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Viability of Kinetic Melee


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I want to make a Stalker with it just so I can play the least bad version.


I’ve run a tank build with its key powers all procced to the teeth, and, while the bigger damage numbers and Force Feedback procs and all were more satisfying to look at, I’m pretty sure the DPA was still low tier at the end of the day.


Stalker AS + Build Up is the only thing that will redeem it IMO.

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Back on Live I made a KM/Shield scrapper and got him to the point of having  his T9 power...




...where you spend so much time waving your hand around that your team has killed what you are targeting already and moved on. It is deeply frustrating. It is not like you have a wealth of AoEs to compensate for a nearly useless T9 power or some other special gimmick.  And that was on a Scrapper where in theory you might recharge the power on a crit  hit. On a Brute you don't even get that. 


Can you have fun with the set? Yes. Got a KM/Bio scrapper despite my initial experience. But don't kid yourself that you would not be better off playing even one of the other powersets that people find lackluster.

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I played it.  It looks atrocious.  So I made a design that used the way it looked and built around that.  A 'Mage' in melee.  Big hand motions (Tai Chi derived I believe) followed by magically appearing force.


How does it play?  unsynergistic hot garbage with a stupid mechanic.


But hey, if Tai Chi is your bag enjoy.  

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advantages are very quick casting times for the first 3 powers and it's build up lasts longer than most others.


That stated, it's better with both scrappers and stalkers, imo, since both get a chance to recharge the build up (Power Siphon) with criticals and such.



Many many years ago I do remember having a discussion on it in the tanker forums. You could potentially throw out a very nice amount of -Dam if you use it with DN from Soul and like Bio, ice or shield for the secondary... if that's of any interest. 

FYI, for a brute that would be somewhere in the 35-50% range on the -Dam.



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