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Hockey Sticks!! (and other stuff)


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Could someone create a hockey stick for weapon customization, please?  It could be used with Staff Fighting, Katana, and (enlarged for) Titan Weapons.


It's a great idea for sports themed characters as well as just anyone who wants to have a little fun intentionally high sticking the bad guys to death.  😄

I'd be all for other sports weapons, too.  A golf club for war mace as an alternative to the baseball bat...  maybe a tennis racket...


Outside of sports, I don't think it would be too difficult to modify the Hook Sword in dual blades to be a tire iron... and I'd love to have the Blackwand added to the War Mace pool of weapons so I can use the temp power to blast something at range, then close the distance and start clubbing them with the same.  I'd also love to see the rusty blade from the Katana set ported over to Broad Sword.

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Need them for dual blades. Someone can then have double hockey sticks...

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I'll support this, and add someone more.


I think it would be nice to carry around an object when you're not in combat.  This might be one of your own weapons (as chosen in the character creator), but it also might be other objects.  Folks might want to carry an umbrella or parasol, magical characters might want to carry a wand or book, etc.  Hockey sticks included.  Wouldn't be too hard to make up a list of stuff that we might want to be able to set as a "hand carry" object.


Suggested in game: more weapon customization for MMs.  Like instead of a whip you might want dual pistols, or a single rifle, etc.  Just more options, I think the powers would just stay the same.


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