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Opinions/Advice Wanted: Broadsword/?


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For concept reasons, I'm going to be putting together a character that will wield a (magical/legendary) sword. I have a couple of Katana toons already, satisfied with them, but I'm looking for something different for this one. Not Battle Axe, not War Mace, not Dual Blades, not Ninja Blade. Haven't really tried Titan Weapons, but I don't hear good things about the Momentum mechanic, especially during leveling. Pretty sure that locks me into Broadsword for my concept. Research so far suggests that Broadsword is best on a Stalker, so here I am. As for the secondary, I'm reluctant to go with Shield Defense, as seems to be the conventional wisdom, for the same concept reasons, although...


I'm asking for your recommendations, suggestions, opinions, and advice as to picking a secondary for Broadsword. I will use this character for solo play and for teaming, not for farming or PVP. Doesn't have to 'specialize' in ST or AOE, in the bestest damage or the most defense. My chief aim in bringing this to you all is to avoid (as much as is possible) false starts and rerolling. I haven't really ruled out any secondary at this point, including Shield Defense, although again I'm leaning away from that one. My brain is a bit fuzzy atm, but I think I remember (misremember?) reading something positive about Energy Aura.


Restating for clarity: What's a good secondary for Broadsword on a Stalker?

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Personally I quite like the momentum mechanic, it's punishing when you miss but rewarding when you combo out and nuke stuff.  I went Titan Weapons for my 'magical sword' character because the Excalibur model is badass.


Broadsword is not a great set and it's one of the least powerful options for Stalkers.  Yeah, you can control your crits and get disembowel criticals on demand (head splitter is only a 50% chance even from hide because it's technically an AoE), and Hack is pretty good, but its Assassin's Strike is very slow.  It also has some of the worst AoE for stalkers since your only options are Slice (bad cone) and Head Splitter (again, only technically an AoE).  On Stalkers, you trade Whirling Sword (not a great attack) for Assassin's Strike (again, one of the worst AS available to stalkers). 


What Broad Sword does bring to the table is the ability to slot defense debuff procs in all its attacks (achilles heel / lady grey), some damage mitigation in Parry and the knockback/knockup of Disembowel and Head Splitter, and pretty consistent damage as all of its attacks have about the same DPA.  Overall I think it's pretty agnostic to which secondary you pick although I'd recommend one that brings some added damage and preferably AoE damage to the table to help make up for Broad Sword's weaknesses.


These would be Shield, Bio, Radiation, and I guess - technically - Fire. 

Alternatively, you could go for a damage proc heavy build in which case you want to pick a secondary that will give you some +recharge and probably help cover your endurance (proc slotting usually means you skimp on end redux) in which case Energy or Electric are good choices.


I will again recommend @Croax's excellent guide to stalkers and particularly this post covering their secondary powers as it's an excellent resource...


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There is also

who seems to have picked quite a following. No heals or endurance recovery in the set is a bit iffy for me, but BS/Shield would fit you like a tee, methinks. Energy Aura, on the other hand, would provide for both said heal and said endurance recovery.

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Sounds like you are going for more a concept character and in that case I'd just pick whatever fits your concept the best.  None of the secondaries are unplayable, far from it.  It is a stalker, you will kill things dead, and fast, at least for single target.  You will be at least fairly survivable while doing it, especially with broadsword's parry.  


I think for stalkers it is more just a case of are you also trying to squeeze more AoE out of your picks, and it sounds like that isn't a huge concern for you. 


Energy aura would be a fine pick if you are leaning that way.  It is a well balanced set.  If you are going for an armored warrior feel, I'd also consider invulnerability, the port of that set to stalkers is actually very good. 


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Ninjitsu us a super solid choice. The melee defense from parry stacks well with the positional defense that Ninjitsu provides, so you can focus on building out ranged and aoe defense. You get a reliable self heal and some fun toys to play with in caltrops, blinding powder, and smoke flash.  You even get some built in psionic resistance that a lot of resistance based sets don't get. Thematically, it doesn't fit everything though.


I should really have a /nin stalker by now.

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I also had a concept character I wanted as a BS Stalker. I decided to go /Elec. Only have him up to 40 but I am liking it. Resists from /Elec. Defense from Parry. Endurance from /Elec. I’ve enjoyed this toon.

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