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Focused Feedback: Stealth Toggle Exclusivity Removal

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41 minutes ago, Wavicle said:


They are removing the ability of SS to stack with other Stealth toggles, that's all. Nothing is being gutted, completely or otherwise.




Maybe gutted was an exaggeration on my part, but I play lot of stormies, and lots of cold domination and dark miasma characters, in large part because I love the stealth stacking for ghosting missions, and even being able to stack steamy mist with super speed and a stealth IO so that foes with perception don't see either.


Maybe players who enjoy that are in the minority, but I have ..... checking my spreadsheet .... 12 cold domination characters, 19 dark affinity or miasma characters, and 23 storm summoning characters. And then I have a bunch of Illusionists as well (that overlap once each with the aforementioned powersets) and several stalkers and whatnot.


So I guess I find this completely frustrating. Again, I wish they had just made ONLY the currently exclusive ones be affected like this.


Anyway, I'll just try my best to ignore it.




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On 10/14/2022 at 2:23 PM, Astralock said:


Looks that way.  I can't say that I understand it.  As far as I can recall, Super Speed has always stacked with other stealth powers.  C'est la vie.

Emerging pattern at this point.

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On 10/16/2022 at 2:59 PM, Wavicle said:

A pattern of fixing inconsistencies so the game is predictable to new players, yes.

We obviously don't have any stats to look at, but given the game is 18.5 years old, I'd argue that the vast majority of players likely played the game while it was live. New players finding the game for the first time is likely a fairly small percentage of the player base.


Alienating the core subset of a game's player with a change that unravels 18.5 years of functionality to appear to be consistent to make the game less confusing for a likely minority of the player base seems perilous. It's likely that if a mass exodus occurred in the older player base, then the newer player base might not have a connection to keep them here as well.


It's my hope that a change doesn't cause an exodus by any means as we already have a significantly lowered population than we did in 2019 as the nostalgia appear had expired for a number of players. It is also my hope that the development team is cautious about changes that change core functionality of power interactions that have long been embraced by the community over the history of the game.


I reiterate my position that by removing superspeed from the exclusivity list and allowing it to continue to stack stealth magnitude as it has always done would appease most of the dissention in the thread. It's my opinion that aside of the current iteration of the proposed patch including superspeed in the exclusivity list that thr stealth changes are a good thing.

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Would I prefer Infiltration & Super Speed to stack (as Super Speed used to), but the travel power IO proc still stacks. I am just happy that I can now run Infiltration and a stealth power at the same time...

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