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Servers Down

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A status update would be nice. I know the GMOTD mentioned internet host issues but something more wordy would be appreciated.

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Our team is looking at the problem right now.  Your patience is appreciated while we check out whatever Server Gremlins got into the Data Center.

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If what's going on with some of the other sites or services I frequent is any indication, there's a lot of spotty internet problems right now. Historical high usage compounded by something or other is causing problems for some hosting services. Just take a deep breath and find something else for a bit. I know we're all extra sensitive about CoH but it's not going anywhere.

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I see that now ALL shards are down. Which is odd since I'm currently playing, on Everlasting. As in in a mission defeating mobs.


Probably one of those things where if I switch alts, I'll not be able to get back in. Soooo, I'll just stay where I am for now.

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Odd that a Data Center issue is affecting all Shards considering Reunion is on a different Continent.

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Things are down (again).

Looks like they are aware of the problems.

Good luck solving the issues.

I help maintain a few hundred servers myself, it can be hard to figure out such problems.

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The current message states that the issue is database related. Those kind of issues can be difficult to nail down and can, in some cases, require complex or time consuming steps to resolve.

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