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Bring Back The Fitness Pool?

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To be clear, I'm not asking for the removal of inherent fitness. That is here to stay because the game was nearly unplayable without stamina as a base part of every build. What I'm asking for is for fitness to come back as a pool while still keeping inherent fitness. So that means you can double up your fitness for maximum swoleness. 


The powers and structure would be the same (Swift, Hurdle, Health, Stamina), except we would just need to make one more power since every other pool gets 5. I'd like to see an auto resistance power because that fits the theme of fitness and because there's an absolutely massive famine of resist powers available in pools (compared to like 800 different choices for defense). We can call it Discipline, Pain Tolerance, or something else to that effect. It would be either a T2 or T3 depending on how strong we want it to be. 


Why do I want this?

1. I often run out of slots faster than power picks. Fitness is full of one-slot wonder powers for those of us who want to save our slots. 

2. There is a lack of recovery powers in pools, or at least ones that are always active (the existing ones have pretty low uptime)

3. There is a lack of resistance powers in pools

4. It's a thematically broad pool that can apply to almost any character concept

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I am against the OP for being able to get the same powers (from the same power pool) twice.


Reason 1 is that the author runs out of slots faster than power picks. Well, then you can throw in some filler power picks and reserve the slots that would normally go to those for the powers you actually want them on. You can leave any power you want with just its starting enhancement slot, leaving more slots available for use elsewhere. So that is a non-issue as far as I am concerned.


Reason 2 can be addressed by slotting for END recovery or reducing END cost. Preferably both. I've got some very END intensive power sets on some characters that never have any END issues after I get them built up enough. No need for incarnate abilities to make up the difference. And I'm not hurting for recharge, damage resistance, defense, or accuracy. Sure, you can't run max damage output doing this, but you can fight all day and not give a hoot about who or what is trying to kill you.


Reason 3 is intentional from a game design perspective and the Fitness pool didn't give any resistance powers anyway. So trying to bring back the Fitness pool while still keeping the Fitness pool as an inherent won't do anything to address this. (Edit: And between all the damage resist set bonuses and incarnate powers, more damage resist powers from set pools is hardly a need. Especially since there were comments on other threads about how easy it was for someone to turn their Blaster into a tank.)


Reason 4 with the player base argued necessity of taking the Fitness pool is why Fitness was made inherent.


So I don't find any of the provided reasons compelling. I'm not a dev and they are the ones that would need to be convinced, but I have a hard time seeing them being convinced to give players double access to a single power pool. Especially for the provided reasons.

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The 4 points OP makes are problems that have been around since the game started over 17 years ago. Those are all built in challenges of the game. If the game didn’t have those every toon would be Over Powered. Where is the challenge in that?

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12 minutes ago, Arc-Mage said:

Where is the challenge in that?

There is none and that may be the entire basis of this post.

Or not.

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Fitness was made inherent because just about every player took it as a power pool as it was, and making it inherent meant players could boost those core aspects (HP/End Recovery) without compromising 'an actual power pick.' Going back to it being another 'waste of a power pool' on top of doubling up on the same powers would not solve any of those issues, just reintroduce one that was already solved and exacerbate poor build-planning. Running out of slots is just part of making a character. They aren't going to have space for literally everything you want to put in and managing that is part of playing the game. I always toss at least one or two chance for +end procs on my characters, which is a deliberate choice to spend them there to solve the 'no blue bar' instances. As that can already be solved with the right investment, lack of further recovery in power pools isn't an issue. In times when it becomes more direct, like when fighting Carnies or Malta, that's a game mechanic and what teaming up with other players for buffs or having some blue inspirations is for. Also as far as thematics go, if you absolutely want to use a pool to represent that there's already Physical Perfection in the Body Mastery ancillary pool. Proliferating that ancillary options to other ATs would be good (as would more Epic proliferation and Epics in-general), but making Fitness again but with the old, clunky implementations isn't the way to go.

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