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2021 July: The Poll Came Back: Pineapple vs. Pizza


2021 July: The Poll Came Back: Pineapple vs. Pizza  

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  1. 1. Line in the sand: Does Pineapple belong on Pizza?

    • YES!! Make my pizza extra fruity! Bring on the Pineapple!!
    • NO!! Keep that abomination away from my pie!!
    • Who cares? I'm hungry. FEED ME!!

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Blame the Gold Standard Testers Discord:



[17:20Cobalt Arachne: not exactly the same, but close enough lol


[17:22] Drakwatch: 

That's what I immediately thought of! lmao

[17:24] Cobalt Arachne: 

is actually pure coincidence my photo matched that setup so well lmao, just happened to use the Arachnos mug for today's coffee xD

[22:43] blaythesteuer: 

pineapple does go on pizza

[22:44] Sai: 


[22:44] Vagabond: 

MMmmm... Pizza


(It is really hard to copy something from Discord and not have it mangled.  See below for the video.)


I saw that exchange and I had to resurrect this debate.  This is the third.  Pineapple won the first and was deep fried in the second.








Some historical background.  In this case, as a Canadian, I can honestly say, if you hate the Blessed Pineapple on Pizza, you should blame Canada.



And some expert opinion.



How about a word from our previous supporters or opponents?  @Bionic_Flea@Jimmy?  How about those from the Discord I can find here?  @Cobalt Arachne@PresidentDSG@blaythesteuer?


Who will win the third match?  Will Pineapple rain supreme as it should?  Or will pizzas be bereft of the noble fruit?

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I now know that Hawaiian Pizza is actually Canadian/Greek Pizza.


I'm not sure how that changes anything, but facts are good.


I have tried many things on Pizza, including pineapples.  Of all the things I have tried, the one thing that absolutely does not belong on pizza is anchovies!

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8 hours ago, Cobalt Arachne said:

Pineapple on pizza is simply the current stage of evolution that humanity is on before we advance to the promised land of kiwi on pizza.


The problem is...who issued the promise?  😈


8 hours ago, Luminara said:

I'm sending the murder squirrels after both of you.


Please make sure they use the Ferengi Tooth Sharpener before they head out.


No fruit, unless it is a purely dessert pizza.


Now peanut butter...that is a pizza topping worth trying.  Surprisingly good.  I got through many a classic, cheap school cafeteria pizza using peanut butter.  Rats, now I'm craving this and the local pizza parlor just closed. 

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17 hours ago, GraspingVileTerror said:

No fruit, @Techwright?

Not even tomato?  Peppers?  Roasted zucchini or eggplant?

None of that?


(DISCLAIMER:  Do not dare mistake my statement of fruit on pizza here as some kind of twisted acceptance of the crime which is pineapple.)

Fruit that identifies as veggies?

Peppers, fine.  (though I'd stress moderation on jalapenos)

pizza sauce, fine.

Sundried tomato, fine.

Fresh tomato, zucchini, eggplant...😝🤢🤮


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27 minutes ago, GraspingVileTerror said:

If I ever meet you in person, @Techwright . . . I'm gonna have to make you a margherita with Buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, fresh-cracked rock salt, and heirloom tomatoes.
And then we'll see if you feel so inclined to "emoji" all over the place.

Make it with sweet red peppers instead of tomatoes (or perhaps used sundried tomato), and I'll definitely try it.  Unfortunately, I'm one of the roughly 20% of the population who gag on fresh tomato, and that extends far beyond pizza. 


Ironically, I don't gag on pineapple pizza, but it brings me no pleasure either.

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