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Compiled Dev Choice Awards for HC. (ongoing)


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I just thought I'd stick all these posts into a single place for ease of reference.  I hope it helps others looking for recommendations for AE material to play.



JUNE 2020















(Then we had a hiatus for several months)










As well as the above Dev Choices there are one-off Dev Competitions for specifically themed AEs.  


The Holiday AE 2020 competition is included in the above December 2020 link.


Cimerora AE Competition.


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Great to be back in CoX!

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Useful, @TerroirNoir!  Thanks.

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AE SFMA Arcs: The Meteors (Arc id 42079)Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part One. (Arc id 26756) | Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part Two. (Arc id 26952) | Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part Three. (Arc id 27233) Darker Deeds: Part One (Arc id 28374) | Darker Deeds: Part Two. (Arc id 28536) | Darker Deeds: Part Three. (Arc id 29252) | Darkest Before Dawn: Part One (Arc id 29891) |

Darkest Before Dawn: Part Two (Arc id 30210) | Darkest Before Dawn: Part Three (Arc id 30560) |

 Bridge of Forever ( Arc id 36642)* | The Cassini Division (Arc id 37104)* | The House of Gaunt Saints (Arc id 37489)*The Spark of the Blind (Arc id 40403)* | Damnatio Memoriae (Arc id 41140)* The Eve of War (Arc id 41583)*

I Sing of Arms and the Man (Arc id 42617)* | Three Sisters (Arc id 43013)*

(*Pre War Praetorian Loyalist. * Pre War Praetorian Resistance.. * Pre ITF Cimerora. * Post ITF Cimerora. Dev Choice/Hall of Fame )

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Apart from the HC Dev's Choices there are (currently) 11 other Dev Choice arcs that were "grandfathered" into the current line up.


Through Rose-Tinted Glasses by @leese. Arc id 22.


The Most Important Thing - Best Hero Arc '09 by @Aisynia. Arc id 33.


The Wretch's Gift by @Aisynia. Arc id 34.


Astoria in D Minor by @The Cheshire Cat. Arc id 60.


The Beating Heart of Astoria: A Play in Five Acts by @The Cheshire Cat. Arc id 61.


Signal:Noise by @The Cheshire Cat. Arc id 63.


Who Dares Wins by @Zaphir. Arc id 239.


The Coldest of Wars by @Zaphir. Arc id 240.


The Astral Prison by @Zaphir. Arc id 241.


The Villain Wrangler by @Rogue Ivy. Arc id 7655.


A Farewell to Knives by @Kalachakra. Arc id 8110.


(We were lucky enough that these writers had their original arcs from pre Sunset stored safely somewhere!)



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Great to be back in CoX!

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