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Street justice / Shield defense... Scrapper or brute? I need advise


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I know I want to roll out this character, tematically some kind of greek / amazon warrior with shield,someone who fights hand to hand and no weapons besides the shield.

But I don't know what archetype can benefit the most for this combo, so please I would welcome some advice.

Martial arts / shield defense could be another option but it is better than street justice? It could fit under that theme?

Thanks in advance!

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I don't *think* Martial will fit the look you're going for, but it's been a while since I've looked at the animations. You may want to look at them (and the alternates) and see if it fits the feel for the character.

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Shield is a scrapper set. Shield charge is better on scrappers, against all odds works better for them due to higher damage modifier, same defence softcap, not enough res to hit caps either way and scrappers still get a taunt aura. It's not a bad on brutes because it's a great set but scrappers get more from it.

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Much depends on what you want to do with the character.  Go brute if you mean to spend a lot of time farming or running /8 missions.  A full strength taunt aura is your friend there. 


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I came into the thread to say what @parabola already posted earlier. There is little recommending any of the mentioned sets (Martial Arts, Street Justice, or Shield Defense) for a Brute over a Scrapper unless you simply prefer Fury over Criticals.


The alternate MA animations might work for your concept if you prefer it over Street Justice, but numerically I think StJ has better performance at the top end, while Martial Arts has the higher performance floor.

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