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Arcane Bolt and Arcane Power Recharge Not Applying


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When arcane bolt is used and it procs arcane power, arcane bolt will still undergo its full recharge time instead of recharging with a 1s delay as intended. I hadn't experienced this behaviour when I had beta tested sorcery, so it seems like something went haywire between then and live.

Video evidence:

This is my level 12 defender, but I can replicate this on my level 50 controller and provide further video evidence if needed.

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On 3/16/2021 at 4:10 PM, Katharos said:

why isn't sentinel bioarmour's athletic regulation getting a look?

Oversight, it will be addressed in the next build.

Oh no. Oh god. What have I done? 

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It's so nice to be able to have videos for bug reports 🙂


It looks as though Arcane Power actually procced from Power Bolt there, not from Arcane Bolt - but it also appears Arcane Bolt fired off without consuming the proc.


Are you able to reproduce this on video with the combat log showing so we can see the order of events?

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Good catch Jimmy. My tired eyes missed this yesterday, but looking at it again I see no major bug issue...just a tiny one.


Although Arcane Bolt didn't fire off its Arcane Power effect, you'll also see the yellow ring didn't go away for Arcane Bolt. This seems to be because the SetMode kArcanePower happened just after Arcane Bolt was already activated (you'll see no yellow ring yet at the moment it was cast). 


If I recall, when Arcane Power procs, I think it has a 1s delay on the SetMode kArcanePower effect. Perhaps that delay should be removed altogether. 

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