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Paragon University ((Open RP))

American Valor

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((OOC: I know a lot of people who play heroes and villains whose secret identity are either students or teachers at Paragon University. So I was thinking what better place to set an open RP again. The general idea is there is no set story and anyone can join in. Feel free to create courses, lectures and locations with in the university. Here is some basic info which I have gathered to help set the mood. ))



Welcome to Paragon University


My name is Anne Andersen, Dean of Resident Life. Welcome to Paragon University. I’m sure by now you’ve received your class schedule, but please allow me a moment to explain the campus a bit.


Campus Buildings

One of the main buildings you’ll likely visit often is the Student Union. You can pretty much always meet other students here. The other likely place to run into students is the Green. It’s located just outside the Union and has a large fountain in the center. The Library contains any, and likely, all books you might need, though, make sure you turn them in on time. The librarian, Miss Binks is very strict when it comes to late books.

A few other buildings to mention are the Dormitories. The Sinclair and Williams Dormitories are co-ed dorms with women’s dorms down one hall and men’s down the other. The Armstrong Dormitories is every other floor and is overseen by the Athletic Department. The Xavier HallHartigan Hall, the Chemistry, Earth Science, and Mathematics buildings have classroom/lecture hall settings, The Applied Technologies building contains most of the university's laboratory facilities, including computer science labs, assembly shops, and the unviersity's recently installed supercomputer (Room 1138), donated by Portal Corporation. We also boast a fairly large theater Reeve TheaterClique is the head of the Drama department and also manages the Drama Café next door.


Extracurricular Activities

There are a few extracurricular activities available (Swimming, Football, Basketball, Cheerleading) ,So please look into them if you are interested The team name is The Statemen and their mascot is Statey. 



Now, onto the Faculty. I will first point out some of the more prominent faculty members, and if, as you look over your class list, you have any questions, I will be more than happy to help you.



Faculty Name


Professor Howards


Professor Sydney Fox


Dr. Sanstad


Professor Moreau

Business Chinese

 Daniel Cao


Professor Richards

Criminal Psychology

Professor Clemens




Professor Styles


Professor Pratt


Dr. D. Stine

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Crump


Dr. “Mad Doc” Maddendoch


Professor Blustein


Dr Z, Stardust


Professor White


Professor McBrayne



There are also a few staff members that you might run into on occasion.




Superintendent of the Humanities Departments

Superintendent Wallace

Academic Dean

Dean Richards

Dean of Resident Life

Anne Andersen

Administrative Assistant of Resident Life

Kevin Banyon

Head Librarian

Miss Binks

Head Custodian


Manager of the PU Security Force

Ms Michaela

Technical Support Supervisor

John Bain

Head Football Coach

Stan Limebeck

Assistant Football Coach Offense

Tony Perry

Head Swim Coach

Coach JJ Johnson

Assistant Swim Coach

Brie Smith

Head Wrestling Coach

Perry Erickson


((OOC Information below))

Paragon University Campus

The campus itself is not located in any of the in-game zones. It’s somewhere between Steel Canyon and King’s Row. Also, now that there are satellite campus locations in game, these will possibly play a more prominent part of the storylines, however, most of the interaction will still probably take place on the main campus.

Meeting the Other Students

A good place to meet other students is in either the cafeteria/Student Union or out on the Green.


Introduce yourself slowly. Let people get a feel for who your character is, how you write, and how often you are committed to posting. Don't force an intro right off the bat. Coordinate with private messages (PMs) when you do start interacting. Almost everyone will respond positively to PMs for advice, and coordinate with you as you make an effort to fit in. This is a big one if you and another writer are writing a scene with a lot of dialog. Writing it up via PMs and then posting a large post, or 2-3 smaller sized posts, This helps when others don’t have much time to read and end up inundated with 50 new posts in one day.

Learn some of the others' history, even if you can't draw on the information until it comes up again in your part of the story. Do read the thread backstory.


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Location: Paragon City University Athletic Department....

Head Coach Stan Limebeck smiled looking over the roster once more. Maxwell Drake voted all American Quarterback from PCSH high school had accepted the offer. He looked over the documents again. He would be hearing from Coach Erickson soon. Perry had hoped to get Max on the wrestling team. The boy was a natural athlete. How did Perry put it, To watch Max play was like watching an artist paint. Max took to sports like a fish took to water he excelled. The buzz in the locker room had been mixed, generally they all thought having Champ on the team would be great, but there was a bit of grumbling, about his showboat style plus the fact he was considered a "freshman". Coach Limebeck began working on the student press release for the Wall, both the student union and the campus paper of the same name. This season the PCU Statemen's football team really would have the monsters on the midway he smiled.

Meanwhile across the campus….

A seasoned student walked onto the Greens, at 6’6 and weighing in at 245 lbs the new "freshman" looked around. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had even convinced his Uncle Gary to arranged for him to be in the dorm. He loved his Aunt Pia and Uncle Gary, but they were newlyweds and it was embarassing sometimes, he smiled.

After getting registered for his classes Max had begun exploring the campus. Only the diehard sports fanatics recognized and called out to him, Of course it hadn’t hurt that he was still wearing his PCSH Fighting Dragons Letterman Jacket. He smiled, waved and even escorted a couple of freshman girls to the campus library. “See you later, Lindy and Marie.” They giggled "Bye Champ" and waved at the handsome quarterback as he continued to the student union.

Max walked across the student union to 'the Wall'. This was the place where he was told if you needed anything on campus you could find it there. As he looked around his stomach growled, he would get back to reading the Wall, after he grab some lunch. After a few minutes Max was sitting down eating his loaded megaburger, with cheese fries when he saw the scrolling marquee and his name. THE PCU Statesmen wish to announce our newest Statemen's quarterback, Genius of the Gridiron MAXWELL “the Bullet” DRAKE. Please join us in welcoming our newest team member to Paragon City University the home of the Statemen…. Max failed to read the rest of the marquee as he burst out laughing. He hadn’t even been on campus for a day yet and he was already being called a miracle worker. After a moment he composed himself and finished his burger. Yes this was the right choice he wouldn’t of had this much fun at MIT.

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Max sat back in the booth drinking his Brawler-ade and open his backpack. He pulled out a battered leatherbound book and began writing personal notes on his last interaction. He noticed several others in the cafeteria getting food together while talking. Max saw a group of women he recongized and adjusted his glasses looking down and switching out notebooks.





Evil only wins if good people do nothing. Don't just talk the talk, Walk the talk.

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Thunder rolled over Steel Canyon as The Legendary Living Hellfire descended from the heavens and the pressure wave from the sound barrier collapsed. He slowly cruised above the campus, taking note of students, both powered and not as they made their way about their day to and fro. The old man remembered wistfully his days as a teacher at Paragon City High School, the excitement in the eyes of a student as they came to a realization, connecting dots in knowledge. The camaraderie that came with young people eager to learn, finding friendships and new beginnings. He pushed through the Hellfire towards the rear of the main building, tearing through his armour into more appropriate attire.


The Man in Black nodded to the custodian exiting the rear entrance. Large, black plastic bag in hand, the custodian simply nodded back at the man as they crossed path, the scent of the cigar smoke both sweet and acrid in the man's wake.


Sharp, hard-soled footsteps in the hallways in the secret, hidden places of the building. The parts that students and even staff rarely see, the places where the business of maintenance and care-taking are done. Where cleaning supplies, custodial equipment are kept. Where breaks are taken, time is spent lounging and the occasional birthday cake candles are blown out. These are the secret, hidden places of a school. The Man in Black knew them well from his time spent educating the youngsters of Paragon City.


He found himself in a hallway on the first floor. Carefully avoiding close contact with the various persons moving from place to place, he managed to glean directions to the Dean's office from a passerby, despite their obvious distaste for the fact that he was smoking what appeared to be an enormous cigar indoors. The Man in Black was unsurprised both at the distaste for his habit as well as the directions given. A school is a school is a school.


He found his way to the main office in short order and stopped. He was an old man. He's retired. Does he really want to do this again? Does he want to relive this? Again? He can't just stand at the end of a dock and fish for the rest of eternity, at least not where there was opportunity to make a difference. He steeled himself and passed through the door. A desk, behind which was a youngish looking, bespectacled man stops him short.


"Hello, how can I help you?" Asks the receptionist.


The Man in Black clears his throat, taking the cigar from between his teeth and tucking it into his breast pocket.

"Howdy. Me name's Fergus McRae an' I'd like tae speak tae the Dean about a teachin' position. Can ye aid me?"


"Ah" says the young man "Do you have a resumé?"


"Nay, nae on me, anyhow, but I hold degrees from Oxford in History an' English an' I was a teacher at Paragon City High School in Steel Canyon prior tae o'four. I'm sure ye can find me records."

The bespectacled young man types some more.


"Ah, yes, Mr. McRae?" He pauses "You're Scottish, right? The spelling of your name is odd. Usually with Scots there's an 'A' before the 'C' in a name like "McRae". When there's no 'A' that usually means Irish."


"Aye, that's so, well caught." The Man in Black grins. "Me da wasn'ae from here when the name was took, but I assure ye, I'm as Scottish as they come."


"Well, Mr. McRae, please have a seat and the Dean will see you shortly."


The Man in Black glanced at the highly flammable office furniture and balked slightly.


"I'll stand, if'n ye dinnae mind."


"As you like, Mr. McRae."

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At 6'6" and even hinched over Max would be easily recongized by those that knew him and those who recongized his football jersey #7. Such was the case in point when several ladies approached him. All of them were stunners with the pack leader being super model pretty. They stood around the booth taking the cues from their defacto leader. "Hey Maxie." She gave him air kisses. Max sat back up in the booth and threw a well worn practiced smile at Sandra. "Supp Sandi. What yall up too?" Max stated flatly while looking her over earning a giggle from the others.


Sandra 'Sandi' Beech stood just under 5'9" in her perfectly sculped body. She was wearing a halter top and jeans whiched showed off her hourglass curves amazingly. Sandi exotic features were framed by her pixie cut blonde hair. "Its date nite, I'll be ready at 8. Dont be late." Sandi stated as she removed Max's ben franklins eyeglasses looking into his sapphire eyes while she put them in his pocket. 


Max just stared at her for a moment longer then shrugged "We'll see what the coach says at practice, I'll call you" Max said while grabbin up his backpack and jacket. Turning to leave Max smiled at the newest member of the cheer squad. "Lookin good Summer"  Summer blushed. Max knew she was on the shy side and smiles while exiting the Student Union.


Sandi glared daggers after Max while still smiling for those watching


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PCU Administrative Main Office

While Mr McRae was waiting, the young man named Jonny had quickly assembled Mr McRae's resume information and formatted it before senting the file to Dean Richards. A few moments later a young asian man who was dressed casually in a powder blue sweater, khakis and brown earthshoes opened the door exiting the Dean's office. He was about 4 inches shorter than Dean Richards who was escorting him out. Dean Richards was in a smart business slack suit. " Thank you for coming in to discuss the situation.  I don’t believe it will cause any conflict Mr Cao.” Dean Richards said while shaking his hand. “Thank you Mrs Richards I am glad to have cleared that up. Have a good day.” Daniel said.  Daniel Cao nodded to the man in black as he exited the office.


Dean Richards smiled at both her receptionist and Mr McRae.  “ Keep holding my calls  Jonny.” Then she stepped towards her door and motioned towards Mr McRae to follow her into the office. Dean Richards couldn’t hide her smile while speaking to Mr. McRae.  “ You’re in luck as we have a few positions that have been vacated recently.  Would you prefer to sit or stand?  Please lets talk.”  Dean Richards said in a friendly tone.



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The Green


So once again he found himself wandering about in the Green waving at those who waved or nodden in his direction.

"Heads Up" "Watch out!" came the calls.

Max looked at the football sailing right at his head. He released the backpack and snatched the ball right out of the air. He spotted both Alpha-Betas guys and pointed.

"Go Long!"

Max shouted and with a double pump he bulletted the football across the Green at the two running Frat guys right on target. The one on the right stopped "Thanks Bullet!" he yelled as the other dove to make a spectacular catch comming up with the ball. "WooYEA! Touchdown bound." they shouted.

Max laughed and pointed, giving the high sign before picking up his backpack and continuing hanging out in the Green.





Evil only wins if good people do nothing. Don't just talk the talk, Walk the talk.

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