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Costume bit request - Crowns

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So I've run across this a time or two, and have had friends, SG mates and random conversations bring it up.


We don't really have any good crowns in game, for the most part. Females have a number of tiaras (which would work for circlets on male/huge, but they don't even have that option,) and there's the little toy looking one that just ... eh... but nothing that really says "crown."


So... suggestion. Let's get some decent crowns.


One set would go under "hats," to be a variety of closed-top crowns -

Tales of the Imperial State Crown Quiz | 10 Questions


for instance, or the ancient Egyptian double-crown, or any number of properly "hat-ish" crowns and crown-and-helmet combinations. (Call it a "war crown.") And they don't even need dto be historical - something holographic, properly tech-y, these could be made for most any theme or origin.


Second would be a head detail, like the current female tiaras are. Thin to thick, some with devices on the front. Get things like the halos down around the brow for fire or ice (and let them be recolored, I'm sure it could look like a ring of water or vines circling.) Plus, of course, the more formal (and, er pointy) variants. Give a little ring of floating rocks around the brow, sparks, equations.. any number of varieties (which, obviously, could be used outside of just "royalty.") Some of these could probably also double as different sorts of "halos," as well, if placed higher. (Tech-angel with equations and/or sparks circling around, for instance?)


(Would hair interfere with some? Yes. But they'd be open-toped, hair would kind of be expected to poke through and around the openings.)

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Yeah, that current Prince Charming crowd looks like it's off a Shrek character.  I'd like a real crown look, even if just one of them.


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