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Beam rifle/ ?


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Hi, i am thinking of rolling with a blaster for the first time and i know i really want to do Beam rifle. I was wondering what would be a goods secondary to run with it? I have been thinking fire or dark maybe? would those compliment beam well?

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My main blaster is BR with /dark as secondary. From my experience, darkness manipulation is under-preforming as a blaster secondary. Apart from thematics (Reason I took it), the power set's gimmick -to hit has little value. There is no build-up, instead you get [Soul Drain] and [Midnight Grasp], which requires you to be in melee range. Did I mention the set is expected to be "rebalanced" with longer recharge timers?


Look for another secondary, I recommend devices, energy, electric, fire, ice for PvE. Tactical arrow and plant are good in PvP.


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I like devices. Beam Rifle is quite busy and benefits from not swapping out too much, and devices is focused on setting up then attacking. It also has a lot of very optional abilities that you can take or leave. 

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BR/TA was crazy good before the big Blaster nerf incoming.  I hurried up and finished mine quickly because it won’t be anywhere near as good after these changes hit.  But it was very fun build, fantastic range on most attacks (which made using Beams disintegrate bonus that much easier) and thematically a Beam Rifle and a high tech tactical arrow bow looked really good together.


You can try to play it before it gets nerfed, and you really should just to enjoy the experience.


Beam/Devices was less viable for me.  Beam/Traps on a Corruptor is a better gadget set.

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