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    I am now getting into the badge craze, and often there are markers, objects that are somewhere in a map, and the goo d folks in wiki usually give me a location that is rather difficult for me to understand and fine.


   The first problem is there seems to be no rhyme or sense as how the Cartesian coordinate system is applied from zone to zone, at times it seems there are several Cartesian systems in the same map! wish they would have been decent enough to say the bottom left is (0,0,0) (X,Y,Z), which would make it easy to navigate and find the locations since it would provide a logical  location system that can be readily interpreted.


   But I am sure the effort to change the chaotic coordinate system to a simple straightforward system would be monumental, thus the fall back, which at the end would be the most pragmatic solution...


  Why not make your location status, something that can be monitored, and thus a widget you can move around in your screen indicating your present location in the map.


Thank you




Ps: I conducted a search and to my surprise I could not find any recommendations such as this, I found a place where folks could report /loc bugs...



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You can monitor it, actually, with the "/showfps 2" and "/showfps 3" commands.

You can disable that display again with "/showfps 0" or by shutting down and restarting the client program.


Of course, you will also get all kinds of other data, which can be messy and unnecessary . . . so a dedicated "/showloc" command would be a delightful addition!


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I agree, it would be great to be able to monitor character location. In the meantime, there is another option that works reasonably well. The '/showfps 3' command will bring up a large display of the x, z, y coordinates of your camera. It's not an exact character location, but as long as you don't have the camera zoomed way out, it gives a reasonable approximation of character location. I've found it works really well to get you close enough to badge/plaque coordinates to be able to spot them on the ground.


It's been my experience that the coordinates in a zone are reported as X, Z, Y, that X increases in the positive direction as one moves WEST, and that Y increases in the positive direction as one moves SOUTH. That has been consistent in all the zones that I have checked, but I have definitely not checked every zone.


The old printable versions of the VidiotMaps maps do have coordinate indicators on them. The X and Y coordinates of the corners of the maps are labeled, and there is also a simple compass rose symbol (that is sometimes hard to see) that denotes the origin coordinates on the map. Those printable maps are linked on the individual zone pages on the Homecoming Wiki (here's Atlas Park as an example). There's an infobox in the upper right of the zone page, and at the bottom of that infobox is a link to the older VidiotMap along with a link to the newer MoreMaps4U maps that have been updated for Homecoming. Keep in mind that not all zones will have the updated MoreMaps4U maps. For zones that do, some of the info on the older VidiotMaps might out of date, but the coordinate info should still be accurate. For zones that do not have an updated MoreMaps4U map, the older VidiotMaps should still be accurate.

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