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Just for fun : Cartoon Assault

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Tier 1 : BANG! : Ranged Foe Fear
You shoot foe with toy pistol. Except it doesn't do anything but scare the hell out of them.

Tier 2 : Whaam! : Melee Minor Smash Damage, Knockback
You bring your hammer from out of nowhere to make foe bounce everywhere.
(Causes random knockback same as brawl from April 1 Event)

Tier 3 : Oopps wrong way : Melee Location (AoE) Self Teleport Foe Moderate Smash Damage, Knockdown/Disorient
You bring your brush to make tunnel that only you can go throught to targeted location. Enemies may try to follow throught tunnel but they instead fall down and take damage.

Tier 4 : It didn't hurt did it? : Ranged Foe Knockdown High Smash Damage.
From out of nowhere something fall on your enemy. Flattening them.
While flattening they can't get up. (May lasts 5-10 sec)

Tier 5 : It didn't hurt : Click : Self Debuff Resistance. +Smash/Lethal Resistance
You have cartoonish physique. Cannot be debuffed or injured. (Not really)

Tier 6 : Prank : Ranged Targeted Aoe : Foe ST Aggro/AoE Hold Special.
You bring your pencil from out of nowhere to draw on enemy faces. Maybe you like mustaches or something else.
No matter what you draw, enemy will be angered and attack you. While nearby enemies will have uncontrollable laughter.

Tier 7 : You deserved it : Melee/Ranged Single Target/Single Target, Moderate Smash Damage, Knockdown.
You grab the enemy to toss to another enemy.
(Basically you grab enemy by pressing Tier 7. Then you got few seconds to select enemy to toss it (Need to press tier 7 again). Otherwise enemy will slip and escape.)

Tier 8 : BANG! x2 : Ranged Foe High Lethal Damage.
You shoot foe with your real pistol this time.
Has a snergy with BANG!. Making it autohit if you use T1 first.

Tier 9 : Whaam! x2 Melee High Smash Damage, Knockback.
Same as Whaam! but with bigger hammer. Has same effect as brawl from April 1 Event.


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... given I have a character that's from an (in universe, lore-wise) video game running around in COH, I could see use for this. Though I'd want an FX option that actually did show "Bang!" and the like on occasion.

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Primarily on Everlasting. Squid afficionado. Former creator of Copypastas. General smartalec.


I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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