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New and Confused

Gennifer Bone

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Hi all. Simply put, I am new to this. All of this. Superhero City, and MMOs in general. I've been playing with my GF, and I also have a character I've been soloing with. I'd like to find some people to RP with, maybe set up a regular group? 


I mean, I know nothing. 


Meetups, how do?


Events, how do?


I still know how to breathe, so I have that going for me.


Any help would be very appreciated.  

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First, Welcome Home, @Gennifer Bone!  

Well, at least hoping that this place will feel like home, and many of us are happy to do our part to try helping with that!


As Warpact said, the Everlasting Shard and its associated message board are officially the unofficial Roleplay area.


There is also the Roleplay board itself.



There are many answers to your questions, so I'd like to ask you some questions in turn to help narrow down the ideal answers for you!

Have you had any experience with roleplay outside of this game?

- If so, what sort of roleplay?   What did you enjoy?  What did you find unappealing?

Would you like your roleplay to be about socializing and interpersonal interaction?

Would you like your roleplay to be about grand overarching series of storylines?

Would you like your roleplay to be light and flexible, while focusing more on gameplay?

(Please note:  These aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, and you don't have to pick one and stick with it forever; you always have the option to switch things up later!)


If you'd rather skip these questions, some direct answers to your questions:

Meeting other roleplayers is generally done with the in-game LFG channel, while specifically signalling that you're looking to do roleplay missions.


Visiting roleplay areas, such as Pocket D or the feet of the Atlas statue in Atlas Park.


Visiting roleplay Bases/events, such as the nearly-nightly nightclub scene on Everlasting.



Check out the List of Character Lists of several avid roleplayers, and see if any of their characters sparks your imagination.



And, of course, there are the OOC and RP Global Channels in-game, as well as some other more specific Global Channels:


/chanjoin OOC

/chanjoin RP

(Please note that Global Channels are a bit finicky, and you may need to review a guide on them to ensure you're getting the most out of their use.)

(This isn't the best guide for Globals, but it's the only one I know of off-hand:  https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/20291-looking-for-a-group/?tab=comments#comment-231039 )


If you ever have any other questions, feel free to contact me directly in the forums here, or in-game through my main account @VileTerror

Or, naturally, anyone else who volunteers to help out!  


Once again, welcome to you and your partner, Gennifer Bone!  We're happy to have you with us!

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A great way to get connected with RP groups, Supergroups of a theme you like, or just nice people...On the everlasting server, on most nights, there are RP events. clubs that open. Thursday, Friday, saturday, and often other times. there's a schedule where once per week many events occur. it's a very easy way to RP your way into meeting really great people. I met all my favorite people in game that way. Just RP your character you like, and you can have fun!


feel free to PM me on the forum here and i can give more pointed information for you 🙂

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