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Time/temporal secondary for melee AT's

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Do you mean some sort of "temporal armor" set?  If so, what would be its schtick?  Would it focus on a lot of slows?  Self-buffs, (recharge reduction, +movement speed)?  Would you see this as a resist set, a defense set, or some hybrid?

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I could see this being sort of a cross between SR and Nin jitsu in that it is high in positional defenses because can predict what attacks are coming then throw a -recharge aura in there for taunts and some sort of Chrono Shift like power for the tier 9

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What this team needs is more Defenders

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I'm all for more variation!


Just one thought though:  it's a tremendous amount of effort, even for a fully paid team (which we don't have) to create and rebalance an entirely new set without falling into either total power creep or creating something that no one likes or uses.  Maybe developing new or alternate animations for existing power sets could be more effective?  Example:  a lot of my "luck" themed characters use Time Manipulation because to me the powers do mostly what I would expect "luck" to do.  Similarly, maybe a "time armor" set could be a reskinning of SR?


Again, just a thought!

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Who run Bartertown?


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Here's a copy paste of the idea I had for it on the Eco-Friendly Powerset Recycling Thread



Temporal Energy Armor


Chrono Physiology: <Passive> Energy/Cold/Toxic/Psychic Resist (+10%), Slow Resist (+20%)

-Your ability to manipulate temporal energy has altered your physiology to ignore the effects of cold and energy attacks, while making your mind more resistant to mental attacks and your body able to burn away toxins faster.


Temporal Healing: <Click - 10.4 End> +Heal (24.99%), Toxic Resist (+15%)

-You can heal your wounds by placing your body in a past or future state if not simply speeding up time in your own body.


Time's Junction: <Toggle - .26/End Sec> -Damage (-15%), -Speed (-25%), Recharge (-25%), -ToHit (-3.75%)

-You can create a time dilation field around yourself, causing enemies who get close to you to be slowed to a crawl, making their attacks weaker and easier for you to avoid them.  Enemies effected by Delay, have these effects increased.


Time Lord: <Toggle - .26/End Sec> Mez (Stun, Hold, Immobilize, Sleep, Knockback) Protection, +Regen (+25%), +Recharge (+10%), +Speed (12.5%), +Damage (+12.5%)

-You're in an Accelerated state, allowing you to heal and move faster, allowing you to hit harder.  You are in Accelerated State for purposes of other Temporal Powers that aren't your own.


Farsight: <Toggle - .26/End Sec> +Defense (+12.5%), +Perception, +ToHit (+5%)

-You perceive time in a slower state, allowing you react faster.


Temporal Cloak: <Toggle - .26/End Sec> +Defense (+3.75%), Stealth

-You can bend time around yourself to become almost invisible.  Doesn't stack with other stealth powers.


Chrono Shift: <Toggle - .26/End Sec> +Regen (+150%), +Speed (+12.5%), +Recharge (+10%), +Slow Resist (+20%), +Energy/Cold/Toxic/Psychic Resist (+15%), End Drain Resist

-You have mastered the ability to slip through time with ease, 


Rewind Time: <Click> Self Resurrection

-If you're defeated, you can rewind time to bring yourself back to your feet.


Temporal Phase: <Toggle - .65/End Sec> Self Intangible, +Regen (+500%)

-You can remove yourself from time, making you effectively invisible, giving you time to recover or even get away.  However, this is taxing and you can only maintain this state for 30 seconds.  While in this state you can't interact with others.  



I'm only guessing at the numbers given.  175% Regen is equal to Unenhanced RTTC on Scrappers with 7 targets.

Chrono Shift could be made a click and do +Recovery instead, but I liked the idea of a toggle and less clicks, but not totally clickless.  Could perhaps go without the End Drain Resist, but my reasoning was the Defender version has +Recovery in a click form and I didn't like the idea of +Recovery in a toggle.

Split Quickness and Lightning Reflexes' +RCH between two toggles, each of those toggles having other effects, so I kept the +Recharge at 20% total, like the previously mention passives.

With the -ToHit, I wasn't sure if the two Defense Toggles (Farsight and Cloak) should have any Defense Debuff Resistance.

Tried to keep the powers a bit like the time sets we have, with the idea going for Defense/Regen/Heal.  Could possibly add in Smashing and Lethal Resist, but then I figure the resistances would like be lower numbers and I thought the theme may do better with those 4 resists and lacking S/L Resist.

And...of course...I am by no means a balance expert.  This is just an idea of how to do a Temporal Energy Armor set.




This would play different than other powersets imo and be a fun set to play at that.

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On 5/21/2022 at 2:05 PM, midnox said:

I'd like to see a time/temporal secondary power set for scrappers, stalkers, brutes, and tanks. 


Not before I get my nature blast powers, customizable mastermind pets, color-customizable acoustic guitar backpack, costume slot linked fly poses ... and, yeah ... other stuff!


The DEVs are great. They will do what they can as they can.

How about some lists of what you think the powers should be for those sets you are suggesting?

And why no Scrapper primary Temporal set?! (Sounds like a speedster set to me!)

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Some players know that I have them on ignore and are likely to make posts knowing that is the case.

But the fact that I have them on ignore won't stop some of them from bullying and harassing people, because some of them love to do it. There is a group that have banded together to target forum posters they don't like. They think that this behavior is acceptable.

Ignore (in the forums) and /ignore (in-game) are tools to improve your gaming experience. Don't feel bad about using them.

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