ATs with different powersets in groups.  I didn't really know how to scrap, for example, until I played a controller, or tank until I played a couple of different types of defender.  Teaming with others is critical - you won't appreciate your characters' true strengths (and weaknesses) until you see how they "fit in" on a team.  Keep in mind, however, that a team might not get its act together until a full wipe, but, in my experience, they often rally after that.


As for other mechanics (e.g., IOs, optimal builds, financing, etc.), I wouldn't worry about those until you're higher level, and have a decent breadth and depth of the gameplay mechanics.  But, as starter advice, I'd say don't buy "training origin" enhancements (TOs), get familiar with Wentworth's, and know what vendors pay for different tiers of salvage and recipes.

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One other piece of advice. Avoid farming teams altogether. And join PI radio teams as little as possible.


Reason why I say this is that once you decided how you want to play your first character up to 50, you should explore the game’s lore as much as possible. Plus when you take your time; you will know the ins and outs of how your character works. 


My main character has been 50 for over a month and I’m still learning how the character works and how to improve her.

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Have to agree with Crazyleo above, don't rush things, there is a HUGE amount of content to explore and some cracking story lines to experience that doesn't need you to be level 50. That said, don't worry if you miss some of it as its always possible to go back and do things via Oruboros later in the game.


Welcome to the game and the server, hopefully you'll have a blast 🙂

The Kallistiverse COH site:


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