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Dark Astoria - is it incarnate in terms of defense caps?

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I was running some story line missions in Dark Astoria, and the mobs were hitting my SR Sentinel with like 38% chance to hit and he has defense at 45%.    Do the mobs there count as "incarnate" where the actual cap is higher? 



-  what is incarnate defense cap?  is it 58.75?


I have a new Beam/Sr sentinel at 50 and he isn't level shifted.

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Yes, Dark Astoria is an Incarnate Zone, so enemies have incarnate level to-hit.  As for what the cap you should be going for... I believe (though someone please correct me) that it is 59% defense

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What this team needs is more Defenders

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If you have your tier-3 Lore and/or Destiny abilities, opening your Combat Attributes window, then in the General section select 'Monitor' for 'Level Shift' (stick the window in a convenient corner or something), you will be able to see when you are in 'incarnate content' -- level shift is capped at +1 for normal content, so if you see '2' or '3' in the window, you know that you are doing incarnate content.

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1 hour ago, arcane said:

I never knew about this. I just figured these baddies were a tad tougher solely due to debuffs.


It’s clearly a counter for the lack of a defense hard cap and a perfect example of the live devs acknowledging and recognizing the problems caused by the missing cap.  

Guardian survivor

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