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returning after a long absence and I know I had binds set up on most of my characters.  generally nothing fancy, like toggle between fly and hover, but the keys I would have expected them to be tied to aren't triggering.   Is there a command to see what binds are active on a character?  I have looked through several of the guides in this area but haven't been able to find that.

the only characters that still seem to work are my kheldians and I built bind files for them as they have a lot of more complex binds


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/bind_save_file "[path to save location of your choice]"


So in my case, I use this (I'm on a Mac, FYI):


/bind_save_file "z:/Applications/City of Heroes/Bind Files/Saved/NameOfAlt.txt"


When I joined Homecoming I was glad I am a bit of a digital packrat and I still had all my old bind files I could reference. 🙂

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Keep in mind that I Think doing the command twice will overwrite the first file (if you don't give it a specific file name), so if you're doing it for multiple alts with Different binds, then you'll want to make sure to give a unique file name (as hinted in the example above).

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