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Can we PLEASE finally get the ITF Sybil outfits for our female toons?


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I do get your enthusiasm.  Those clothes are really great looking costume pieces and I would also love to have them (Along with a long list of other options).  I think we just have to be patient, as Homecoming is a small team that is prioritizing mechanics over aesthetics in their project list (which I think is reasonable, considering).

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Agreed. All the beautiful clothing options and QOL stuff (as per my other post) aimed more at immersion and RP aren't gonna be worth jack squat if we don't have a working game. Still would be nice if they could throw us a bone every once in a while. In the meantime I am content to work with what we've got.

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On 8/18/2021 at 10:31 AM, TheUpstart said:

That's it. That's all. It's all there in the title.

I'd be happy with the regular Sybil outfits.

I'd be beyond thrilled if we got access to the Sister Solaris version of the outfit.

Please! Please please please please PLEASE!

Thank you.


That first mission of the ITF she's targetable.  I've been tempted to knock her out and take those robes.  That she follows along like a cat after you free her only increases my regret for not acting on my first thought.   

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1 hour ago, krj12 said:

I cant imagine those pieces would work very well with something like a martial arts scrapper - probably why it was never done.


Yep, PC animations play a role...  And (AIUI) NPC costumes aren't always directly compatible with the PC character generator.

Unofficial Homecoming Wiki - Paragon Wiki updated for Homecoming!  Your contributions are welcome!
(Not the owner/operator - just a fan who wants to spread the word.)

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There are 2 of these that I found - one has more detail and also connects to the hands.


From my (limited) testing, they actually avoided most clipping, including when I paired them with extremely bulky costume details like giant gloves and shoulders, but I think it would still run afoul of many belt options.


Here's the rub: they're both chest details, but they are visibly adding to the waist (and gloves in the case of the more detailed version).


I think it will boil down to if HC thinks this is a slot violation (the Talons skirt I want so badly is in the Shoulder slot), or if they decide it's chest detail enough, and the other bits are just nice.  Personally, I think the Black Knight chest pieces with shoulder bits have already bent that precedent.


Other things:

* It needs to disable capes, the way Gunslinger 3 belt does.

* There are several textures on the more detailed one that may have enough color issues to avoid.


TL;DR: I've looked into these myself - there are good reasons for HC to vote include OR leave. Surprisingly, I don't think clipping is the top concern. 

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