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LooKIN’ for a X/Kin


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My last character was a Fire/Kin Controller… 12 years ago. I LOVED Kin for the effects but hated leveling a Controller pre-Fire Imp; good thing Kin was so much fun solo or grouped because that character was one of the worst leveling experiences I have ever had in any game. Seeing Corruptors could be “Not Troller”/Kin was a “you got your peanut butter in my chocolate!” moment.

But I know NOTHING about Corruptors. What would be a good pairing? I can goof around with the build myself but I’d rather know there was gold in the stream before I start panhandling, you know?


Any advice or a quick 1-2 sentences on the different primaries would be excellent 🙂


Thanks so much and I hope y’all are having a pleasant day

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Kin requires little slotting to shine, while providing you with ample amounts of rech and end. It can support any primary well and offers immense build freedom. But if you are looking for uber builds, there are traditionally three roads to go down.


One is to pair it with a very high DPA set (usually fire, because blaze is just that good, and rain works well with the scourge mechanic) and do lots of damage.


Another is to pair it with a procbombing set such as DP or water. Kin can cap damage on its own without you needing to slot any damage in powers, freeing you to load a ton of procs on top of that for fairly ridiculous damage.


The third is the old standby of sonic attack. It can no longer stack nearly -100% res on its own, but it is now a better blasting blast set.

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Hmm, aiming towards Fire between those 3 just because I wouldn’t have to go full proc. Plus the fact that the last character I played before OG CoX died was a ‘Fire’/Kin adds a neat symmetry 🙂


Would Fire work decently in melee? IIRC Kin was all melee range AoE so bein’ in the thick of things would be easier

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ive tried fire (good), sonic (they tell me Id be happier as a defender), and... more recently seismic.


seismic/kin is great.


while not rad levels of def down, you do that.


dont even bother with force feeback, you wont need it.


the cone and aoe ranged are up almost as quick as you can cast them with hasten and siphon speed running.


meteor is fun, the knockback is real.


critically, animations are quick, and theres zero travel time for several skills. by that i mean theyre not a projectile and just smack stuff. like staligmites does.


there is a delay with the aoe ranged upthrust,  and for main nuke meteor, before it hits.  so you can one two punch in either order and both will hit as the mobs were there at cast time.


having a build up is nice, and so is having staligmites - one of the best controller / dom primarys from earth control. again quick, mag 3, AND its damage goes way up if it has an orange border because youve got seismic power stacks.


its forgiving, you dont lose stacks for jumping or anything crazy, you just wont generate them if flying. so there's that - if youre a hover fan its not a good powerset.


could not be more happy with seismic.  quick, good enough, ready.toph-fight.gif.64abf7283cf31c7f8c19632d01a5f24f.gif

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Fire Kin would be powerful on a Corruptor.  Especially since you have a memory of the challenges and joy of Fire.  I really am amazed at what my Corruptor can do now that I learned the powers and stopped playing like a Blaster.  Since you ran this on a controller you will understand the powers and not make that mistake 

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I've got an Ice/Kin that's quite good (and I already had a Fire/Time corruptor). The holds and slows make it a bit safer and the rains play well with Scourge. FS + Blizzard is a giant zone of death. 

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I have a Kin/Sonic Defender, Fire/Kin Corruptor, Elec/Kin Corruptor. They all work really well. fulcrum shift and siphon speed allows you to focus your set bonuses on survivability.


Fire/Kin controllers still work well enough and you can get Fire Imps at lvl 26 now instead of lvl 32. So to put that into perspective that's about 3-4 hours of playing content, or 8 minutes of farming.


A Kin is useful on a team especially high content where teams are firing off barriers and such, and has my favorite buff in the game of SB (still boggles me why some people don't like it, I wanna go fast).

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I'd make an argument for Dual Pistols.


With Piercing Rounds, you've got -resist debuffing of -21.85% for a single target (vs. -33% for Sonic). With Achilles' Heel and low AF Annihilation procs, your effect -resist debuffing is equivalent to the lower damage dedicated -resist set. You've also got an ultimate that adds +10% defense to make Fulcrum Shift a bit safer. The +damage on Kinetics compensates for the lack of Aim. The enormous array of slotting options for Pistols also works well with the lack of need to push damage slotting to the limit. With Siphon Speed, Force Feedback and a fast recharge ultimate, there's no need to waste a pool pick on Hasten.

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Can I recommend Water/Kin? I've got one and it is very fun. It offers some very mild mitigation, the steam power can be proc'd nicely, and scourge is good in whirlpool. I've got one to 50 and its a really (wet) blast. Tidal is a bit naff but fine really.

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Agreed on Kin/Water as a great damage/support set, and Kin/Rad is - once slotted - incredible on end-game content. One of my favourite toons to play is a Kin/Arch Corr - scourge hits on archery are v e r y satisfying, with ranged/lethal damage doing BIG numbers and also its just friggin fast. I believe Archery has one of the fastest cast times across all sets and you once you start getting in siphon speed/power/etc you are FLYING through a very strong attack chain. 

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